4-24-09 – The Seven

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Phinneas, Ezra, Elijah, and Jasper were neutered yesterday, got their ID chips, and their rabies shots. I never knew before yesterday that Elijah’s the most vocal one of the bunch – he sang all the way to the vet and halfway home, too, his sad little “Why you torture me, lady?” meow.

They’re perfectly fine. By bedtime last night, they were bouncing around like nothing had happened – which is usual for boy kittens who’ve just been neutered, I’ve found.

2009-04-24 (7)
Disapproving Kitty disapproves.

2009-04-24 (6)
Bessie’s all “Yeah, whatever, take the picture and let’s get this over with!”

2009-04-24 (5)

2009-04-24 (4)
Pretty, pretty boy.

2009-04-24 (3)
“My toy. MINE.”

2009-04-24 (2)
“Hey! You! Guys! She’s got the camera out AGAIN!”

2009-04-24 (1)
“You can’t see me. No you can’t. You CAN’T!”


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  1. Argh! I’m meeellllllllllttttttttting!
    Who is it in the “pretty pretty boy” picture? Because I’m coming to pick him up RIGHT NOW.