4-24-15 Friday

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So have they buddied up with a favorite sibling? It seems like Rosanne and Louis are in shots together a lot but that could just be coincidence.

Roseanne and Louis are in shots together a lot because they were the first two to start leaving the crate, so they’d be outside the crate, with everyone else inside. Now that more of them are leaving the crate, I’m not really noticing any buddying up – although it does seem that Rickles is everyone’s friend and likes to jump on top of them and play-fight with them. I’m sure that as they get older, they’ll start to buddy up, and I’ll try to report back on who’s friends with who.


Ok, it was more prominent when he was tinier, but doggone it, Belushi is so wearing black lip liner, isn’t he??

He is! You can see it really well in this picture:


UGH THIS KITTEN IS KILLING ME reminds me of Stompers.

I agree! Louis reminds me of Stompers a lot, especially here – Louis on the left, Stompers on the right:


My old cat Svenja used to get so horribly matted that I’d have to get her shaved a couple times a year. (She was super grumpy about getting brushed, hence the mats.) She would also be sporting lovely Ugg boots just like Sugarbutt’s. And a big fluffy head as well.

I share this comment just so I can then share a couple of pictures of our Mr Fancypants, who was a long-haired black cat. We had him shaved due to mats one year, and he was pretty fabulous.

That’s Tubby on the left, looking at Fancypants like “What the -?”


When will the kittens get to try solid food? Looks like Lucy is ready, even if they aren’t.

They haven’t wandered far from the crate, so they haven’t checked out Lucy’s plate yet, but I’ll probably start offering them food in the next week or so. I need to get everyone moved out of the foster room for a little while, so I can rearrange things – it’s time to set up the little litter boxes for them, too!


Is it just me or do little tuxie’s always have HUGE whiskers above their eyes and on their cheeks? The three tuxedo cats I’ve had have crazy big whiskers and looking at Gilda compared to the other Fools its seems hers are a lot bigger than the rest of them!

You know, I think that part of the reason they look so much bigger is because there’s such a contrast between the white whiskers and the dark fur. When I look at her and Rickles side by side, their whiskers seem to be about the same length, but hers are much more noticeable.


BTW on 2014… Orlando is still loving ear licks, but these days he’s as much a giver as he is a taker when it comes to Pickles! The 3 of us have a routine – when I bring her in from her outside catio time, he awaits upon the cat tree top tower…. I present Pickles to him and he thoroughly cleans deep inside each ear, with a finishing forehead lick… yep, she loves it!

This is utterly adorable! It also reminds me of when I’m holding one of the kittens and Lucy comes along and licks him or her on the head. SO SWEET.


Robyn! Saw this kitty & immediately thought of Stompers so I had to come here & share the link.


Cute! It’s nice to see a blog that credits photographers, too. There are some more pictures of little Rocco (formerly known as “orange tabby kitten”) all grown-up here – caution, this set also has pictures of insects and a HUGE wolf spider.

What a cutie pie!


How many cans of wet food is Lucy eating now?

Between 5 and 7 3-ounce cans. Hopefully I can get the kittens interested in food in the next week, and give her a break from those kittens sucking the life out of her!


I don’t mean to rude but what square footage is your home? I am moving into my Mothers home because we just lost my Father and she has Alzheimer’s and needs care 24/7. Dad has a 12 year old female kitty and we have brought my two (7 yr and newly adopted 5 yr old) boys from our home. I have never heard so much ruckus going on in my life!!! I did the “proper” introduction process. This home is 2,000 square feet. Do you your kitties fight and squabble a lot or is home large enough for all kitties to have their own space? Am I asking too much from my kitties? Oh, and like Jackson Galaxy suggests I do site swap a lot.

Our house is about 2100 square feet, though I should add that we spend a lot of time with the screen door at the bottom of the stairs, so that reduces their space by about 1/3. I think it helps that a few of the cats (Stefan, Archie, Maxi) spend a lot of time on the side stoop or front porch, and also our cats have access to the back yard, which reduces friction. That said, we do tend to have dustups a couple of times a day (Stefan and Archie are not fans of each other, and Stefan and Jake get really excited when Alice runs by and will chase her, which she does not care for, to say the least). I don’t think you’re asking too much from your cats, but I do think that sometimes it takes longer than you’d expect for adult cats to get along in relative harmony. I would say just stick with it, take it slow, and if they’re food-motivated, then break out the treats often.

Also, if they don’t have high places – cat trees, shelves – to get up onto, I’d recommend doing that. Having high places to get away from the other cats and have their own space (especially atop the kitchen cabinets) has been a lifesaver for us.


Because of Rickles, I keep wanting to call Shecky “Sheckles.”

I do that all the time! I also call Belushi “Bloosh,” Roseanne “Ro,” and Louis gets a very French “L’whey” pronunciation (my French accent is not very good).


I HAZ A QUESTION!! When kittens hiss at predators, does the hiss really keep them away? Or does the predator look at them and go “OMG! That is SO adorable” and dies from the cute?

This is a good question, and I would imagine that a predator would come along and be “Oh, a tasty little…. awwwww. How cute is that!”

(On the other hand, I’ve seen wee baby kittens hiss at permanent residents in the past, and it FREAKS THEM OUT.)


Paws up, y’all!!!

Louis checks to be sure I’m doin’ it right.

Belushi (on the right), always looks slightly appalled at the goings-on.

Hmmm. Trying a LITTLE too hard to look innocent there, Gilda.

Remember the video from Monday, wherein Roseanne was flopped out like a dead frog and everyone was using her as a pillow? I found a picture I’d taken at the same time. It still cracks me UP.

“Hi, lady. What we doin’ up here?” (Louis)

Oh, the little sleeping faces, the pink noses and leeps, the toes. Can you even stand it??

Roseanne, the snooperviser, keeps an eye on her siblings.

“Mine.” (Skelton sitting up, with his paw on Louis.)

I SAY, Paws up, y’all!!!

Oh, come on. Wee Ears of Annoyance! They learn so young, don’t they?


Tom Cullen: 1000% over your shenanigans.


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  1. *swoon* Your year-ago blog post is about Tubby! Gosh, I loved that boy of yours. He and Miz Poo are my all-time favorite permant residents. The Hall of Fame. I know you & Fred love all your furbabies – permanent residence, as well as the hundreds that pass through, be it for a day, or months. But, do YOU have faves? Mr. Fancypants? Jake & Elwood? Stinkerbelle?

  2. If you use Twitter, have you thought about sharing on there with some of the comedians that they have particularly cute kitties named after them? i bet Roseanne Barr might like to know, after this weeks announcement.

  3. Stompies!!!

    I can’t wait to see the banners you’ll create with these monkeys. (No pressure.)

    Oh Belushi, yesterday I was saying to myself – self, we need more Belushi pics. And there you are. He has the sweetest little pink mouth, perfect for smooching.

  4. Oh, and btw? There is something so completely adorable about using fleece baby blankies for the kittens. The one you have on the front porch of their condo with the little ducks and froggies just seems so fiting for these little kitten babies!

  5. Tom Cullen reminds me of the guy from the Old Spice commercials.

    “Look at your cat. Now look at me.”

  6. Tom Cullen — hahaha!!! 1000% love 🙂

    Those “paws up” pictures are cracking me up!

  7. Louis is the cutest 🙂 Reminds me of my little orange tabby girl (who was also the runt of her litter). Although I have definitely been pronouncing his name the French way (Lou-ee), rather than the US way (Lewis?). Probably because I’m Canadian 🙂

  8. I pronounce Louis the French way too !!! especially since it is the male version of my name and I’m Canadian too !

    Louis and Roseanne need to come to my house forever !!!!!!!!

    • Me too! I’m in Toronto, and Louise is my middle name. 🙂 So, I pronounce Louis the french way – Louee.

      OK, sorry Robyn for the brief Canadian hijack of the blog, lol. Or, eh? as it were!

      That picture of Mr. Fancypants and Tubby reminds me of a I Can Haz Cheeseburger pic from a few years ago where one cat says to the hairless cat in the room: “WTF?! Go put some clothes on! Idiot…”.

  9. First time poster. Just want to say you are wonderful to foster kitties as you do, and reading your blog (here in NY!) is joyful.

    And the paws up pictures are AWESOME.

  10. Ok, now that raises the question, when can they do ears of annoyance or is a matter of how big their ears are?

    Louis might be able to pull it off but I don’t see Shelton dong that with his delectible little half-moon earlets.

  11. This just occurred to me… have you ever considered doing a Big Bang Theory naming theme? 🙂 Sheldon, Leonard, Raj (or Rajesh, or Kuthrapali), Howard (or Howie, or Walowitz), Penny, Amy, Bernadette, Stuart… Maybe a lot of those names have already been used though.