4-25-17 Tuesday

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Serious little Roux. That face kills me dead.

All four little monkeys. This is a rare picture because these days, as soon as I walk into the room Andouille stomps right on over to me. He’s not sure why, but he’s always very determined and excited about it! (I’m working on getting a video of that.)

Tabby girls! Praline on the left, Roux on the right, and Beignet in the back.


::snik!:: Fear the clawses.


That plate is empty, but he had to check it out anyway.

Praline, lookin’ guilty.

He climbed up the outside of the crate…

And into the inside of the crate. He’s a genius, have I mentioned?

Praline. She is just the sweetest girl.

Nola gets a moment away from the kittens. She likes it when I’m there to babysit, but she’s not sure about this kissing thing I’ve started doing to them.

“Kissing? EWWW!”

Actually, it’s not that Nola doesn’t like kissing or thinks it’s gross – she just doesn’t understand what it is. The times I’ve kissed her, she skittered away and gave me a “WHAT THE H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEYSTICK WAS THAT?!” When I kiss her babies, she gets very watchful. Hopefully she understands that I’m not trying to hurt them, that they’re so freakin’ cute that I can’t help but kiss their fuzzy little heads.


Video! It won’t be long before they’re full-on skittering sideways at each other!

YouTube link


Oh, this boy. Isn’t Dennis the MOST beautiful boy you’ve ever seen? (Yes he is. YES HE IS.)


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4-25-17 Tuesday — 25 Comments

  1. There is not a thing about those babies that could be improved upon. They are literally just the cutest!!!

  2. OF COURSE Pralines is the sweetest girl. She’s a big ball of sugar (and nuts).

  3. No matter what kind of day I’m having, coming here always makes it better. Kittens!!!

  4. Gah that video!! I love how they haven’t quite mastered how to switch gears between forward and reverse yet! I make kissy faces at my computer screen all the time, so thank you for completing the delivery to the babies in person. 😀

    Dennis you are, you ARE a beautiful boy!!

  5. OMG that Andouille is an adorable tubby little mess of a boy!!!! He absolutely RADIATES trouble!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  6. Oh, Andouille! He amazes me every day! Those tabby girls are just adorable. Nola – you did good! She’s beautiful… and Dennis!!!! Oh, Dennis!!!! They grow so fast! And, while I don’t want to rush anything, i cannot wait for the sideways skitters!

  7. That “eat your brains” picture is just the best (even though they are ALL great). That is Praline – correct? I just want to make sure I label it correctly.

  8. I find it hard to believe that any of those kittens will ever reach the lanky stage. They look like they’ll go from kitten pudge to full grown pudge.

  9. Andouille is one chubby little dude with every ounce of an orangey personality!

  10. Man, I’d never get anything done with those little tubbies waddling around. Is it me, or does lovely Nola’s expression always look a bit shocked that she has 4 kittens? She’s all “they’re everywhere…”.

    Oh Dennis, I’ve missed seeing your handsome face!

    • I agree. Nola looks like she is always surprised and thinking, “Holy hell, how did this happen!!!???”

  11. I just can’t seem to pronounce “Andouille” so in my brain, he’s Andy. And then I start hearing the Andy Griffith show opening music, and I think “Opie!” because of orange fur! Man, if I didn’t live hundreds of miles away, I’d be in line to adopt that delightful orange puffball. I’m reminded of that photo on CuteOverload (RIP) where the little girl is smooshing the fluffy kitten up to her nose and the blurb is “alerting your kids to the danger of kitten-huffing!” Andy looks very huffable. 🙂

  12. I keep coming back here to giggle at the “I eat you brains” picture … Beignet’s excitement and Andouille’s clueless stare just kill me with the cute 😀