4-26-17 Wednesday

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“Lady, whats you doin’?” Praline (I think) wonders.

They aren’t using the litter boxes for their intended use just yet, but all four of them have started climbing into the box and eating litter. Or at least chewing litter.

Is he not just the muffin-est muffin ever?

Beignet gets a mouthful of litter and isn’t sure what to do next. (Spoiler: spit it out all over the floor, is what she did next.)

Andouille and Roux exit the crate.

If Nola’s face doesn’t say “SIGH,” nothin’ does.

“Yeah, kid, I love you too.” (She really does!)(And check out Roux, in the background, checking out the litter box buffet.)

Andouille checks out the bricks (I love his reflection in the mirrors.)

The belly of the Roux. Check out those spots!

And check out that fearsome claw!

Beignet can sense that I’m closing in for a kiss.

Please note that Andouille is trapped underneath his mama, who could not be less concerned or even interested. (He did wriggle out from under her after a minute. Good things kittens are made of rubber and floof, with heads full of marshmallow fluff, isn’t it?)


I actually try to keep these videos to 30 seconds or less (unless I’m putting several smaller videos together), but I just couldn’t trim this video down because Beignet is total sheer adorable perfection. If nothing else, you’ve got to see her hop at 20 seconds in. I cannot even with that girl.

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Archie wonders what you’re doing and if you might have a tasty treat you can share with him.


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4-26-17 Wednesday — 43 Comments

  1. I am about to jump in my car, drive to your house, bust down the door (ok, only if you don’t answer quick enough), and scoop those babies up! They are soooo round and soooo cute! There is something about this litter that makes you go ga-ga over them!!!

  2. He IS the muffinest muffin ever! Dude almost looks like a hamster he’s so round! I think we need a closeup of him trapped under his mama. Hilarious. I didn’t even notice ’til you pointed it out! And as if all that weren’t enough of a sugar overdose, the slow-mo wrestling and skittering completely did me in. -Happy sigh-

  3. hahaha… I love how much Andy lubs his mama and how is mama is all “yeah, yeah” even though we know she lubs her babies right back!

    Beignet is too cute, waddling…errr… stalking her orange brother, pouncing, and then when the other kitten enters the mix she skedaddles for the safety of the crate! Smart girl! Never take on too much at once!

    That is such a lovely photo of Archie and really gives us a good look at his facial features without his usual “I WILL CUT YOU” squinty-eyed look. I didn’t realize (or I could be mistaken) that he has a weeee tiny bit of peach coloring on the one side of his face.

      • I think it’s meant to be a cream coloring, but something got mixed up when he was forming. 🙂 It’s a lot less obvious in person!

    • I love how Nola’s perfecting her Airline counter “I DO NOT see you” expression.

      These guys are just so perfectly round/rotund. Want to scoop them up and huff them.

  4. Hi, I was wondering if you and your readers have any advice. My family might possibly be moving across country. We have 6 cats (and a toddler. And I just got pregnant.) We do not want to fly our cats, because of the cost, and, honestly, we do not trust airlines with pets. So we would drive. Actually, what I want to do is fly with my toddler and let my husband drive the cats. Cats AND a toddler on a road trip? Sounds like absolute hell. Either way, we’d need to find pet-friendly hotels/motels. A half-hearted google search finds several pet-friendly hotels, but looks like all of them only allow two pets max. My husband says we just get a room far away from the office and don’t tell them we have more than two. We have a van, so what we want to do is get a big crate and put it in the back and put all the cats in. Anyone have any advice or tips? Thanks! Also, could I come visit? It looks like Huntsville is in a direct line from point A to point B! (I usually comment as someone else, but our jobs don’t know we’re looking for other jobs.)

    • Your husband is correct about sneaking in the other cats. I have traveled with 5 cats (no toddlers as I am child-free, sorry). But this is what I do: Each cat is crated. They each wear a harness. I have a leash. A litter box is on the floor board in the back seat and food and water on the other side. As time passes, I rotate each cat out of the carrier (clipped to the leash so I have total control and they can’t get under the seat or gas/brake pedals) so they can pee/poo/eat/drink and sit in my lap for a while. Our drive was 9 hours. Some of the cats were happy to stay put for the entire drive, and some where happy to get out of the carrier. Rule of thumb: ALWAYS have ALL the cats safely in their carrier BEFORE opening any door to the vehicle. Even if you have a cat on the leash in your lap…that is a NO. Put the cat in the carrier, then the car doors can be opened. I hope this helps.

      • I completely agree with all of that. If you have them all in one big crate, then if someone gets stressed or cranky and starts fights, there is nowhere for the others to go. And someone might get carsick on someone else’s head. And if you let them out two might decide to start fighting down by the pedals while you are going 80 on the freeway. Or one might sit on your lap and periodically nip you to let you know he isn’t happy, and then leave a tootsie roll in your lap. And one might stand on the console and make the power windows go up and down.

        Yes I have learned all these things the hard way. lol

      • Anyone know anything about transporting cats across state lines? I assume the state we land in will have specifications, but will any that I’m just traveling through?

        • I do it all the time. I don’t think there is any issues at all. Only national borders…those have issues.

    • And invest in real metal & plastic carriers, not cardboard, if you don’t already have them.

      Cardboard may as well be kleenix if a cat’s really determined to escape.

      • I’ve been collecting carriers over the years, cuz we should have one for each in an emergency. I’m super cheap, though, and get them at yard sales or rummage sales. So far, we have 3 plastic ones and one that’s like a duffel bag with mesh sides, Samsonite, probably $60+ originally. I was wondering how feasible one big crate would be, trying to shove them all in and out without one escaping while I put one in. But I’m also concerned carriers won’t give them enough space. Should the carriers be buckled in somehow?

        • I do the same thing. And because I use them for the shelter, many people end up just giving them to me.

    • Oh, and tell hubby that McDonald’s Filet O’Fish are a mandatory road trip staple/lure.

      Get a double patty and the extra goes to the traveling companions. Split up so they all get just a tasting.

    • Great advice!

      And you have my sympathy. That is a drive I would not want to have to make with six cats and a toddler. Driving from RI to Alabama with one cat and an 8 year old was nearly more than I could handle (but, granted, I didn’t have another adult with me!)

      • Thanks! I did think of that, but my hubs said most rv rentals require you to return it where you got it, and this would be a one-way trip.

  5. I really cannot imagine how appetizing kitty litter can be. Wonder if it’s the size or texture that appeals to them.

    Cannot be the flavor.

    • They probably have no clue what is edible or not at that age. With so much marshmallow fluff and lack of experience, everything is potential food.

  6. The picture of Andouille and Roux exiting the crate reminds me of the beginning of the Sharks and Jets song/dance in West Side Story. 🙂

    • There’s a TV commercial for a show called “The Hunt”, on the Travel & Escape channel (here in Canada, anyway), and it’s about animal hunting tactics. At the end of the spot is the coolest shot of a pride of female lions (about 8-10 of them) walking on in a group (in slo-mo, and is just an awe inspiring sight). All that to say – that’s the first thing that popped into my head when I saw those two little cubs climbing out of their lair, lol. Yeah, pretty sure they’re days away from being able to take down an antelope.

  7. Oh, that video… Andouille is hilarious, flailing about in the background. It must be their boundless curiosity that makes them want to check out the litter, and their marshmallow fluff heads that cause them to forget how gross it was the last time they decided to check it out.

    Is Jimmy Rae still showing up in the yard? Or has the Sheriff ticketed him for loitering?

  8. Your pictures and comments with Nola and her fluffernauts are the best ! No matter what kind of mood I am in I will always have a smile and giggle when I check out your page. Thank you Robyn ! Also thanks to the rest of the Crooked Acres crew of Fred, the permanent residents and the fosters :)You are all tops in my book 🙂

    Do you ever wish you had a second foster room again ? I know you loyal viewers love it 🙂 Will you go back to having two foster rooms once you guys move ?

  9. So so very sweet! If I didn’t already have 4 …. it is still so tempting. I don’t know how you let them go when the time comes. I don’t know I would have the strength! Thanks for posting, hope they all can find wonderful and loving homes!

  10. Oh good grief these fluffernutters are so freaking cute it’s ridiculous. I love this age so, so much.

  11. “Andouille and Roux exit the crate.”

    this needs to be re-titled: “Detectives Andouille and Roux are On The Case!”

  12. This might be my most favorite litter ever. And Nola’s no nonsense but loving attitude cracks me up. She’s like “God fucking damn it, I love those rascals but I’m still wondering WTF I was thinking when I went into heat…”