4-27-17 Thursday

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Get up, ya lazy little slackers.

“But… I don’t wanna get up! And what’s a slacker?”

“Slacker is a funny word. Slacker. Slacker. SLACKER!” (Roux)

“We can slack if we want to, lady.”

There’s a pocket on the end of the crate, and they find it endlessly fascinating.

In case you wondered what Praline’s tummy looks like.

Isn’t she just the cutest?

He is just the FLOOFIEST.

They were nursing, and then they started wrasslin’, and Nola just stared off and thought of England.

I weighed the kittens Tuesday, and except for Beignet, they are all over one pound. Andouille was at exactly one pound, Roux was 1 pound .2 oz, and Praline is at 1 pound .8 oz. Beignet is at 14.7 ounces.

They’re still stuffing litter in their mouths and spitting it out all over the room, so they’ve gotten acquainted with the broom. The broom makes Nola nervous, but those kittens aren’t skeered.

Andouille is now climbing into my lap and hanging out. I suspect it won’t be too long before his sisters are joining him. They’ve discovered the scratcher and are climbing over it, and have ventured out to the other parts of the room – but the main focus of their adventures take place in and around the crate.

I have not yet squeezed them ’til the marshmallow fluff leaked out their ears, but I’m not sure how much longer I can hold off.


Video! Andouille is still working on his skittering skills. (You have GOT to see the part about 5 seconds in when he pretty much takes a couple of steps on his front legs. Kills me.)

YouTube link


Dewber Dew (aka Dewey) in the hammock bed in Fred’s room, giving me attitude.

So, Frankie is a talker who likes to walk around the house talking. He does it a lot at night after Fred kicks everyone out of his room and shuts the door. I tend not to really hear it, but some evenings – especially when he’s particularly insistent – it drives me nuts. The other night he was at the other end of the house and he was going on and on and onnn and I had finally had enough.


Only to see Frankie at the water bowl minding his own beeswax.

Turns out Dewey is also a talker.


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4-27-17 Thursday — 21 Comments

  1. The photo of Praline’s tummy made me weak in the knees…totally. Then I scrolled down and saw the next picture of Andouille! I now a puddle of goo on the floor. Oh my! Then, you slapped me with that Andouille video…deed.

    Frankie vs Dewey: hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    I did notice that Fred’s bed is in wonderful shape. You would think that one of your cats would enjoy the corner as a scratching post! Good kitties!

    • I have an old 4 poster bed and it just kills me when Trixie decides to stretch up and claw on it!! I mean, are the multiple scratching posts (not to mention my cloth-covered wing and parson chairs, errrr…) not good enough for ya?? 😀

    • There must be something about the bed posts that is displeasing to them, because I’ve never seen a cat so much as attempt to sharpen their claws on it. They spend plenty of time sharpening their claws on the carpet, though, which drives me nuts.

  2. Once these kittens get control of their legs, Robyn iz in beeg trubble! I foresee them sproinging around like lunatics and chasing each other like their tails are on fyah and Robyn being a speedbump to avoid along the way!

    Frankie & Dewey probably call out to each other in the middle of the night just to check in with each other. I may be mistaken but don’t wolves do something like that? lol

  3. We have a couple of talkers. Miz Charlotte likes to sing the song of her people about 2-3 am in the hallway so it echos throughout the house. She is stone deaf so she can’t hear it but boy can we. Hammy never shuts up. He always has a comment. The other two chat from time to time but find it hard to get a word in .
    Love the video. I don’t know why , but the yelling for Frankie story reminded me of the satellite cart at Costco/Sam’s story you told. I still laugh at that story. Especially when we are at Costco.

    • Ohhhh I love Robyn stories and I don’t remember that one! Can we hear it again??

    • I think you might be thinking of the story a reader sent in – I was complaining about someone stealing my cart in Kohl’s, and she told a story about how she likes to satellite shop – ie, stash her cart in one place, go and grab whatever she needs, drop it in the cart, go to the next thing on her list, etc. Then one day her cart was gone, and she realized a nearby woman had it, so she stalked her and stole it back when the woman wasn’t paying attention. She (the reader) went to find her husband to brag about what a badass she was, only to find that he had the cart and she had stolen the cart of an innocent woman.

      Is that the story you’re thinking of, or is there another one I’m just not remembering, Elaine?

  4. Andy totters like a drunk marine who wakes up on a Navy ship during a storm after a questionable night in an offshore bar/tattoo parlor.

    Personally, I’d rather know what Praline’s belly feels and smells like. I bet it smells like caramel.

  5. OMG! I just did the exact same thing. Zoe, our tortie, is the talker — or should I say screamer. And she always does it right after I turn out the light at night. Sometimes she’s bringing dirty socks up from the basement, or cat toys from the basket in the living room, but sometimes she just talks to hear herself. The other night she was going on and on and on and on. Or so I thought. When I finally sat up and turned on the light to see what the hell….there she was in her nighttime sleeping spot (on top of the cable box) and it was her sister, Frannie, who was making all the racket. Oops! And damn — now I have two chatty cathies.

  6. By the far off look Nola sometimes has it would seem that not only is she thinking of England, but her colonies as well.

    Atticus, at nearly 19, is deaf as a post, and insists on howling his goodnights to everyone. He sounds like a male lion braying when he’s defending his territory and wimminfolk. Only really, really loudly, because he can’t hear himself. Makes me mental. He’s stops after 15 seconds or so, and I’ve learned to recognize his vocalizations, and when he’s done. Nothing like being woken up from a deep sleep at 3am to that sound when Mr. Man suddenly decides he’s feeling peckish, and would like a snack please.

  7. I CAN. NOT. GET. OVER. the Xtreme cuteness of this litter. Nola is stunning, and these kittens – just ridiculous levels of floof, personality, and plumpness… and I could do with MORE videos, and even longer ones at that. This is just a superstar litter.

  8. So is it me or does Beignet look like she has a touch of the floof going on herself?

  9. The fascination with the pocket on the end of the crate…. we suspect budding pickpockets and they will totally get away with it because they are so CUTE.