4-28-17 Friday

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Do you ever wish you had a second foster room again ? I know your loyal viewers love it. Will you go back to having two foster rooms once you guys move ?

I do and I don’t miss it – it was a lot of fun, but a lot of chaos and I worried that I wasn’t spending enough time with all the fosters. We may go to having a second foster room when we move – it all depends on the house.


Is Jimmy Ray still showing up in the yard? Or has the Sheriff ticketed him for loitering?

I saw Jimmy Ray myself earlier this week. He was walking along the (outside of) the fence to the back yard. I stepped out and kitty-kitty-kittied him, and he paused and looked like he was considering the idea of letting me get closer to him… and then Stefan, Maxi, Archie, and Kara (inside the back yard) came running over to me, and Jimmy Ray thought it better to skedaddle along his way. He’ll show up again, I’m sure. They always do!

Speaking of the strays who’ve shown up here, four months after Fred put Fancypants in a carrier but didn’t latch the top of the carrier correctly, he is finally able to pet Fancypants again. He’s biding his time, but we are planning to get him to the vet for vetting and neutering eventually.


Hi, I was wondering if you and your readers have any advice. My family might possibly be moving across country. We have 6 cats (and a toddler. And I just got pregnant.) We do not want to fly our cats, because of the cost, and, honestly, we do not trust airlines with pets. So we would drive. Actually, what I want to do is fly with my toddler and let my husband drive the cats. Cats AND a toddler on a road trip? Sounds like absolute hell. Either way, we’d need to find pet-friendly hotels/motels. A half-hearted google search finds several pet-friendly hotels, but looks like all of them only allow two pets max. My husband says we just get a room far away from the office and don’t tell them we have more than two. We have a van, so what we want to do is get a big crate and put it in the back and put all the cats in. Anyone have any advice or tips? Thanks! Also, could I come visit? It looks like Huntsville is in a direct line from point A to point B! (I usually comment as someone else, but our jobs don’t know we’re looking for other jobs.)

There’s been a lot of great advice – check it out in the comment thread from Wednesday, and if y’all have any additional advice, please chime in!


I’m reminded of that photo on CuteOverload (RIP) where the little girl is smooshing the fluffy kitten up to her nose and the blurb is “alerting your kids to the danger of kitten-huffing!” Andy looks very huffable. ok, this isn’t the exact post, but it’s the photo I was thinking of.

That is TOO cute. The look on that kitten’s face!

And Andouille is indeed very huffable.


Have you seen this video?

YouTube link

you need one of those!!!

I have seen that video, and I agree!


I don’t know what the litter name for this bunch is, but I will forever think of them as “Nola’s Little Porkers” after this post

I’m calling them Nola and the Cajuns, but Nola and the Porkers works for me!


I always feel like…

Somebody’s watching meeee.

Hi, Nola.

And judgey little Roux.

Praline, have I offended you?

“Watchin’ you, lady. Watchin’. YOU.” (That’s Roux looking at me.)(Well, and Nola too.)


Andouille is getting his licks in. (And yes, being licked by a kitten this age is like being kissed by an angel.)

I brought that scratcher in yesterday, and they immediately started climbing in and on it.

“Hello, lady. I still watching you.” (Roux)

“How do I get out of here?” (Beignet)

Silly Roux. OH how I love those blue eyes.

I love the way Beignet’s got one leg thrown over Andouille. I’m sure they were fighting for space – they’re both middle-of-the-milk-bar nursers, so it ain’t always easy.

“Lady, you kiss me again it’s gonna be POW! right in the kisser!”

Andouille now climbs into my lap as soon as I sit down. Yesterday, Beignet joined him briefly. I am looking forward to the day when all four of the monsters climb in for a snuggle.

Roux discovered the feathers on this toy yesterday, and oh, how fascinated she was by them. She’d stand there and sniff them, wander away, and come back for another sniff like she was smelling the most delightful bouquet of flowers. It was utterly adorable.


Videos! The first one features Roux and Praline being adorable.

YouTube link

And the second features Andouille, Praline and Beignet being adorable. Beignet’s hop at 15 seconds (or maybe a little later) kills me.

YouTube link


This Ham-Mick in the computer room is one of Frankie’s favorite places to sleep. The better to keep an eye on Fred, of course.


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  1. You may have offended Praline as she looks like she is about to burst into tears!

    Holy mother of God. The roundness, the fluff, the stubby legs…it is just too much! It MUST be written in all of their adoption papers that updates are required. We MUST be able to see what they look like and know their personalities when they all grow up.

  2. that little orange and white piece of heaven is wonderful.
    I love orange tabbys.


  3. I think Andouille punching me out because I got to kiss his fuzzy little head a fair trade.

    It’s so nice to see Frankie! Kisses to you (Frankie, not you Robyn, lol.)

  4. Frankie looks so comfy I had to go and order two Ham-micks for my kids…I’ll take a bunch of those pows, right in the kisser from Andouille too…actually, any of them!

  5. Oh.my.god. I just watched the videos again (because who needs to work, really), and just watched how they all fall into a roly-poly pile at the end of the 2nd one. Oh man these guys are just the cutest little bunches of fluff and marshmallow EVER.

  6. I had a dream about Kara last night! I was asleep but I could hear my cat crying downstairs and being annoying. Then Sherrif Kara came through my front door and in my dream I thought “thank god, she’ll sort him out!” My next thought was “how did she get to AUSTRALIA?” She frowned and meowed at him and he shut up. Thanks Kara!