4-14-17 Friday

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How’s his [Frankie’s] lip/mouth?!

Doing well so far! He’s on a low dose of steroids for the suspected stomatitis. When Fred took him off it completely, he started having pain so for now we’re keeping him on the steroids. I think we both know that the time for removing his teeth is coming, but Fred and the vet want to put it off as long as possible.

In any case, Frankie is a happy boy. He’s got his beloved Dewey, he’s got his beloved Fred, he gets special treats. No complaints from him!


Hey Robyn, is it cool that I use your pics as wallpaper? I know you watermark them to prevent them being used on other sites, but is using it on my desktop ok?

It is absolutely perfectly okay with me! Y’all are very welcome to use any of my pictures for your own personal use. If you share it online anywhere, don’t remove the watermark, don’t take credit for it, and DO NOT slap your company’s name on the picture (hi there, Fresh Pride litter, howyadoin’?), and I’ll be happy. (Not that I think you would do any of that, I was just taking advantage of the moment to get annoyed at Fresh Pride again.)


When can we see more pictures from your trip to NOLA? Especially your Villalobos visit!!


hey – are we ever going to get to hear about Villalobos?

Monday! All next week I’ll be sharing the rest of my pictures from New Orleans.


Question for Friday: Are these kittens larger than the usual batch? Or maybe it’s just they appear that way in photos? Just curious, cause they seem to be big and healthy, progressing at warp speed!

Okay, I had to go back and look at the weight charts for kittens I’ve had in the past. I don’t have weight charts for all of them, but I do have weight charts for Kate’s kittens, Khaleesi’s Dragons, and Lucy’s Fools. So I took the kittens’ weights at 10 days old (11 days for Khaleesi’s Dragons), added them together, and then divided the resultant number by the number of kittens.

Kate’s kittens: 9.5 oz.
Khaleesi’s kittens: 8.6 oz.
Lucy’s kittens: 8.33 oz.

And the average weight on Nola’s little porkers at 10 days old: 9.76 oz

So I would say that yes, it seems that they’re a bit larger (I know that three litters isn’t much of a sample to compare them against). They’re comparable to Kate’s kittens, who I always thought of as chunky monkeys.

The weights on these kittens, as of yesterday (10 days old) are: Andouille: 9.59 oz, Beignet: 9.03 oz, Praline: 10.4 oz and Roux: 10.02 oz. I’ll get a weight chart added to their page soon so y’all can follow along.


I keep looking at those tails and wonder if they’re unusually long for kittens that size. No carrot stub for these guys.

Then again, look at Nola’s tail and it makes sense. That thing is like a dinosaur tail, so long it has a mind of its own.

Isn’t that tail a thing of beauty? I love it when she wraps it around the kittens. And when the kittens treat it as an air mattress! I hope they have tails as awesome as hers.


Did Nola clean herself up after birthin’ them babies, or did you clean her tail? Because that was some mess…

It was a team effort – I got the worst of it using some warm water and rags (a lot of them – I think I used about 10 of them) and she finished the job overnight. I’m not kidding when I say her tail was like a sponge. It was amazing how much blood and gunk it soaked up! I tried to dip it straight in the water, figuring we could soak some of the yuck out, but she wasn’t having it.


Your photo “We got eyeballs!” is on Cats, Beavers and Ducks!!!!!


Found it!!!

Isn’t that cool? I LOVE Cats, Beavers & Ducks!


FYI – a praline is any nut boiled in a sugar syrup. They are indeed yummy. Pecan is common, but you can do hazelnut, cashew, or walnut pralines as well.


Somehow it struck me that the definition of a praline as a nut in a sugar syrup befit a kitten really really well.

This is SO true (and so funny!)(And also I need pralines with cashews in them, stat!)


For anyone who finds that liqui-tinic doesn’t do it for their non-eating kitty….. talk to your vet about mirtazapine. We have a cat with some underlying health issues, and in addition to treating those issues, mirtazapine has been a miracle in getting this cat to eat enough that he can recover! (pro-tip: if you value your sleep, administer in the morning, not the evening. It’s not nicknamed “meow-zapine” for nothing!)

We used mirtazapine for Spanky at the very end. It absolutely did boost his appetite – I don’t remember that it made him more talkative, but he was pretty talkative to begin with!


“Who you callin’ a chunky monkey, lady?”

Beignet’s sleepin’ with her eyes open.

Roux decided it was time to open her eyes and see what all the fuss was about.

Sisters are comfy to flop down on.

“Watchin’ you, lady.” (Beignet, with Praline in the background.)

Four little muffins, all in a row.

“Oh look, there’s a weird lady out there.” (Praline)

“Yep. She’s weird, alright.”

The little SMILE on Andouille’s face!


The little family.

Nola and her 10 day old Cajuns.


Video! Beignet trying to figure out how to take a bath. Her tongue doesn’t always meet its target, but that’s okay – she’ll just roll around on her back in front of Mama.

YouTube link


I didn’t even know Newt HAD a sense of humor!


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4-14-17 Friday — 20 Comments

  1. I love the video of Beignet learning the art of bathing. I can almost see the thought coming from the marshmallow fluff brain as she discovers, “I haz a flavor!”

    Has Nola been content to leave the family in whatever corner neighborhood you last put the crate in or is she still exploring real estate?

    • They’re still in the same crate, still behind the door. I did inch the crate up the wall about 3 inches, which earned me the Skeptical Eyes from Nola. I’m going to move it another 3 inches when I clean tomorrow and see what she does. 🙂

  2. I have a confession to make.

    I think I’m in love with Beignet. I’ve adored many kitties in the past, but she’s the first I’ve fallen in love with.

    A) do you adopt to Mew York and
    B) how do I explain this to my husband?

    The typo stays.

  3. I don’t know what it is but this group has captured my heart. I know it is the story line you tell but I just cannot get enough of these monkeys. I think if Dave can get a big screen tv I can get some more furbots.

  4. Thanks for answering my question about size! Cute little monkeys, and growing like weeds.

  5. Oh, I love these little wiggle-worms so much! I think Andouille is going to be the first to explore outside the crate.

    By the way…I ordered some stuff on Amazon Smile the other day and wondered if I should change Challenger’s House to Forgotten Felines. I want to make sure every impulse purchase can be justified with a donation to the kitties 🙂

    • Challenger’s House is still in operation and taking care of the cats that live in the sanctuary, so either way you are still helping kitties! 🙂

      • Exactly, this – Challenger’s House isn’t taking in new cats, but they still have a sizable bunch to care for. 🙂

  6. I don’t know what the litter name for this bunch is, but I will forever think of them as “Nola’s Little Porkers” after this post …

  7. Maybe these kits are growing bigger faster because there are only four of them? Like they don’t have to compete as much for milk? Is that a thing?

  8. May I say that without a doubt, Praline’s forehead penguins are the most spectacular I’ve ever seen!