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Scenes from around Crooked Acres.

Gracie (front) always looks amused.

Gracie runs the perimeter.

Vicious, vicious pups.



It always cracks me up when Gracie bites George’s butt. When he’s chasing her, he likes to bite her tail.


They love to cavort, these two.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~





Yeah, yeah. Keep crowing it, big guy. Maybe someday they’ll believe you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The movie: McMaos belly up to the milk bar. At the very end, if you listen very carefully and turn your sound way up, you will hear the sound of PURRING KITTENS, oh yes you will.

YouTube link

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I don’t remember who referred to what kittens do with all the squirming and crawling over each other as a “Kitten mosh pit”, but if that’s not an apt description, I don’t know what is!

The paws kill me dead every time.

As do the stripes.

They always get so sleepy after eating.

Ciara snuggling with mama’s foot.

Maggie was licking a kitten’s behind, and when she was done this is the look she gave me. I hear you, sweetheart.




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Spanky, laying on the scratcher in the sun. Have you ever seen such a happy boy?


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4-14-11 — 18 Comments

  1. The mom is getting her daily kitten fix from your photos and videos. 🙂

    We bet Maggie, as good a mom as she is, will be relieved to be done with motherhood once the babies are weaned and she’s spayed! LOL.

  2. ooh such little sweethearts,and Maggie is a fantastic mummy! this litter really makes my day,thanks for shareing ! 😀

  3. I love my daily kitten dose. Yeah, I referred to it as the kitten mosh-pit; won’t be long before they’re all “yeehawwwwww!!!”-ing into each other and slam-dancing. Gandalf, one of my boys, took on the foster mom role with Malcolm when he first came to live with us, cleaning his butt and ears. So Maggie, there are manly men out there who take on mothering roles too! Just not the feeding and birthing part. He would even fetch Malcolm by the scruff when he thought he was straying too far. I nearly had a stroke the first time I saw him do that, then jump off the kitchen table, still holding on to Malcolm.

    Spanky’s wee face made me smile.

    • My grandparents had a male collie dog that would carry a kitten about by the scruff of the neck, keeping it safe in the road and bringing it home for tea!

  4. could you send me over a little of what ever it is that revives you after those kitten feet kill you dead, because that happy scene of nursing, and the sleeping kitten.. just killed.me.dead.

    I’m a little envious that you have such a healthy mom and that this is one of those effortless fostering situations (no, it is not effortless at all, but I think you know what I mean)

    oh how I just want to snoggle them all..

  5. Do you have to brush George and Gracie? I know they live outside, and they seem relatively free of big nasty snarls!

  6. Oh, those little paws on Maggie’s tummy!!
    thanks so much for the daily kitten fix, just love it!

  7. Been in Spain (envy me) so I have missed soooooo much. It was killing me. Does Fred’s book have an iPad version? You know, he can also put it on Lulu.com and everyone with a pc can download it…hint hint….

  8. Yay for Gracie and George!!! They’re great big polar bear dogs!! Wow!!! They’re gorgeous!! Your Cockerel is one big almighty stud!

    Thanks for the wonderful clip of the adorable McMaos and mum!! Now that really is one contented family!!!!!

    Hello Spanky!!

    GOOD LUCK to Fred and his e-book!! Hopefully one day it will be in print. Hint hint! 😉 Take care

  9. The squeaks! And the clickity little purrs! *thud* 🙂

    *picks self up again* Hi Maggie! And hi Spanky, and ooh, George and Gracie too. *pets the whole bunch* My own polar bear dog (fluffy yellow lab) says hi.

  10. Maggie is such a patient mum. Just lovely. But the look she gives that little boy that you guide over towards her is priceless. and little purr machines indeed. Do the babies learn that on their own or does Maggie give them lessons in the middle of the night when you and Fred a re sleeping? Sweat-hearts!
    Lots of kisses please. Oh, George and Gracie crack me up. they are beautiful big doggies and yet they look so goofy. “Hey, lady, you got snack?” Do you they’d protect “their” cats if anyone threatened them?

  11. last sentence is suppose to be: ‘do you think they’d protect…’