4-14-09 – The Seven

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Naturally, because I said yesterday that the kittens have shown no interest in climbing over the gate keeping them in their room and the bathroom, Fred was walking down the hall and found that a curious little kitten was wandering down the stairs.

(He might not have noticed, except that Sugarbutt walked by the bottom of the stairs, turned and stared at the kitten, hissed, and ran away.)

It was Caleb, and I picked him up and went upstairs to see what was going on, and as I approached the top of the stairs, Beulah came over to look at me. As it turned out, all the kittens had climbed over the gate and were wandering around the upstairs.

So yesterday morning I put up the baby gates at the bottom of the stairs and let the kittens have the run of the entire upstairs. They LOVED it, of course. Kittens always love having new territory to conquer. They spent most of their time playing in my room, raced back and forth, and then curled up on my bed with me to take a nap.

Every now and then everyone but Beulah would come to the bottom of the stairs (the stairs are still a little too much for Miss Beulah) to see what they could see, and I’d hear a sad little “Why can’t we come out THERE?” meow.

All in time, little kittens. We’re going to keep them confined to the upstairs for a few more days, then see what it’s like to let them have the run of the house.

Like a circus, is what I expect it’ll be like!

2009-04-14 (8)
Sleepy Ezra.

2009-04-14 (9)
“He keeps sleepin’, and I wanna play!”

2009-04-14 (7)
Sleepy Phinneas.

2009-04-14 (6)
“But I don’t WANNA wake up!”

2009-04-14 (5)

2009-04-14 (4)
“He won’t wake up!”

2009-04-14 (3
“I’m awake, I’m awake. GEEZ.”

2009-04-14 (1)


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