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So, Maggie was just chilling… And I thought “Oh, I need to weigh the babies!”

Some of them were awake, and some of them were snoozing.

So I took them out and weighed them, and after I weighed them, I put them in this little purple cat bed. A couple of them got skeered.

“What is this place? Where is my MOMMY?!”

Maggie made her soothing mama noise to soothe them, and then some of them were all “TIME TO EAT!”

Maggie said “I need a bath.”

Then she thought about it.

She kissed a baby.

Then she cleaned a baby.

(To be continued tomorrow, because there were so many cute pictures I couldn’t fit them all in one day!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kara likes to go out into the back yard and jump up on the window sill and stare in at the computer room as if she’s thinking “That looks like a cool place to be. I sure wish I was THERE and not HERE.”


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4-13-11 — 19 Comments

  1. Welcome to your new host! I hope things calm down for you.

    As for Maggie, she is such a good mother, isn’t she? I think I have died from the cute!

    As for Sheriff Kara, don’t be fooled… she is on a stakeout and just isn’t that good at avoiding detection!

  2. Robyn, thanks for YOUR patience, without which we wouldn’t have our daily dose of joy, beauty, and delight!

  3. Is there really a special Momma-cat soothing noise?? Can you get it on film? Here in Michigan all was dandy re. getting to the temp site and then be redirected to this new place.

    • Let me see what I can do, Emily. I’m sure you’ve heard it, it’s kind of a grumpy, under-the-breath “mmm!” sound, most cats do it at one point or another.

  4. I hate to say “cute” because it’s just so oversaid. But these kittens are just so CUTE! Little pink feet straight up in the air, tiny earlets, stripey legs splayed out behind as they nurse. Too much.

  5. Oh Maggie is such an awesome little Mama cat…and the photo of the trio hugging each other…too much cuteness in one shot!

    As for Kara, you know she’s just trying to mess with you 🙂 My brother-in-laws cat would do that, sit outside the patio window, hunched up, looking utterly miserable, like he was dying to come in…you’d open the door to let him in, and he’d start prancing and playing in the yard, no intention of coming in 🙂

  6. Thank goodness! I was suffering severe withdrawal symptoms yesterday!
    All I can say about today’s photos (apart from CUTE/ADORABLE/I WANT ONE!) is that Maggie, like just about every female I know, knows how to multitask.

  7. I love seeing Maggie with her babies since I’ve, largly, been deprived of that because LBC is sooooo skittish. Glad to hear your ‘puter woes are history!

  8. so were the babies able to walk over to maggie? or do they kind of stagger? would love to see video of that!

    • They’re still staggering at this point – let me see what I can do to get it on video. 🙂

  9. Everything is working fine in New Zealand, too! I’m sorry you had such hassles but I hope things will run smoothly from now on.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if all young solo mothers had as much practical and emotional support as Maggie gets from you and Fred?

  10. New hosting seems to work fine in Melbourne, Australia, too. Good luck!
    Maggie is a lovely mum. Have the permanent residents shown any curiosity about what is happenning in the “nursery”? Imagine when everyone gets to meet! Hey, those babies look pretty big next to their mum, considering they’re not even 2 weeks old yet.
    And Sherrif Kara knows what she’s doing, just never you mind…