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The movies. First, Fergus Simon McMao enjoys a belly rub, oh yes he does.

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And second, your daily dose of McMao squirming and wide-eyed amazement.

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“Don’t judge me.”

The feet up in the air will forever kill me dead.

The princess always sleeps hard.

Considering what to do next.

COMPLAINT: acquired. SHARING OF COMPLAINT: in progress.

That girl is always right in the middle of the pack. The better to rule her kingdom from, I suppose.

Last night I took the kittens out of the McMao Cave to weigh them. The heaviest McMao is Declan at 9 1/2 ounces. The lightest is Macushla at 8 3/4 ounces.

When I see what these kittens weigh at 9 days old, it gives a new spin to the fact that when we got Beulah, who was (I believe) 4 or 5 weeks old, she only weighed 8 ounces.

2009-03-24 (9)

2009-04-15 (35)
That’s her on the far left there, next to her normal-sized siblings.

Kind of amazing, isn’t it?

And a bonus: my favorite picture of her litter, with Beulah in the middle:

2009-03-23 (8)

Note to self: when the McMaos are eating solid food, be sure to get a shot like this!

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Newt in the cat bed (well, DOG bed really) on my bed. I had forgotten that when the weather gets warm (and it’s been in the 80s recently), Newt likes to spend his days sleeping on my bed, and his nights roaming.


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4-12-11 — 6 Comments

  1. YAY Beulah!! My absolute favourite kitty of all from Crooked Acres… Bookworms are a close second! I sure wish her owners knew about this site and would send an update and pictures.

  2. Oh the cutest!! I love the belly rubs video!! 🙂 I also actually just LOVE the dog bed! It reminds me of the stuffed dog I carried around as a kid (still have him packed away somewhere – totally worn out!) He was yellow with the big brown nose like the bed!! His name was Barfy. 🙂

  3. Newt goes roaming where? Do you end up locking him in the laundry?
    Aww, how tiny was Beulah! You know, i never really appreciated it till now. And word will get around about belly rubs, you know. And then you’ll have to spend all day in the kitten room playing with the babies…oh, hang on a minute…

  4. I came to Love and Hisses post-Beulah but had to seek her out after the above photos! Meanwhile, if my two charges would let me have a third, young Rufus would be heading east via the kittyground railway. Hope Corbie’s gaining some leg strength and many thanks for your daily updates — it’s amazing to watch these babies come into their own.

  5. I love how in the second video, there’s all this squirming on the left side of the screen while on the right side, Little White Face is zonked out and totally oblivious to all the excitement (Sorry, Ciara, you’ll always be LWF to me)…

    As for Beulah…*thud*…I just died from all the tiny adorableness