Nothin’ happier than a sleeping Sugs.

* * *

when are you getting internet over at the Crooked Acres house?

It depends on when Fred and the spud move over there – at this point, Fred’s thinking it’ll be the end of April or very beginning of May, so it’ll be a few more weeks at least.

* * *

Do you still wonder whether Mr FancyPants will ever come home and does it bother you that you might not be there if he comes back one day?

Actually, I think Mr Fancypants is too busy flying around the world to ever be bothered to come home.

Seriously though, yeah – I do worry that he’ll show up home and we won’t be there to greet him. I do intend to say something to the buyers when we close at the end of May – “If a fluffy black cat prances across the yard, goes upstairs and shits on the carpet, could you give us a call?” – but to be honest, I think he’s gone for good. I prefer to think that he’s found a new home with a family that properly adores him, but at the time he disappeared, we were having an issue in the area with coyotes, so that might just be a pipe dream on my part.

* * *

“Please, lady? Can’t I go out?”


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