4-14-15 Eyezapoppin’

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(Alternate post titles: Eyezaplinkin’ or Plinkapalooza.)

“I sees what you’re doin’, lady.”

Eleven days old! They’re going need to start nursing in shifts, their fat little bellies aren’t going to let them all line up together for much longer.

Poor Lucy. Always somebody’s foot or butt in her face.

Belushi on Sunday, with his eyes just starting to open.

And yesterday, with one eye open all the way and the other one taking it slower.

Rickles sees me.

The orange and buff bros (left to right: Louis, Shecky, Rickles, Skelton) are in charge of Security, it seems.


Shecky has a skeptical.

Roseanne keeps an eye (or… two half eyes) on me.

Shecky (left) and Skelton think that Louis (center) smells terrific.

“Am seeing you, lady, and reserving judgement on you for the moment. I’m leaning toward hissing, though.”

When I changed out the bedding in the crate on Sunday, I put the kittens in this big cat bed. Before I could get them moved back into the crate, Lucy came along and joined them, then they started nursing, and so of course I had to wait ’til they were done to move them back.

I weighed the babies over the weekend – you can see the weight chart at the bottom of their page. I haven’t weighed Lucy since she gave birth, but I want to, just to see where she’s at. She’s eating plenty, and is obviously keeping those babies well fed!


Video! Here they are, 11 days old, being utterly adorable.

YouTube link.


“Hand over the treats and no one gets hurt, lady.”


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4-14-15 Eyezapoppin’ — 24 Comments

  1. They are just adorable! I would pay good money just to spend some time snuggling them.

  2. Is anything getting done at your house right now? I know if those babies were at my house I would spend 24 hours a day in that room kissing them!

  3. My joy started this morning with the alternate post titles! That got me giggling and then it went from there. So many cute pictures starting with that very first one of Looocy! Skeptical Shecky nearly made me spit my coffee! Now is when the fun begins with these little milk-filled fatties! WOO!

    • Every stage they go through, I declare it to be my favorite. Oh, they’re newborns? My favorite! Eyes starting to open? Totally my favorite! Walking like little drunks around their crate? FAVORITE. 🙂

  4. The look on Lucy’s face in that bed with all the kittens is funny. It’s like she’s looking heavenward and saying, “Why lord? Why SEVEN!” LOL

  5. Hi Robyn,

    Have you thought of putting up a FAQ question page about fostering? What works best for you, litter, food, how to help the mom or kittens, ect…

    Are you done with your personal blog? I miss it!

    A long time fan,
    Tina B.

    • Great idea. Questions like…”What if your new foster mama cat gets diarrhea?” 🙂
      (I just emailed Robyn that question today! 🙂 )

    • I have thought of it in kind of a vague way, but I probably need to do something about getting something up and running!

  6. BTW, I don’t know what’s wrong that that bright blue kitten on the right but they’re not eating.

    You might want to get them checked out.

  7. Those Bouncers look like they could do some serious damage. Which is fine. They can hiss at me all they like as long as I get to go into the Kitten Klub.

    They’re at the wobbly, slo-mo stage, oh noes!!!!

  8. Plinkapalooza is my favorite, but I think Eyezapoppin conveys the whole post better..

    You know, a 1.5 eyed Belushi was my favorite until “Shecky has a skeptical”