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Last night:



Louis is not really sure what he thinks of this business of being on my lap instead of snuggled up with his brothers and sisters.


“Yes, lady. I AM a beautiful girl. What of it?”

Roseanne on lookout duty. She’s got some serious bedhead going on there.

Roseanne’s head really isn’t 6x the size of Louis’ head, even though it appears so.

Skelton and the very very very very very very rough life.

The whole litter, hanging out in the cat bed while I change out the bedding in their crate.

Roseanne enjoys an ear rub.

“We sees you, lady.” Shecky and Louis.

Roseanne and Belushi tell Lucy that everything’s okay. They’ve got it under control!

Gilda tends to be either in the middle of the litter, buried under a brother, or in the back of the crate. This makes it hard to get a decent picture of her unless I grab her. Which she’ll tolerate for a moment or two. Long enough to get a picture of her pretty face, at least.


Videos! For those of you who were curious to know whether there’s less hissing now that their eyes are open, the short answer is “Yes, for the most part.” The long answer is “…except for Shecky.”

YouTube link.

The kittens have lost their mother. Where, oh where, could she be?

YouTube link.


Alice, up high, teetering and making me worry that she’ll fall off. She hasn’t done it yet. YET, I say.

Bath time for Alice.

YouTube link.


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4-15-15 — 37 Comments

  1. Soooo happy for Paul. πŸ™‚

    Question, if a kitten is hissing {{*snort*}} and you pet him/her or pick him/her up at that time, what do they do?

    Roseanne looks like she will be a total love bug. She would be that would be MINE!!!!

  2. Oh man, these guys are too much! I hope you are giving them tons of kisses from all of their many, many admirers.

    Is it me, or do these little dudes have seriously large feets?! Maybe it’s the camera angle? And when did the ears pop up?! Still edible though.

    • I think it’s the angle – their feet are pretty normal, although Roseanne does seem to have especially long toes!

      The ears more creak slowly upward rather than pop. They sound like doors that need WD-40. πŸ™‚

  3. O, the wee curling Shecky tongue!

    It must be so rewarding, being able to help give these little ones such a good start in life.

  4. The baby toes are killing me. They are so sweet. Roseanne’s are so long they’re almost like little fingers and I just want to smooch each one individually.

    I really like that Lucy has been voracious in her eating to keep up her strength so that the babies don’t milk her dry. She looks so good. But I guess they’re still young & it’ll be a while yet before they’re weaned so she may thin down even more by then.

    Alice wif her feets in the air (and that look on her face) made me laugh.

    • I have a cat named Skelly, so I had to process your comment for a moment. “Skelly isn’t on this blog… wait, did I miss something? Am I nuts? Oh, right, Skelton.”

  5. Roseanne’s “but I’m just a defensiveless little kitten” face is too much to resist. And for kittens who have their eyes open, in that video they need to look behind them! Mama’s not going to leave you alone to the cold cruel world.

    BTW, an “Awww, sweet kitty” story for the day:


      • I bet we all have “cats on duty” nursing stories (remember when someone’s son had a concussion and the cats took shifts?) but this is just too sweet.

    • That is such a sweet kitty! Even the dogs benefit from his caring ways. Black cats are awesome. My darling black cat Gandalf was the same way – always making sure everyone was happy, well fed and groomed, lol!

  6. They are so HUGE. And there are so MANY. Poor, poor, Lucy. Please tell me what kind of food you’re feeding her so I can invest in that company’s stock!!! πŸ˜‰

    • I tried several different foods, but she’s a Fancy Feast (canned) girl, all the way! As much Fancy Feast as we go through around here, I should buy stock myself!

  7. Oh, and a big congrats to Paul and his new forever family. May it be a happy and long forever for them all.


    hehehe! He doesn’t realize that his fierce makes him even cuter!!! πŸ˜€

    • One day he’s going to make the connection between his fierce declarations and the number of kisses he gets! πŸ™‚

  9. Awww so cute I love when they get all hissy. Does rikkles not like the camera? We don’t see him alot

    • If I had to guess, I’d say that Rickles has a hard time dragging his great big belly over to be petted. πŸ™‚ Actually, he tends to kind of hide in the middle of the litter, like Gilda.

  10. Ok…question of the day (see, you do need a FAQ section). One of my kitties is 15-ish (guess work involved as she was a rescue). She has dropped from 12 lbs to 9 lbs. I have taken her to the vet and had every blood test known to vet-kind performed. All her blood levels are normal, kidneys are kick’n butt, liver is fine. He even did an “old lady” panel to insure that age contributing factors were not present. All is well. She begs for Temptations cat treats. I will give her a PILE of them (sometimes she eats them all, sometimes she doesn’t). I have to be careful cuz the others want some, too and I can’t get them fat! Well, I have tried every brand of kitty food…wet: slices, chunks, in gravy, puree…etc. I will put her in a room and close the door (sometimes I sit in there with her) to insure the others don’t bully her away to steal it. Nothing. ABSOLUTELY snubs it all. What do I do to entice her to EAT??? She is an unbelievably sweet cat and very very submissive. Such a precious girl. Any advice would be welcome!!

    • We are going through this EXACT same thing with Miz Poo, all the tests are perfectly normal. She’s never been a big eater, and it’s hard to convince her to eat anything. If you haven’t tried chicken baby food, I recommend it (though at $1 a tiny little jar, it can get expensive), and I HIGHLY recommend Liqui-Tinic (we get it at Amazon, but you may be able to find it elsewhere; we got our very first bottle from a vet, back when Spanky was still with us, and I swear to you that it gave us more time with him.) Fred gives Miz Poo about 1 cc of Liqui-Tinic a day (we call it her “Go juice”), and I swear it’s what’s keeping her going some days.

      You could also try Nutri-Cal (also available at Amazon, but I’ve seen it – or some version of it – in Petsmart and Petco) just to get some calories into her. We’ll give some to Miz Poo occasionally, but not very often because she doesn’t seem to like the consistency (or I suppose it could be the flavor) and so we try not to stress her out too much.

      I’m hoping others will have suggestions on this. I’m also going to post your comment in Friday’s post so that people who don’t generally check the comments will see it and chime in!

      • LOL….mine is a tortie, too!!! I tried the Nutri-cal…nothing! It is sitting in my pantry rotting. Ugh. I will try the Liquid-Tinic and chicken baby food. Yep, Emma has always been a nibbler.

        Thank you for your response!!!

      • Did the vet discuss steroids with you? My mom did this with her old lady cat to build an appetite.

        She won’t be able to compete in the olympics but it gave her some energy and appetite.