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So, first I’m going to share the pictures of the kittens who are currently in the foster room, and then I’ll explain why those are the fosters at the moment rather than someone you hoped for/ expected.

On Sunday, I took Angelo and Mariette to Petsmart, and I brought home with me…


And also…

Do you recognize the ears?

That’s right, it’s Orlando!

And Dennis was all – “?”

I don’t know if he actually remembers Orlando or not, but he wasn’t too phased by the new tenants.

Yesterday I left the house early in the morning, and when I came home, I had the new guy.

This is Thomas. He’s about 9 months old. (The ceiling fan startled him, and he growled at it. Silly boy!)

He’s very sweet and friendly and laid-back. He’s gotten hissy with Orlando a few times, but that’s because Orlando can’t keep his nose to himself, so it was a “Dude, you need to back off a little” hiss. Another day or so, I’m pretty sure they’ll be best friends.

Point of interest: Thomas is my very first polydactl foster! He’s got extra toes on both his front feet.

The story is this – Thomas just needed a place to stay for three weeks until he can get his last shot. Initially I was going to put him in with Dennis, Angelo, and Mariette, but after thinking about it, I suggested that Mariette and Angelo go to Petsmart, and I’d bring Tricki and Livia home with me to give them a break.

BUT, as it turned out, someone MIGHT be interested in adopting Livia. So rather than bring her home and then have to take her back (or having them assume that she’s been adopted), I opted to leave her there just in case. If she gets adopted, I’ll throw a ticker-tape parade! If she doesn’t, I’ll take Orlando back to Petsmart and bring Livia home.

PS: It was one year ago that I brought Khaleesi home. And once again I’m annoyed by Fred stealing away my second foster room for his office. The NERVE of that man.


Stinkerbelle sure does love her Tommy.

She doesn’t seem to be too crazy about ME, though. I make her nervous.

Tommy keeps Stinkerbelle’s ears clean.

He’s such a good boy.


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4-15-14 — 24 Comments

  1. When I started reading I was all, “Pfff! What about Livia??!”
    I’m so glad she might have an interested someone!

  2. With all of the kittens you have fostered, I’m surprised you’ve never had a polydactl before! We have several cats with extra toes, including one that has 7 toes on both of her front paws. We call them the “Paws of Doom.”

  3. That Thomas is one handsome feller! Glad all of them could get a break, and have some petting & loving Crooked Acres style. πŸ™‚

  4. Thomas is gorgeous!! Dennis…what a sweetie. Thanks for giving Tricki a break! Fingers crossed for Livia!!!

  5. I knew that was Tricki at the first glance! So happy she and the other boys are getting a break. And yes fingers and paws crossed for Livia!!

  6. I’m all for as many fosters as you can have in that house, but I’m going to give Fred a pass on taking the extra foster room, assuming that’s where he wrote Charnel House. It’s an excellent read!

    Kiss all of Thomas’ toes for me. Take breaks if necessary.

  7. Thomas is gorgeous! Laughing at him looking at that ceiling fan. I remember many foster kittens thinking my ceiling fans were monsters coming to chop them up.

  8. I love poly kitties !!!! You do know that it is supposed to be good luck to have one in your house !!! I love Thomas’ extra “thumb” in his first picture !!

    I have my fingers crossed for Livia !!! maybe ask Thomas to cross his paws for luck for her, it might work better with extra toes !!

    Since the weather is getting nicer maybe Fred can move his office to the garage or something then you can get more kittens !!!! Just kidding Fred !!!

  9. I love love love extra toes! (Like my Leo’s!) Make sure you train him to like having his feet played with early on! MOL because everyone is going to want to, you know! (Leo wont let me play with his extra toed back feet, the brat)
    Fingers crossed for Livia!

  10. I just cannot believe no one adopted beautiful Tricki. I have been in love with those eyes from the first minute I saw a photo of Tricki.
    They never have black cats at the pet store here, but you have said black ones are harder to get adopted so maybe it’s just as well. And if they had one that looked like Tricki it would be coming home with me and I really don’t need a cat. lol

  11. Wow, Stinkerbelle in a cat bed and not up on top of the kitchen cabinets! Is this the first picture we’ve seen here of that? Certainly the first I remember seeing. She’s a real beaut. What an absolute sweetie Tommy is!

  12. Aw! Tommy licking Stinkerbelle’s ears clean is so sweet! It’s too bad she’s not one for people, because I’d love to snorgle her. πŸ™‚

  13. Tricki is stunning. People need to get over the silly black cat thing and take her home. Thomas growling at the fan makes me giggle. He reminds me of Grumpy Cat in the first photo.