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Tricki tends to run into the closet when I walk into the room – I guess it’s her safe space – but she comes right back out when she realizes that it’s just me, not some scary monster.

Thomas, contemplative.

The hissiness has stopped completely. Thomas and Orlando have sniffed each other at length, and at one point yesterday Thomas was seen rubbing up against Orlando. I think they’re friends already – which is exactly what I expected.

“It’s the ears. No one can resist their fabulousness.”

Orlando checks out the new fish cave bed. I even saw him sleeping in it at one point last night, but of course didn’t get a picture.

Deep Thoughts.

Orlando, SO pleased with himself.

Pretty, pretty Thomas.

Showing off his paws.

For some reason – I have NO idea why – I keep wanting to call Thomas “Arthur.” So if I accidentally call him Arthur in the blog, it’s YOUR job to point it out so I can fix it!


Newt loves to roll around on the front porch.

Newt, the zipper to your cat suit is showing.

He doesn’t carrrrrrrre.


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4-16-14 — 19 Comments

  1. Thomas is really, really beautiful. Really beautiful.

    Which reminds me, I was awwwing anf ahhhhing over pictures of baby Sugarbutt the other day and I noticed that bulging-eyes thing I first noticed on Beulah of the Seven (and then Stompers and then Tony R.H. Pickle). Do you think Sugarbutt could be the runt of his litter? (I’m a faithful and loyal reader for 6+ years, but I can’t for the life of me remember if you ever mentioned anything about it.)

  2. Of course you want to call him Arthur. I see it too. 🙂 So I’m not going to correct you.

    I love Tricki. She’s GORGEOUS.

  3. My brother Tom’s full name is Arthur Thomas, so I find it especially funny that you want to call Thomas “Arthur”.

    I love that Newt has a zipper! It’s like he is some kind of smaller critter who decided to dress up as a cat one day and he liked it so much he never stopped.

    • He puts his cat suit on to get extra snacks and treats, and then at night he zips it off and goes back to his life in the wild. 🙂

  4. Hey Robin – how is that screen door working out? I am ready to pull the trigger on one and want to know if you have any advice on dos and dont’s.

    • I’m going to save the long answer for Friday’s post, but the short answer is that it is working out WONDERFULLY. The only thing I wish we’d done before we hung it is polyurethane it!

  5. Speaking of Thomas, a friend of mine’s sister loved the name so much she called her first cat that — and then a few years later called her son the same thing. The two happily coexisted for many years.

  6. It’s so cute to see Thomas and Orlando sniffing each other in the picture where Thomas is lounging on the cat tree!

    And Tricki is such a sleek, gorgeous cat. How she hasn’t been adopted yet is beyond me! I know you’ve said that black cats are not as quickly adopted sometimes due to people’s superstitions about them. Is there any kind of data from Challenger’s House or Petsmart regarding the length of time needed to adopt black cats versus other types like tabbies?

    • As far as I know there isn’t any real data on how long black cats take to be adopted. Part of Tricki’s problem might be that she’s a scaredy cat – but now that she’s back in the foster room, where she spent a month previously, she’s pretty relaxed. Hopefully someone will be willing to give her a chance, because she is just the sweetest little goofball!

      • I heard on the news…I think it was in NY…that white cats are hard to adopt because people where a lot of black. Black cats are quickly adopted.

        As for Tricki, can they post something on her cage saying “I’m a scaredy cat here….but not once I get into my forever home!” ??