4-16-12 – Logie Monday

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Sorry there were no posts over the weekend – I wasn’t feeling like sitting in front of the computer much. Fred and I both developed colds, necessitating that we skip Cat Tales (the Challenger’s House fundraiser) on Friday, which I’d been looking forward to all week. ::pout::

We’re both feeling better – though not completely over it just yet – and hopefully this isn’t going to be one of those colds that drag on and on.

I took four kitten(snuggle)s every three hours, and that’s always the thing that helps the most! Kittens: Nature’s Medicine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Logie Monday

(And don’t worry, Newbery and Darwin and Emmy will get their own days, too!)

2012-04-16 (1)
Such a pretty, pretty girl.

2012-04-16 (2)

2012-04-16 (3)
Little Miss Crazy Eyes.

2012-04-16 (4)
Kickin’ back with Razzie.

2012-04-16 (5)
Girlfriend likes that sunshine.

2012-04-16 (6)
This is the box my Da Bird arrived in. It’s about 4 feet long, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that I had to save it for kittens. They love crawling through it, and it’s plenty big for them. Logie can even turn around in it, though it’s a bit of a tight fit for her when she does that.

2012-04-16 (7)
Being a smart girl, Logie knows that cardboard is an important part of her daily diet.

2012-04-16 (8)
“Bring on the feather teaser!!!”

2012-04-16 (9)
Some one on one time with Mama. Logie’s a mama’s girl.

2012-04-16 (10)

2012-04-16 (11)
Just SUCH a gorgeous girl.

2012-04-16 (12)
Three out of three siblings agree that Logie’s the best kitten to snuggle with!

It’s funny that back when she was a baby, I was dead certain that Logie was going to be the drama princess of the bunch because she would freak OUT when I’d touch her. But as she’s gotten a bit older, it turns out that she’s the least drama-filled kitten. She’s more than happy to sit still and let me touch her, she’ll let me kiss her (well, not for too long – there’s stuff to DO, y’all), she’s just a sweet, laid-back girl. All her siblings think she’s the bee’s knees, and while the other three will occasionally go off by themselves to get some quiet time, Logie’s always got at least one other sibling curled up with her.

The other night, I had to leave the foster room to get water to add to their water fountain. Logie ran alongside me, all “Where ya going? Whatcha doing? Can I come too?!” So I picked her up and took her into the bathroom with me, and she was nervous (especially when the water was running), but she was mostly okay. Well, until we got back into the room and she reached her limit, and she climbed up onto my head and started yowling. Emmy came toward me with the “I am going to KILL YOU” eyes, and I quickly put Logie back down on the floor. Logie shook it off and then said “Hey, that was fun. Guys, guess what I got to do!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-04-16 (14)
Newt on the stump on the cement patio. (That litter container actually has charcoal in it, not litter. Just so you know.)

2012-04-16 (13)
Uh oh. That’s Newt in Corbie’s box. I hope Corbie doesn’t come along and see someone in HIS safe space!


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4-16-12 – Logie Monday — 35 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear about your colds, but I’m just off to get a prescription from my doctor for Logie and Razzie, take 1,000 times daily forever. If only my current meds would let me. . . Glad to hear that Logie has become a brave young princess, and I can’t wait for your next featured poppet.

  2. The picture in between “mama’s girl” and “gorgeous girl” is making me giggle. Kitten A has got the “whutchuu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” Neck Thangβ„’ going on, while Kitten B is demonstrating the “there is a sibling on my head while I am trying to sleep” Ears of Annoyance. And I love how, at that angle, Logie’s stripes are almost as prominent as everyone else’s.

    Did Emmy see you leave with Logie, or was her attention elsewhere?

    • Emmy’s attention was on her snack – and Fred was in the room (she doesn’t hate Fred), so he was kind of between Emmy and I. She didn’t see me leave the room with Logie, but she sure knew when I came back in with her. πŸ™‚

  3. Do you think Logie’s eyes will stay that blue? She’s one gorgeous baby girl.

    • I would love it if her eyes stayed blue, but I think they’re starting to change (I need to get a close-up, but they’re starting to turn a blue-green in by her pupils). I suspect she’ll end up with green eyes like her mama.

  4. I so want to kidnap Logie now! She’s such a beauty!!

    Hope you and Fred get better – keep taking these kitten snuggles – they’re good for you! Take care

    • Well, that worked out well! Would you believe me if I said I planned it that way? (I didn’t, but that’s a neat coincidence.)

  5. We also recycle litter buckets in numerous ways. They’re amazingly versatile.

    Logie is beautifoo!

    • Oddly enough, I usually recycle mine for litter – Fresh Step doesn’t come in the plastic buckets anymore, and Cat Attract comes in those annoying bags, so I transfer litter to the plastic buckets. I think we’ve actually used them as nests for broody hens, now that I think about it. You’re right, they are really versatile! πŸ™‚

  6. Hope you and Fred are feeling better. Kitten snuggles are the only way I know to get better so keep up the good work.

    Quick question for you…how do we get Logie to Vegas? I want her. πŸ™‚

  7. Question: Is Emmy as disconnected from people as you imply in your posts? I think a few days ago, it was something like “Come any closer lady…” and Emmy’s “I am going to kill you eyes” when you took Logie with you to get more water… I know Tiger’s are beautiful and peaceful looking when they are laying alone, eyes closed, soaking up the sun but Emmy is so beautiful and calm when resting (i.e. above alone time w/Logie pic) it’s hard to imagine she’ll rip you apart (like a Tiger ~ my analogy!). And obviously… I’ve never encountered a feral cat, close up, let alone touching one.

    And finally have figured out that Corbett from last year, (or 2009) is Corbie!?! Right? And he IS a beautiful boy… my kitty colors to be sure! Thanks for the posts… you stop me every AM before I can go out, with kitten love and begin my day!

    • As long as you don’t try to mess with Emmy when she’s eating or try to hurt her babies, she’s in a pretty relaxed state. She was sincerely ready to mess me up when she thought I was hurting Logie, but as soon as I put Logie down, she relaxed. Also, she’s food-aggressive (as I would be if I had four rapidly growing little monsters nursing several times a day!), and if I try to pet her while she’s eating, she takes it as a threat (that I’m going to take her food away), so I’ve learned to put her snack down in front of her and then leave her alone while she’s eating.

      And truthfully, she just doesn’t seem to like me. She can tolerate Fred (which is a good thing, because Fred’s heart would break if she didn’t like him!), but she’s wary of me and seems to prefer that I leave her alone. So I’m leaving her alone for now, though I talk to her a lot, and she does give me the relaxed-blink eyes when I talk to her. She’ll allow me to pet her, but she doesn’t enjoy it as much as she does when Fred pets her. I think maybe he just has the magic hands. πŸ™‚

      • Robyn, I think that Emmy likes you and shows it by doing the slow blink love eyes thing with you! Fred might just be able to get away with petting her more because he’s more calm about it. You might be a little nervous about it and she picks up on that. I don’t know since I’m not there, but that’s what I think.

        And Leslie, sometimes Robyn’s captions are humorous. In the “I’ll keel you” photo, Emmy is actually quite relaxed with her half-closed eyes. Scared or aggressive cats don’t look like that AT ALL!!

        For comparison purposes, here’s a scared and potentially aggressive cat.

        • Oh, I am DEFINITELY more nervous than Fred is. Which is silly because she’s nipped at him far more times than she has at me. I just need to get over being nervous!

    • Oh, and I missed this the first time through – yes, Corbie is the same cat as the wee little Bookworms Corbett from two years ago! πŸ™‚

    • Most mothers give that look. Feral mothers actually prefer not to give eye contact at all and generally are balled up when you tick them off – or at least that was my experience with my two completely feral moms.

  8. “Three out of three siblings agree that Logie’s the best kitten to snuggle with!”


    …As the biggest kitten, she must also be the biggest heat source… πŸ˜€

  9. Logie and Newt! Happy, happy, happy! Wonderful post for Moi as Miss Piggy would say! Two of my faves!!! Hope your colds are completely gone soon!

  10. cardboard – great for teething kittens.. I have a tube that the linoleum came in and the kittens LOVE it.. in one side out the other, or a back up if the other side is covered by someone waiting to pounce on them πŸ™‚

    I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well, hopefully you are on the mend!