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2012-04-17 (1)

2012-04-17 (2)
Darwin and Newbery (I think), playing in the basket. At one point over the weekend, Emmy and two or three kittens were in this basket, all snuggled up. And me without my camera, grrr.

2012-04-17 (3)
Emmy, hanging out under the cat tree and keeping an eye on things.

2012-04-17 (4)
“Hallo, I can haz a snuggle?” (Newbery)

2012-04-17 (5)
I was trying to get a picture to show how tiny the kittens still are, but apparently they’re not SO tiny. Darwin, the smallest of the bunch, barely fit in this pint glass.

2012-04-17 (6)
She was like “Lady, this doesn’t work for me…”

2012-04-17 (7)
“SEE ya.”

2012-04-17 (8)
All four babies. Razzie (I think) starts off the yawning.

2012-04-17 (9)
Then Logie joins in (while Newbery’s all “Hi! I am blurry!”)

2012-04-17 (10)
Then Razzie’s all “Okay, yawny time is over!”, but Logie keeps on keepin’ on. (Newbery: “Blurring is my bizness!”)

2012-04-17 (11)
That Logie, such a showoff. “No one’s gonna yawn longer than me!” (Newbery: “I. Am. SUPERBLUR!”)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-04-17 (14)
Elwood can fill up a Ham-mick, let me tell you.

2012-04-17 (12)
I made this little “house” out of an extra storage box, and Elwood came along, knocked it over, and sat on it.

2012-04-17 (13)
Look at that evil smile.


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4-17-12 — 20 Comments

  1. Elwood is my favorite sort of cat – a Character! And I think Logie may well follow in his footsteps. I detect some sassiness there.

  2. Cuties! I love that you (I, collective “we”) can tell them apart now. They’ve got such distinct little personalities. I think the glass with Darwin should have had the caption “Drink in all the cute”. Don’t let Newberry see that though he might get jealous.

  3. Are you implying that my favorite cat has a big mouth? And also, Newblurry’s expression NEVER changes in all the pictures. He reminds me of someone I know who often gazes with a dumb look on their face. Hee!

    • Ha – I got that for free a few years ago and it’s my favorite glass! Never had Newcastle Brown, but they have fabulous glasses. πŸ™‚

  4. I will so take one of those pints!! (and I love that basket!)

    and I so say you should take those yawn photos and turn it into a wazzzup!!

  5. Puir wee Darwin! Hope he got a treat afterward. And speaking of treats, I’m also hoping that the foursome are no longer bellying up to the cat-litter bar. Glad Elwood is keeping busy, though to judge from that fantastic last photo, the big man should be auditioning as a Bond villain’s sidekick. I’ve yet to stop smiling about Newbery’s newly blurry status, and Nance’s coinage only added to the fun.

    • Darwin’s the only one I occasionally see bellying up and chewing on a few pieces of litter at this point (though she then spits them out, so I’m not sure what she’s hoping to accomplish). The rest of them are making do between the food bowl and the milk bar. Actually, every time I bring a snack to Emmy (she’s still getting four a day), Razzie helps her eat it. That Razzie, so helpful! πŸ™‚

      • Horrors, I got Darwin’s sex wrong — through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault. Many apols, dear little glass girl, but congratulations on your progress litterally speaking. Can’t wait for the next Razzie day. And have you tried feeding Emmy goodies on a spoon to further your big-time bonding?

        • Yeah, I’ve tried feeding Emmy goodies from a spoon and she is SO not having it. You don’t mess around when it comes to Emmy and her food. Put the plate down and slowly back away and maybe she won’t hiss at you! πŸ™‚

  6. Is there an access hole on that container which is now blocked because of EllyBelly’s machinations?!?!? Quelle Horreur!!

    The Noms are so freakin’ cute that I can’t stand it. After a day of medical poking and prodding, it’s been great to see their beauty and sass! And I love Emmy, you know that!

    • There is an access hole, but shortly after I took the pictures, I made him get down so I could set the container right again. Good thing, too, because it’s raining out today – and Elwood’s out there napping in the container as I type. πŸ™‚

  7. SUPERBLUR! Can SUPERBLUR leap tall cat trees in a single bound? Can SUPERBLUR see with X-ray vision to find the Momma wherever she may be?