4-18-12 – Darwin Wednesday

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Darwin Wednesday (DarWednesday)!

2012-04-18 (1)
Darwin loves loves LOVES that little plastic ring toy. She thinks it’s the best thing ever, but refuses to pose with it on her head like a tiara. Brat.

2012-04-18 (2)

2012-04-18 (3)

2012-04-18 (4)
Though that LOOKS like a barfed-up hairball she’s playing with, in actuality it’s a cat toy made from Emmy’s fur. Fred Furminated Emmy, then gave me the fur and I rolled it up so that it would all stick together, and the kittens all think it’s an awesome toy. I’m sure the fact that it smells like Emmy makes it that much more appealing.

2012-04-18 (5)
Darwin’s favorite place to sleep, usually with all her siblings crammed in on top of her.

2012-04-18 (6)
Monkey toes.

2012-04-18 (7)
It’s hard for a Little Bit to get all the way up into that cat tree, but she always manages!

2012-04-18 (8)
So close…

2012-04-18 (9)
Demonstrating (1) How Logie makes a good pillow and (2) How best to yawn while showing off your sharp little teeth.

2012-04-18 (10)
“Hey! I said no pictures!”

2012-04-18 (11)
“I lubs my LogiePillow.”

2012-04-18 (12)
That’s Newbery on the left, Darwin on the right. Newbery’s more of a creamy gray, Darwin’s stripy-er.

2012-04-18 (13)
She’s determined to figure out a way to fit in that trackball toy.

2012-04-18 (14)
Fightin’ with Razzie.

2012-04-18 (15)
On the Ham-mick.

2012-04-18 (16)
The sun is making her verrrrry sleeeeeepyyyyyy…

2012-04-18 (17)
“I could go for a nap.”

Darwin (nicknames: Darwinkle and Little Bit) is the littlest of the bunch, but that doesn’t slow her down one tiny bit. She holds her own against her siblings, and when she’s done kicking their butts, she flops down on top of them and uses them as body pillows. She used to be a tiny bit standoffish (which is the sure way to get me to try harder – she’s no fool!), but after many overtures on my part, she finally decided that maybe I’m not so bad, and when she goes running by and I snatch her up for some huffing, she puts up with it for a bit before she fights back (half-heartedly). (Are you following proper kitten-huffing procedure? You might need to brush up on the proper technique, just in case!)

Perhaps because she’s the bittiest of the bunch, she’s behind in eating actual kitten food, and can still occasionally be found dining from the litter box buffet – she gets a mouthful of litter, then spits it out. I’m not quite sure what she thinks she’s accomplishing from that, but if she doesn’t stop it soon, I’m going to start getting serious about convincing her that canned food is what she really wants (as it is now, when I put her at the plate with Emmy, she sniffs the food and then paws at the floor to try to cover the food. Silly monkey).


2012-04-18 (18)
Miz Poo, on her thermal cat bed. Even though it’s gotten pretty warm here lately, the cats still love their thermal, especially the older cats.


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4-18-12 – Darwin Wednesday — 35 Comments

  1. Wait a minute… Is that ham-mick the same size that we saw Elwood overflowing yesterday?

  2. Why is it the cutest freakin’ thing when kitties carry things in their mouths? And I love the Emmy-fur toy. And the little carrot tails! Yup…shaping up to be a fine Darwednesday.

  3. Fred furminated Emmy? — how did she take it? And has he weighed her yet? She seems such a tiny girl. Love the Logie pillow. We all could use one of those. Great to see Miz Poo; how’s she doing at the moment?

    • She actually liked it, he told me (I wasn’t in the room when he did it), until she didn’t. She let him know when she was done. 🙂

      We haven’t weighed her yet – Fred’s not comfortable trying to pick her up just yet!

      And Miz Poo is back to her old self – at this very moment she’s carrying a toy through the house, keening at the top of her lungs!

  4. Fred furminated Emmy? Is he still alive? What did you do with his body? Put in your creepy crawl space?

  5. Is it just me, or does “Fred Furminated Emmy” sound like an old-fashioned swear? Imagine stubbing your toe in front of your grandmother – you start with the “fffff” sound and then quickly shift from the Very Bad Word you were going to use, and instead holler at the top of your lungs, “ffffred Furminated EMMY!”

    Just me, then? Okay…

  6. One of my cats LOVES those plastic ring toys as well! So much so that he hid one of them from me, and I cannot find it anywhere. Driving me crazy.

    Love Darwin’s stripey legs! And it’s good to see Miz Poo, as always.

    • I’m gonna say under the refrigerator or under the couch are your best bets… although my hyper-kitty used to get toys under my armoire, which only had ~1/2″ clearance to the floor!!

  7. Darwin playing w/that yellow toy reminds me of when our Tiger was younger, we would peel the little zip tab thingy off the plastic gallon jug of milk and just throw them on the floor for her. She knew the sound of it hitting the floor, and would come into the kitchen to claim her prey! She tossed it up into the air, batted it around on the floor and slid all over the place to keep it in motion! Kitty toy from PetSmart – $5… Milk jug tab – Priceless!

    • Our kitties all have loved playing with the milk jug tabs! They also love twistie ties but I worry about the swallow factor so don’t leave those down for long. We had one cat who would hear you open anything with a ring and come running for his toy!
      Kinda like when the kids love the Tupperware drawer more than Fisher-Price stuff…

    • Oh, we love those milk jug rings, too – in fact, we usually find about 100 of them when we clean under the stove. 🙂

  8. LogiePillow ™ looks perfect.. now if you could only market and sell it 🙂

    and I can so see you trying to get that ring as a tiara..

    I got in some more huffing this morning.. I think I need H.A.

  9. The little drape-y arms in the Logie-as-body-pillow photo? Adorablest moment in the whole series.

  10. Oh…nothing like a fabulous Miz Poo pic to make my day. So very glad she is feeling better.

    Also, I love the Emmy fur toy! Brilliant idea!

  11. I just noticed the link for the thermal cat beds (the blinding beauty of Miz Poo distracted me!) Norman travels from sun spot to sun spot. I’m sure he would love one. Just wondering if any of the humans at Crooked Acres have given them a try? After a roller blading accident several years ago, I’d sleep with a heating pad nightly if I weren’t worried about the danger. I don’t need it for pain anymore, just addicted to the warmth.

  12. There is actually a book on crafting with cat hair (apparently there’s a blog too) – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/crafting-with-cat-hair-kaori-tsutaya/1100184559
    I actually halfway considered with the 18 kitties in the house.

    By the way – any ideas you or readers might have for this situation:
    I caught my last outside kitty – big orange male – I actually have his brother and sisters inside but it took me more than a year to catch him. Like the dolt that I am, I didnt’ take him to vet right away – instead I let him into the quarrantine room out of the live trap. I highly doubt I’ll get him in the trap again, but well, he’s not happy. He cries most of night – and he hisses at me – tries to pop me if I get too close. I don’t try to touch him and I just kneel down so he can see me and talk to him. Sometimes i let one of the older cats in and he talks to them, but never comes out to say hi. I’m just at a loss of how to get him calm enough – I need to get him checked out and dewormed and neutered. never had one this stubborn.