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Comfy Rufus.

Rufus, fangin’ it.

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Can you believe these babies are two weeks old?

First, the videos. In the first, Fergus Simon and one of his brothers (I’m not sure who) flail around and bite each other.

YouTube link

In the second, you can see how they get around. Not bad for two weeks old!

YouTube link

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The amazed face over there on the right is cracking me UP.

Fergus Simon and his serious little face.

The pouty princess (Ciara) and Fergus Simon.

Cillian seems worried.

Macushla, giving me a bit of the ol’ attitude.

Finnegan, wandering.

Sweet Declan, wondering what’s going on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Anderson kitties (and Rufus) are nuts for ham.

PS: Yesterday marked three years since Kara birthed her babies! Awwww.


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4-18-11 — 12 Comments

  1. To: Robyn Anderson
    From: Your fans
    Re: Kara, Corbie, Alice, probably Stinkerbelle, Tom and Sugarbutt and maybe Rufus, Maggie and her kittens

    We have read your posts over the years and have re-read Kara’s birthing story because you put that convenient link in there. We are getting the very strong impression that when you write “And no, we’re not keeping them”, what actually happens is that you end up keeping at least one. Just sayin’ that you’ve written that phrase about Rufus as well as Maggie and her litter…

    Watch out! We’re going to start nagging any minute now!

  2. Their cute little ears are so round! At what age do kitten ears become pointy cat ears?

  3. They’re growing like weeds. 🙂 Such adorable sweeties!

    Rufus is just so cute, sleeping like that! Love the vampire look. LOL.

  4. Looks like “the babies” will be “the toddlers” really soon now. When do you think you’ll start supplementing their diet with slurry or something similar?

  5. I am starting to be able to tell them apart. SO cute. Also, Huffle Mawson raves about ham all of the time; I need to see if my cat has an interest.

  6. Oh the McMoas are still so shakey!! Awww but they’re so cute and really growing!! Yay!!!! They are just so lovely to see!

    Rufus is adorable – a very handsome boy!!

    Great to see all the Anderson kitties too! take care

  7. When will their ears pop up? And I love their wobbly little walks – before long they’ll be running all over the place!