We broke the news to the spud last night that she and Fred will be moving to Crooked Acres next week. She was less than pleased, because Fred had previously told her that they wouldn’t be moving until after prom, which is in early May. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the movers for that time, so we ended up bumping it to an earlier time.

Selfishly, I’m glad they’ll be moving earlier, because this whole living-in-separate-houses stuff is for the birds. I’m ready to have my family under one roof (at least until July, when not only will the spud not be living under the same roof as us, but she’ll be a million miles away in Rhode Island).

Fred, when we were discussing the fact that we’d be moving earlier, said “Should we tell her not to talk to her friends about it, so the school administration won’t catch wind of the fact that she’s no longer living in Madison?”, which is when I got to remind him that since we’re still going to be owning the Madison house until after graduation, it’s none of their business where she lays her head at night.

The spud’s less than thrilled about the time added to her morning commute and to her commute to and from work, but I say that after six months of working on the house and another five weeks of this crap where I live part time in one house and drive to another house to do my laundry and go online and watch TV, it’s past time for it to be over.

Today, I’m going to be packing up dishes from the kitchen to take to Crooked Acres. Since I do most of the dinner-cooking in Crooked Acres and Fred and the spud do very little eating in Madison, I’m going to leave them a few plates, cups, and some silverware, and take everything else to Crooked Acres. For that matter, I can probably mostly clear out the pantry in Madison, a lot of the stuff from the freezer, and whatever’s left in Madison of the pots and pans while I’m at it.

I can’t wait ‘til we’re all living in Crooked Acres, have I mentioned?

Next week the internet, phone, and (hopefully) DirectTV will be installed. I don’t know that I’ll know how to act when I’ve got internet whenever I want it, it’s been so long since I’ve had it!



“Tastes like chicken. I think. Perhaps I need to taste test a real chicken, just to be sure.”


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