I was in Target Monday morning, and as I was going down the cat food and litter aisle, I glanced over, saw this bottle of stuff and said to myself “Wait. Did that say “Strange Odor Removal”? Because I NEED me some of that!”

I read it wrong, though. Too bad. I think everyone has the occasional Strange Odor issue.

* * *

Cleanliness is next to Sugliness.

A rare picture of five of the six. (Spanky was off somewhere napping) Left to right: Miz Poo, Tommy, Spot, Mister Boogers, Sugarbutt.

Miz Poo: “I don’t EVEN know who she thinks she is, all rolling around on the ground taunting us. Doesn’t she know that WE are the favorites? We get a snack every night! We get warm places to sleep! We get love and scritches!”
Tom: “You do realize that she gets all that stuff, too, PLUS she gets to run around outside wherever she wants, right?”
Mister Boogers: ::HATE::


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