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so what’s really coming out of the little atomiser thingy, Robyn? ‘cos that a hilarious lot of kittens you have there. wobbily, slippery, skittish, floofy kittens. i laughed.

That’s a Feliway plug-in. I added it to the room a few days after we got Emmy in hopes that it would help her relax. I didn’t notice any real difference – to be honest, I’ve never noticed a difference when using the Feliway plug-ins, but hope springs eternal.

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I’ve been clicking on the ‘year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago links’ and have been finding them as hilarious as when they were happening. Did you ever get an update on Beulah? SHe was such a funny looking bug-eyed kitten!! (What? Bug-eyed is not an insult! I have a bug-eyed kitteh myself!!)

I did get an update about Beulah (who is now named Pumpkin), here. She stayed a little smallish, but she lost her alien bug-eyed look!

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I just filled out a survey about pets, pet food, etc. They asked how many cats and I said 4. They only wanted answers for 3. Can’t figure how you would pick the 3 you answered about were you doing that survey.

I would probably go with the three oldest, or maybe the three that were in my line of vision at the time. Or the three youngest. Really, it would depend on my mood at the moment. Funny how they never have 13 spaces for pet names, isn’t it?

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and what happened to the mirrors you used to have up, those were so much fun!!

I had to take the mirrors (which were at kitten-face-height) down soon after we brought Emmy home. I don’t know if she was seeing her reflection and it was freaking her out or she was thinking it was another cat and was trying to get to it, but she knocked both mirrors onto the floor. So I took the mirrors out of there and put them… somewhere. Once I figure out where they are, I’ll hang them back up because I’m sure the kittens will have a good time staring at their own gorgeous little faces! (Though I suspect that Darwin will be all “Why is Razzie staring at me and doing everything I do?” and vice versa.)

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That little red kitten on your header makes me laugh each and every time I see him (or her).

That is Garrity, from the patched-together litter The Rescuees!

Someone asked recently who the kittens are in the banner at the top, so in case there are any you don’t recognize, they are:

Looking at the banner, from left to right are: Bolitar (aka Buster, from the Bookworms), Garrity (from the Rescuees), Cindy Brady (Brady Bunch), and Starsky and Hutch.

Second row, left to right are: Bobby Brady (Brady Bunch), Ezra and Elijah (The Seven), Ike (who was only with us for a few days, and then went to another foster mom), Beulah (The Seven), and Keebler (the Cookies).

As I went on to tell her, I don’t really have any reason for choosing those particular kittens, they just happened to be pictures that I liked. Every now and then I think “I should do a new banner and use the kittens from the last year…” but then I see old man Keebler over there and can’t quite bring myself to do it. I may one of these days, just because there are so many great pictures I could use.

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I saw this and just had to share it with you!!

Too cute!!!

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Katherine sent me the link to this, and it made me literally laugh out loud:

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Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (BFAS)has a flock of rescue ducks and geese and one of their most hilarious entries was about James, the alpha male of the flock, befriending Quackers, a blind female. BFAS wrote, “There’s a new development down at the pond, and it seems James’ intentions towards Quackers are not honorable.”!

That is awesome. 🙂

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What kind of blueberries are you growing; a male and female plant or self pollinators? Is the fruit large? I have a friend who grows them just outside the kitchen door and she has instant breakfast treats! They’re on my list for this year… do they fruit the first year?

We have three blueberry plants; two of them are “Premier Blueberry” variety, which according to this site produces a large berry that ripens early. Also, they’re resistant to late frost. I don’t know if they’re really male and female, but blueberries often need a cross-pollinator, which is why (I think) the Lowe’s employee suggested we get two of them. The third, I have no idea what type of blueberry it is. I bought it online a few years ago, and until last year it didn’t produce any blueberries (which means, I assume, that it also needs a cross-pollinator.)

We got these last year and we got a couple of handfuls of blueberries, so apparently they do fruit the first year. I don’t remember them being notably large, but it’s a good bet that I didn’t water them as often as I should have.

Blueberries are my favorite fruit!

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I wanted to let you know that after seeing all your amazing photos of cats leaping after Da Bird, that I went got a Da Bird for my cat.

And he’s terrified of it. Hides under the bed as soon as it comes out.

Our Shiba Inu mix dog, however? LOVES Da Bird. He leaps and jumps and snaps at it, all while whining this high pitched chatter at me because he’s so upset he can’t quite seem to get it. It’s hilariously funny when his long muppet limbs suddenly go out from under him and he lands in a heap on the ground after a particularly high leap.

He actually begs to play with it. So. Da Bird: Not just for cats!

It never ever would have occurred to me that a dog would want to play with Da Bird – I’m so glad your Da Bird purchase wasn’t in vain!

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What is the recipe for your piggie and doggie cookies? They don’t look like I expected them to!

The dogs actually get whatever I’ve picked up for them (ie, whatever’s on sale). I’ve made dog treats in the past, but they’re much more involved than the pig cookies, so I’ve gotten lazy. The pig cookies recipe is here – it’s just a Snickerdoodles recipe I’ve changed around a little to make it easier. I usually make a double batch at a time, since they each get at least a couple a day.

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Do the little ones run around like that at night too? When my two cats were little bits, not much older than the Noms, they would occasionally chase each other through the house at night, and it sounded like the local college was having track practice in my hallway.

They certainly do race around at night – I can hear them sounding like a herd of elephants in there. Usually the first thing I hear when I wake up in the morning is the sound of kittens racing around and batting at toys.

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2012-04-13 (1)

2012-04-13 (2)

2012-04-13 (3)

2012-04-13 (4)
Silly monkeys.

2012-04-13 (5)

2012-04-13 (6)
They love this cat tree so very much.

2012-04-13 (7)
Clearly they need something a little bigger, though. Maybe this weekend we’ll move the big cat tree back in here.

2012-04-13 (8)
They’re such monkeys.

2012-04-13 (9)
“Don’t you come any closer, lady.”

2012-04-13 (11)
That’s Newbery on the left and Darwin next to him.

2012-04-13 (12)
Logie would like a kiss, please.

2012-04-13 (13)

2012-04-13 (14)
Best. Scratcher. EVER.

2012-04-13 (15)
Logie sharpening her claws on my jeans.

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Have I perhaps mentioned that Corbie is the most beautiful boy ever?

2012-04-13 (19)

2012-04-13 (18)

2012-04-13 (17)

2012-04-13 (16)



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4-13-12 — 19 Comments

  1. Corbie is Beeeeeeeeeautiful!!!

    Thanks for the piggie cookie recipe!

    The kitty in the red sweater video made me laugh!

    Logie….I’ll be more than happy to give you a kiss! MUAH!

  2. Anyone else want to rub Corbies hin and between his front paws?

    My Sooty used to love it – being in the same atitude as Corbie in the last pic – He’d purr and purr…

  3. Corbie is beautiful, but I am biased. My Dora has almost the exact same markings. I am forever taking pictures of her because she is so photogenic. My all black cat is gorgeous too but the pictures just don’t come out the same.

  4. Starsky and Hutch (aka Jack and Percy here in sunny Indiana) love being in the banner and think they are quite famous. I am not telling them otherwise. Personally, it makes their mom smile because there is no way that even one leg of these fifteen pounders would fit in the cup now!!!

    • Very true. I don’t know if any part of them would fit anymore. They have become gigantisauri.

  5. I just have to say, the kitty & cop video has to be the picture of patience! That little kitty just loved climbing all over him! I bet the guy getting the ticket was having a hard time keeping a straight face. I know I would have!

  6. I was reading some of the archive yesterday, because of a slow day at work, and I don’t know how you managed to not keep Beulah! I was glad to see the update on her. I never thought she was ugly, but she definitely had a unique baby face. Glad she’s doing well. I can tell she’s not a BIT spoiled.

  7. We planted a blueberry bush a couple of years ago, without much hope that anything would happen. Not only did it produce fruit that summer, it has continued to produce a few berries every year. If we’d known it would have worked out so well, we’d have bought a dozen plants. This year, we bought two more and planted them in pots, so we can move them indoors in inclement weather. My husband jokes that this will bring our total blueberry harvest up to 15 berries instead of 5.

    • Make sure you aren’t fertilizing the plants too much. If they get too much nitrogen they won’t flower and produce berries. If you planted the new plants in regular potting soil, they’ll get too much nitrogen. Use a potting soil meant for flowering plants.

      You may also find that you get more berries from the first one now that there are others — as long as they’re all flowering, that is!

  8. I love your Friday posts. And the cop video cracked me up….I would have been on the floor if that was me getting the ticket….

    I have to admit I love the header picture of Garrity as well….makes me smile!

  9. I laughed and laughed at the cop video!! That kitten was relentless! I especially loved when the kitten climbed on top of his head. Oh my!

    I love the current header, just as I loved the old header. I suspect I’ll love any new header Robyn makes. I have to admit my all time favorite photo is the one with the kitten wearing a ‘crown’. Don’t remember which kitten is was…

  10. I loved the cop video. I woke my cat up laughing at the kitteh sitting on his head. Funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. And I also like the video with the cat throwing candy canes! (and one french fry!) 😀

  11. I love the current header! It inspired me to read through the archives to find out who each of those babies was after I discovered you during the McMao era.

  12. I laughed at both of those videos so hard I cried and my husband came home and I couldn’t explain to him why I was laughing and crying – I just couldn’t even breathe hehehe

  13. the cat in the red jumper is gorgeous and funny! i love his little paws coming up and his outrage that his human would take his xmas reese chocolate. the fiend!