4-16-10 – The Bookworms

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Gerri asked:

So sorry to hear about Fred. Will you have to cut back on fostering till things pick up? Hope not. Your kitten stories and pix just make my day. Also all the other guys. I’m not sure did you ever tell us Maura’s story. Where did she come from?

We definitely won’t be cutting back on fostering! Challenger’s House is absolutely awesome – they provide all the food and medication we need for our fosters, so none of that comes out of our pocket. We do, of course, spend some money on the fosters, for litter and toys and stuff like that, but that’s also stuff that we’d have on hand around here anyway for our own cats.

(Also, I think I might have a cat toy buying addiction, so I’m staying away from PetSmart for the time being. I mean, seriously – you spend $5 on a toy, and their favorite toys end up being things like toilet paper rolls and crumpled up balls of tinfoil!)

Having the fosters around is a definite stress reliever for both of us – especially now that they’ve got the hang of the litter box and all their litter box leavings are as they should be – so we’ll still be fostering, no matter how long it is ’til Fred is employed again (and hopefully that’ll be soon!)

Maura was rescued from a kill shelter in Tennessee. (It still makes me laugh when I think about the fact that she was NEVER pregnant. She’s no dummy – she thought “If they think I’m pregnant, maybe it’ll make them more likely to save me!” Heh!)

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The Bookworms are getting used to the new routine ’round these parts. They’re closed in the guest bedroom overnight, until Fred gets up around 5 or so. He lets them out, and they run around and play until I come downstairs, usually a little after 7. When they hear me coming, they run into the guest bedroom and supervise my scooping of the litter boxes, then howl at me to let me know that they are STARVIN’!

(For the record, they have crunchy food available to them at all times. They’re just spoiled!)

I give them their morning ration of canned food, then after they eat they either curl up for a nap or run around like their tails are on fire. For the rest of the day, they alternately nap and run around. Yesterday, Corbett climbed up on me when I was taking a nap on the couch, and we napped together, and he purred so loud I swear you could hear him two rooms away!

They have their evening ration of canned food around 7, and then run around the living room for a couple of hours while we watch TV. We put them in the guest bedroom around 9, when we go upstairs to bed (we’re early-to-bed, early-to-rise types, if you hadn’t guessed!), and they don’t complain at all.

They sure are sweet boys.

Rhyme, on the bottom shelf of the coffee table. You can see Corbett flirting with Jake in the background. Corbett LOVES Jake!

Fight! FIGHT!


Time for a nap.

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Jake sure does love to be outside.

Such a crazy little face!

Happy Jake.


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4-16-10 – The Bookworms — 10 Comments

  1. Those Bookworms are so adorable! I love that they will nap on the kitty bed even if it is flopped over is funny. And Jake looks so super happy in those pictures – you can see him smiling!

  2. Hi

    Awww you and Fred are super duper stars and very special people to be such great foster mum and dad to these furry sweeties. I’m so glad that you both have support from Challenger’s House. I wish Fred all the luck in the world with his job hunting.

    It’s so easy to get addicted to buy cat toys – and yet these silly cats do end up just being happy with a piece of string or a leaf. Crazy creatures!


    The Bookworms are adorable as always but Jake is AMAZING!! look at that smiley face! Awwwwwwwwwww! And it’s so sweet that Corbett has taken to lovely Jake!

    have a lovely weekend too!

    take care

  3. Jake has the funniest goofiest sweetest little face ever! I mean, kittens are always adorable, but Jake is just something else 🙂 I swear, I’ve never seen a cat grin like that…well, maybe the Cheshire Cat…anyway, Jake’s just too cute!

    Cat toys are the biggest scam ever! Seriously, with all the gazillions of cat toys that we have scattered around the house, the perennial favorites are the plastic rings around the milk jug and rolled up balls of aluminum foil!

  4. Fingers super big crossed for Fred’s job hunt!! You guys are special and I gotta believe there’s a terrific spot just waiting for him!

    ROFL about cat toys! Ain’t it the truth! An empty box, a scrunched up kleenex (fished out of the trash for extra enjoyment), a coke cap knocked to the floor before the bean could throw it away… all get more attention than the $$$ toy sitting right in front of them!

    The kittens, as always, just are melting me! And Jake, ooooh… I just want to run my fingers through that sun warmed fur!

  5. Love your kittehs. We fostered kittens from the humane society for six or eight summers, when our boys were young. Such fun.

  6. Is Jake a Russian Blue??

    He looks like Misha a blogging Russian Blue…

    Anyways he looks lovely as do the kittens!

  7. Chesire Jake – how cute.
    The Bookworms would never make it to new homes if i was fostering them – ‘why sorry,’ i would say all innocent like,’sorry, but they have run away…’ all the while holding the cupboard door closed with my foot. and then the Cookies would have friends of their very own! maybe fostering is not for moi…or just not yet.