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Leia, checking to see if the litter box is as tasty as the litter itself.

Oh, Aslan, you are so kissable.

Buttercup, continually amazed.

Jareth, showing off his frosting.

The look on Jareth’s face is cracking me up. “You see what I put up with, here?”


Aslan, the little poser.

Buttercup. They love curling up in the curve of the ess.

Charming, taking a rest from walking across the room. I just want to smoosh him.

“‘SCUSE me, am trying to eat here. Please go ‘way.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Khaleesi is a lap sitter. You sit down, she climbs in your lap, you rub her belly, she purrs. She is SUCH a sweet girl. And doesn’t she have fabulous eye makeup?

She’s turning out to be a playful girl, too. She’s pretty crazy about the track toy.

You can’t tell from this picture, but she’s got the obvious pregnant side-bulge going on.

Oh, her markings are just so PRETTY.

Want to hear what Khaleesi sounds like? She’s got a very distinctive voice (I think she was asking where her dragons are.)

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Maxi is wondering if it’s time to eat yet.


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4-16-13 — 48 Comments

  1. Although I LOVE the idea of naming the litter for a House, you do understand you picked the House Of Crazy? As in, Viserys WANTED to do real bad things with Dany and ended up with “a crown,” their father was a complete and utter whackadoo, and the list goes on. The books are obviously more descriptive (you can do that when you’re George RR Martin and apparently have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to write your books ). I think jiva’s got it right: name them for the dragons. Khaleesi is entirely too gorgeous to have to put up with nonsense from a Viserys. 😉

    • Ha – I was thinking of naming one of them Daenerys, which would be odd because she’d essentially be giving birth to herself, but I actually like several of those dragons’ names, so I may end up with a litter of dragons. 🙂

      • Which entirely fulfills MY dreams of owning one. And the kiddo and I watch “Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk” on Cartoon Network, so we know how to train them, and… oh. Yeah. Kittens… Normally great and fantastic but still… not dragons…

  2. I am glad to learn that my fosters are not the only ones who start out life chomping on litter. I’ve had 189 since 2008 and I swear the have ALL been litter eaters!

    • I know.. litter eaters over here too.. food is horrible, but litter, yum yum! what’s with that??

      at least they out grow it by the time they eat food

      • THANK GOD they outgrow it. It’s funny because they get SO HAPPY when they belly up to the litter box, but it also drives me NUTS. (Good thing they’re so cute!)

  3. these kittens are all killing me with cute…especially the pork chop Charming…more kittens (baby dragons!)from Khaleesi are going to put me over the edge…exactly what is needed right now…

    • Oh, good lord. We’ve been calling him Jabba the Hutt (only cuter), but “Pork Chop” is TOTALLY what we need to be calling him!

  4. Your title for LAST year’s post was “Kittens are the best medicine” well I hope you are right as I’m sure we are all in need of an emotional boost right now. I’ve also got some physical tummy troubles so I hope the kittens work. You said 4 snuggles 3x a day. So if I look at your blog 12 times today that ought to work right?

    And on a completely different subject, I was watching a show about cheese last night (don’t ask) and when they were talking about the blue cheeses and started mentioning all the varieties I started thinking how adorable would it be to have a little tiny kitten named Roquefort or Stiltson. Then I started cracking up! Whatdaya think?

  5. Khaleesi is beautiful. Can’t wait to see her babes. My cat Kya has a swirl on her side like that. We call her girl with swirl, she is a tabby.

    Aslan is starting to act like a Royal. He looks so confident and what a poser 🙂 Have you started the classes “how to act like Royal kittens” yet?

    • I have not begun the etiquette classes yet, but since Jareth tried to climb up my shirt this morning, they’re clearly needed! 🙂

    • What the heck, toss in Aslan, too! Since you are there…sprinkle on some BC and Jareth!

  6. Years ago my neighbor had two litters of kittens at one time. (Yes, I got on my soap box and preached about spaying/neutering. I also helped find homes for most of the kittens.) Anyway…..I would go over to their house and her sons would bring me all the kittens and pile them on me. Can anyone say, “Bliss!!!”?

  7. Buttercup is my favorite of this litter, but all of them are very cute. I can hardly wait to see Khaleesi’s kittens, the color combos will be interesting.

  8. All the kitties are soooo cute. And the new momma is beautiful. Any news about Lilybet? I’m hoping someone is working on her biting problem and she’ll find a new home SOON!!!!

  9. I wonder if Khaleesi’ll have a “rainbow” litter with all kittens in different colourings, it could be fun. Her markings are gorgeous!

    • I kind of hope she does. I haven’t had any orange tabbies born here, so that’s on the top of my wish list. But whatever she has, I suspect they’re going to be gorrrrrrrrgeous, of course. 😉

  10. Everyone in the seven kingdoms will soon be after those dragons, you better know where they are, Robyn.

  11. Khaleesi is such a pretty girl. And Kate is beautiful. You’ve been lucky to get some pretty Mamas, Robyn. Once Khaleesi has her babies, I don’t know if we can all stand having that many adorable balls of floof all together – you might hear a bunch of popping as all of our heads explode from the cute!

  12. Ohh, Khaleesi’s dark parts are darker than my Handy’s but her markings are very similar, with the same same green-gold eyes, but it’s the voice, the same voice! She’s so pretty, I want to kiss her.