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Aslan apparently thinks that his brothers and sisters are pillows.

Comfy, comfy pillows.

The litter minus Aslan who was, I think, sitting in or near my lap. Leia’s little smile there in the back is cracking me up.

By the way, I mistype Aslan’s name (as Alsan or Asland) almost every single time I type it. What’s up with that? (I also cannot type Fed Ex properly the first time, it always comes out Fred Ex.)

Sweet monkey Jareth and his big ol’ eye booger.

Buttercup on the left, Charming on the right. The biggest and the smallest of the litter!

A (smilin’) girl and her mama.

Jareth was the first kitten to crawl into my lap, and as of yesterday, he was the first to discover that he could jump up and sink his sharp little claws into the back of my shirt and then hang there. He’s a genius, that one.

Charming, headed for the litter buffet. SIGH.

“I can haz a snuggle?”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Khaleesi’s favorite place to hang out is on the cat tree. Most of the time that’s where she is – unless she hears us coming, whereupon she meets us at the door.

She has the longest whiskers!

She enjoys a good claw-sharpening session.

And did I mention the whiskers?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“WHAT are you doing outside the back yard? Get in here!”

“I’m not kidding. GET. IN. HERE.”


Sheriff Mama takes her job seriously.

If you’ve ever wondered how Sheriff Mama reacts when I get back into the back yard, where I belong, here’s a video. Despite her glares and her admonishments, I think it’s pretty clear that she is one sweet girl.

YouTube link.


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4-17-13 — 44 Comments

  1. Oh, those little monkeys are just growing so FAST!

    Lovely law enforcement you’ve got around your parts, there.

  2. Kara is sooo adorable! Thank you for a video of her….I think it is the first video of her you have ever posted. I have a whole new image of her now! Sweet girl!!!

    Oh those cute babies…. ::sigh::

  3. Aw, it’s lovely to see Kara all affectionate. Normally she’s just making sure we’re all being law abiding! I love her!

    Those kittens are just so adorable! Khaleesi’s little dragons have their work cut out for them!

  4. Kitten porn. Not expecting quite so much tail from Aslan! How can anyone NOT tell boys from girls?
    And as I’m watching Lady Thatchers funeral live! Distinctly inappropriate …

  5. What does Kara have around her neck? My Jesse is a tail wagger too. Love my Jareth and Buttercup. πŸ™‚

  6. I love that last photo of Khaleesi. Not sure what she’s thinking but it looks something like the thought bubble would include an expletive as she realises she’s going to have babies. Have the kittens suddenly gotten FAST? Ours have. They went from teetering around and falling over every few seconds to being pretty speedy little fuzzballs.

  7. “Look at my butt!” — a phrase commonly tossed about our house when our cats do as Kara does in the video. (Although I guess it’s more “Take a whiff!” according to that video you posted…)

    Khaleesi is just gorgeous!

  8. Khaleesi is gorgeous! And love that picture of Sheriff Mama glaring! She is totally in charge, and don’t you forget it.

  9. Those pictures cracked me up today. The last one of Kate seems to need the caption “Mmm, that baby was good” (not that I’m saying Kate would be as uncivilized as to eat her babies but it was just funny). The last one of Kara seems to say “oh-that growl didn’t work on ya, damnit” or “whatdaya mean I’m not that fierce”. And ya might want to think about putting a little fuzzy blur on those boy parts Aslan was offering up.

  10. sigh – what a great start to a morning. πŸ™‚

    I hate it when they discover the hanging technique – I had to dislodge a few last night while we were playing. (ouch ouch ouch). Miss Khaleesi DOES have some serious whiskers. Hope she doesn’t grow into them. πŸ™‚ And the Sheriff….she is NOT to be messed with. Though the greeting of forgiveness is pretty adorable.

  11. Just noticed Jareth has the underlying stripes of a tiger. Does mom have any faint stripes or solid black?

    Robyn, does Fred know about “Fred Ex” ?…pretty funny..

    Overload of cuteness in your house & outside πŸ™‚

    • I haven’t seen any stripes on Kate – she’s got a reddish undercoat, but no stripes!

      And yeah, Fred knows about Fred Ex. πŸ™‚

  12. Too many comments. I must number them to keep track…

    1. Kitten bits. Aslan has them.
    2. Charming and Buttercup have some sort of synchronized swimming routine underway. Time to get out the pool!
    3. Jareth has tabby stripes like my Levi did! He is now my favorite (Don’t worry… the rest of them are my favorite too. I’m known to be fickle).
    4. Sheriff Mama’s meow is not as gruff and bossy as I had imagined it would be. So she is the sweet sheriff that you’re afraid of disappointing, right? (And I apparently cannot spell sheriff on my own… thank you spell check)
    5. Fred Ex???? I am ashamed to know this much trivia about bad football players. Google Freddie Mitchell. They called him Fred Ex too.

  13. I love the second picture of Aslan! His brothers and sisters might be comfy pillows, but apparently he doesn’t like TOO much comfort as he appears to be nomming his own arm.

  14. Yay!!! Buttercup and Charming side by side with feet for comparison! Such beautiful tuxies!! Woo Hoo!!! Charming has much more white around his ruff. Plus he’s fluffier looking (he’s also chunkier so I don’t know if it’s chunk or fluff, but he’s beautiful either way!!)

    Precious baybees!!!

  15. Oh, I love Kara’s little meow! Although she does look quite disapproving in those pictures. Kittens are cute, Kate is lovely as usual, and Khaleesi is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what colors of kittens she’s growing for us!

  16. Aslan is not a shy kitten, that’s for sure. I love how some of the pictures of the kittens look like you photo-shopped their heads on to their bodies.I guess that is what makes them so much more adorable!! It won’t be long before the their bodies and head are better proportioned. I wish I could hang out with the kittens all day and I would be a jungle gym for them.

    Khaleesi is so beautiful. Has Fred made more predictions on to when she will be finished bakin’ her babies ??

    It is wonderful to see a video of Sheriff Mama !!! You might have to make a some video clips of all the permanents !! Wouldn’t that be fantastic for all of us !!!

    • Fred proclaims it’ll be another week, although he also said that he thinks her milk sacs are starting to fill up. Maybe this weekend!

  17. Oh Sheriff Mama! I love her.

    So strange, when I read this post in Google Reader, every single picture or link had “payday loans” spam as the first words after the photo/link!

    • Thanks for the heads up, Camelama. Apparently I was hacked! It’s been fixed (and I’ve changed my passwords.) If you ever notice it again, please let me know. πŸ™‚

  18. Oh man, I love me some Kara, I just love her pretty round face!

    And kittens…*sigh*

  19. Aww, Sheriff Momma has the cutest little meow! As fierce as she is, I thought it would be louder and more menacing!
    I’m betting that when she’s not pregnant, Khaleesi is a tiny slender kitty. She does not look like a plump girl.
    Oh those babies… they kill me dead! Love this age!

  20. Kahleesi’s long whiskers makes me wonder about something. Since cats use their whiskers to tell if they can get through an opening…. then do their whiskers get longer if they are pregnant and getting bigger around the middle? I would think they would have to, but I’m no expert. Maybe I should get a government grant and make a study of this. Or you could, since you have all the mama kitties aound. LOL

  21. Buttercup really is gorgeous, isn’t she?

    Never really saw the coy side of Kara before, she seems so no-nonsense in the pic’s, but I love that video. Remember showing her butt is a friendly overature to Get to Know Me!!!!

  22. Sheriff Mama Butt!! She is a sweet girl, even though she gives a good disapproval face. She’s just doing her part to keep law and order at Crooked Acres. It’s a tough job!

  23. Sheriff Mama is so relieved, isn’t she? Phew! And I loves Aslan, could you post him to me? Thanks. πŸ™‚