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Apparently my site was hacked a couple of days ago, and the hackers added spam link codes that showed up under my pictures. It only showed up for some people who were reading via Google Reader, and after some intensive searching I found and deleted the code and changed all my passwords. Thank you to Monica who alerted me to it, and Camelama who mentioned it as well.

If you guys ever see any kind of spam links or ads on my site, pleasepleaseplease let me know. Even if you’re SURE someone has probably already told me, tell me again. I’d rather have too many people letting me know than no one.

Given that I still haven’t decided on a new host, and GoDaddy keeps getting hacked, I’m sure that this won’t be the last time this happens. SIGH.


Reminder, locals: Cat Tales is coming up Friday evening. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, do so. I hope to see you there!


Charming finds you simply amazing. Not only is Charming a big kitty, he’s also turning out to be quite the fluffy boy. I’m starting to think that he’s going to be a medium or long hair.

“If I don’t look at the kittens, they aren’t there, and thus I don’t have to clean them.”

“What’s going on over THERE?”

Smilin’ Leia.

Buttercup likes to be up high so she can see what’s going on.

They love to wildly sniff my hand.

Leia, floofed.

Showin’ that blanket who the boss is.

Jareth, checking out the situation.


Speaking of litter, one of the kittens used the litter box yesterday! And then she tromped through it and dragged some of it out onto the floor. That was fun to clean up but, y’know, all part of the process of learning how to use the litter box.

Buttercup was the first one to climb up the post of the little cat tree and then hang there.

“How’d I DO that?!”

Here’s a Leia video! She was jumping around like a goofy little monkey. She sure does crack me up.

YouTube link.


Khaleesi, taking a bath on the cat tree.

Gotta keep clean, y’know. Plus it’s good practice for when the babies come!

She’s getting visibly bigger, I swear you can just sit and watch her grow. I haven’t felt any babies moving, but she doesn’t stay still for long, so it’s possible they are moving and that I just haven’t felt them.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Oh, Joe Bob, you silly, happy boy.

I swear, there’s never been such a happy, happy boy.


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4-18-13 — 47 Comments

  1. Litter on the floor. I actually caught one kitten actively scooping it out of the tray and onto the floor, no innocent overly zealous digging but pre-determined mischief! The stinker. I love how big their ears are now!

    • I had a litter that used to scoop and throw it at each other like it was some sort of fabulous game. Ultimate fun when the poo came flying out too.

        • My Adams litter used to all get inside one big litter box and throw litter at each other like they were having a snowball fight. The Madisons were the ones who would fling the poo out of the box during their fun and games.

          And I just remembered that my next litter is coming from a feral mama who is raising them outside. Oh, let the games begin.

    • I walked into the room this morning to find half the litter from one of the litter boxes on the floor. I suspect that Kate decided to help cover some kitten poop. 🙂

  2. I am going to come to your house today and just sit and watch kittens all day. The weather here is abominable and I don’t really know what I’m doing at my new job yet and I need to play hooky. Also, I need a tuxedo kitten someday. Baby in formal wear! 🙂

  3. L-E-I-A !!!!!! 🙂 Good job Buttercup!!! Buttercup the Conqueror!!

    Joe Bob, not only are you smiling….you are just gorgeous!!!

  4. I swear, they’re growing up before my eyes. What a wonderful treat to watch.

    Leia, you’re so silly! She’s looking like she might turn out to be on the floofy side herself, although Charming has definitely got the floof going on.

    I can also say from experience that tuxies are a wonderful treat to live with. Mine is a little skittish around people who aren’t me but she’s a total lover.

    • Leia is definitely going to be medium or long hair. She looks bigger than Aslan, but she weighs less. It’s all floof!

  5. Jobey Joe, I’ve missed you so. Khaleesi, blood of my blood, I can’t wait to see your royal offspring. As for the Royals, today’s pictures are going to require hours of close study — so glad these babies are healthy and happy. Good job, feline and human parental units!

  6. It’s been a long night here in Texas. Fluffy kittens are just exactly what was required. Thank you.

  7. OK, I still love them all but Charming is just so handsome, he is today’s favourite! Although Leia is a close second!

    I, too, could sit and watch them all day! If when Khaleesi has her little dragons you feel you need a hand, just give me a shout! 🙂

  8. tiny fluffy scary kittens – hahaha…..

    yep – it is only fun when you can spread litter and other things all over for someone else to clean up

  9. Ruby would like to know how Mama Kate got into my computer. She would also like Mama Kate to stay in the computer, thank you very much.

  10. So, just curious…how many readers have expressed a genuine interest in Leia? If there’s any chance of her still being available when it’s time to go to Petsmart, I’m going to talk to my husband about her. We’ve been discussing the possibility of getting a cat for a while now, so I’m hoping Leia’s gorgeousness will give him the push he needs. 🙂 I have to say, though, that Charming is looking AWFULLY cute in that first pic. Decisions, decisions…

    Anyway, let me know about Leia, and I’ll start pleading my case. 😉

    • Glad you could be en route to cat-dom, Lisa, but may I unbossily suggest that you and your husband contemplate a twofer? — two kittens more than double the fun for both human and feline family members. I had a singleton for 17 years (a great girl!) and now have a pair; I only wish I had room for more.

    • There’s actually been no genuine interest in Leia, believe it or not. Let me know if you want me to send you an adoption application. 🙂 (And yeah, you might want to consider two!)

    • You are only allowed to adopt Leia if you promise to provide pictures for all of her fans forever! 🙂

      • Of COURSE I’d provide pictures! Y’all would probably get SICK of all pictures I’d take. 🙂 And for all you two-fer suggesters out there – hush up, y’all! It’s going to be a hard enough sell to get ONE, especially since we already have a very, shall we say, emotionally needy dog. He’s given every indication that he likes cats – he even booped noses with one on his morning walk – but since he’s a rescue himself, we really have no way of knowing until we actually bring a cat into the house.

        Robyn, go ahead and send me an application. No harm in beginning the process, is there? 😉

        • honestly, two kittens is less work than one, because one gets bored and will entertain itself, usually in ways that humans call “mischief”.. but two play together and generally there is less “mischief”..

  11. I think Charming’s going to be medium haired. 6 years ago I went into an adoption center to pick up a little red and white formerly feral I was adopting. The neighboring cage held a furry little tuxie with the longest, curliest white whiskers on a kitten I had ever seen. Needless to say I went home two adoption fees poorer and my carrier was twice as full as I had intended. Thunderbolt turned out to be a Coon mix. He was furrier and whiskerier when I met him at 8 weeks than Charming is now but other than that they look a lot the same. I wonder if Charming will get the super whiskers as he grows. I know you have lots of Leia lovers – but I’m Charming’s biggest fan.

  12. Just chiming in with the fact that two is better than one for kitten adoptions!! They DO keep each other so entertained, they’re less bitey, they know how to play and don’t get lonely….
    Enjoying seeing these cuties grow so very much. And another litter to happen soon, it’s amazing. thanks so much, Robyn.

    Also hope the hacking is done forever. I didn’t see it tho.

    • I think only a few people saw it – it’s kind of a weird thing to do if you’re going to hack a site, but I’m grateful that it wasn’t worse!

  13. Another vote for a pair, Lisa! They really do seem happier, friendlier, and much more well-behaved (more well behaved? That sounds redundant…), especially if you aren’t home to love on them 24/7. I have had both pair and singletons, and there isnt really any additional maintenance/cleanup. And double the fluffy preciousness? Yes, please!

    Such beautiful Mamas. Love love LOVE when they floof and skitter sideways. Kills me ded.

  14. Robyn, just wanted to say Thank you for doing what you do and sharing it with us. I had to say goodbye to my darling Zoey yesterday (19 y.o; I adopted her when she was 3 from our local Humane Society). Hardest thing I’ve ever done, but she isn’t suffering any more. I am bereft without her. Your site is medicine for my soul. Thank you. xx

    • Aww, so sorry to read that, hugs and kind thoughts from here. It is so hard to say good-bye. Their presence is missed in so many ways and can catch you by surprise for quite awhile.

    • Oh, Catherine, I’m so sorry for your loss. I had to let my first-adopted (very much like first-born) Chester go to the Rainbow Bridge last Thursday. I feel your pain. I’m sending hugs and warm thoughts to you. Joasia

    • For Catherine…

      If it should be….

      If it should be that I grow frail and weak,
      and pain should keep me from my sleep,
      then you must do what must be done,
      for we know this last battle can’t be won.

      You will be sad, I understand,
      but don’t let grief then stay your hand,
      for this day, more than the rest,
      your love and friendship must stand the test.

      We’ve had so many happy years,
      what is to come can hold no fears.
      Would you want me to suffer? So,
      when the time comes, please let me go.

      Take me where my needs they’ll tend,
      only stay with me until the end,
      and hold me firm and speak to me,
      until my eyes no longer see.

      It is a kindness that you do to me,
      although my tail it’s last has waved,
      from pain and suffering I have been saved.

      Do not grieve, it should be you,
      who must decide this thing to do.
      We’ve been so close, we two these years,
      Don’t let your heart hold any tears.

      • What a beautiful poem, Noelegy. I’m so sorry for your loss, Catherine. Everyone here who has loved and lost their kitties knows what a heartbreak is it to have to do the right thing by them. I know we’re all sending our good thoughts and prayers for healing and comfort for you.

    • So sorry about Zoey, Catherine. Saying goodbye to such a longtime companion is heartbreaking. So many of us have been where you are now. Be gentle with yourself and restore your spirit with this wonderful blog – Robyn’s kittehs are great therapy. Hugs to you!

  15. Hey Robyn… you may want to look into the Wordfence plugin for WordPress blogs. It can help with the whole hacking issue.

    Just a thought.

  16. Oh noes, the beginning of the “ARE YOU THREATENING ME?!?” stage, with the sideways skitter. I love when kittens do that!

    I also love Mama Kate’s chirping. So sweet! I also also love Khaleesi and Happy Joe Bob. OK…..I love everything about this blog!

  17. It sounds like your hack was a different issue, but in case you haven’t heard about it, there’s also been a pretty widespread attack on WordPress blogs going on: http://arstechnica.com/security/2013/04/huge-attack-on-wordpress-sites-could-spawn-never-before-seen-super-botnet/
    Typical suggestions I’ve seen are to install the Wordfence plugin, which does all kinds of security stuff like limiting login attempts and doing regular scans and warning you if any WP files have been tampered with, and also to make sure the admin username isn’t admin, since this attack is trying to guess the admin password.