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So, although we were planning to attend, as it turns out we won’t be at the Cat Tales fundraiser this year (and it’s all Fred’s fault!). We did, however, donate several things, including these pictures, cross-stitched by yours truly.

I thought this picture was okay before I had it framed, but once it was framed I LOVED it. I may make it again so I have my very own.

Office Monitor. I love these Calico Crossroads/Kats by Kelly patterns. There are a ton of them (though you have to find them on eBay and Etsy, since they’re currently retired) and I have most of them.

“When did my wild oats become shredded wheat?”

If you live in the area, Cat Tales is always a good time – a silent auction with some really cool stuff, food, music, and a bunch of cat lovers. Even better, you don’t have to dress up! What more could you ask for?


Yesterday Mariette and Angelo went off to Petsmart (Dennis is still here with us). Don’t get too excited – it’s not time for itty bitties just yet. Tomorrow I’ll share pictures of the kittens currently occupying the foster room – some faces you’ve seen before, and one you haven’t!

Angelo is a foot fan.

So is Mariette!

Dennis always seemed a little mystified by those two.

Sweet Mariette.

Angelo’s a fan of the camera strap.

Dennis the observer.

Angelo and Mariette, hangin’ on the stairs.




And here comes Angelo to perform the laying-on of the tail.

Mariette’s all “LOOK! DO YOU SEE MY BUTT?!”
Angelo’s all “MY TAIL SAY HALLO!”

Mariette and Angelo were NOT thrilled to go to Petsmart, but I’m hoping that they’ll relax after a few days. They’re both such sweet kittens who get along great with other cats. Fingers crossed!


Sugarbutt has zero use for kittens, thank you very much.


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4-14-14 — 31 Comments

  1. Dennis always has this long-suffering look like he’s the only sane one in the asylum. The LOOK IT’S MY BUTT, photos & captions made me howl with laughter.

  2. Love the cross stitch. How can you work on that with the maniacs in the house? Between the cat hair everytwhere and the “Whatcha doin’ Mom” constant interference I had to put away the cross stitch. I can barely type on the computer for all the hand holding, tailio-swishing and across the keyboard laying that is going on here. And that is only Dave! Heh.
    I too howled with laughter at the SEE MY BUTT photo spread. So funny. Girl has some issues.

    • Knitting is quite the challenge for me…as is jewelry making…painting…reading…sewing…

      The list is endless! 🙂

    • Miz Poo is actually the only one who shows interest in what I’m doing when I’m cross-stitching. And she’ll just sit and watch, and very rarely grab at the thread. She’s such a good girl (but on the other hand, I can’t imagine trying to cross stitch with kittens running around downstairs!)

  3. Godspeed Mariette and Angelo — may these two beautiful goofs find a home together soonest!

    • I had to click to see what this was and when I got to the page, I was like, “Oh yeah, ho-hum, I’ve seen this thing being ridiculed elsewhere.” Then I scrolled down to the reviews and couldn’t believe my eyes: the top review was by George Takei — he of the original Star Trek series (yes, yes, I am dating myself — who cares!) Boy, I didn’t know he was such a clever and humorous writer. I haven’t even read any of the other reviews yet. Am going back to do that now….

      • Charlene – if you’re on Facebook, look for George Takei’s page. He never fails to amuse!

        • Thanks, Candace! I will check that out. But boy, that means more time wasted on Facebook — and I don’t even use it to keep up with friends and family (I tell them all I’m NOT on Facebook — I just get on so that I can see cat pages like Love-and-Hisses and all the kittens that get adopted out from the kitten cams I’m addicted to. I guess that really shows where my priorities are!).

  4. ROFLMAO! These kittens are the back-endiest kittens! “MY BUTT, DENNIS. SEE? MY BUTT!” Are you happy now? I’ve squeed myself.

  5. I’m so impressed with the cross-stitch pieces. And I really like the first one too! All of them are nice too. I laughed at “computer monitor”! Then I really laughed at the LOOK AT MY BUTT series. Then I was like “awww, sweet Angelo sharing his tail again with his tail-less sister.” Loved that you described it as “laying-on of the tail” — reminds me of old-timey preachers and the laying-on of hands.

    So it seem Dennis never really integrated with this litter…. So often he’s had this look of “why am I here with these weirdos?”

    • He’s very patient with other cats (which makes me think that he’d be really good in a home with a cat who needs a friend!), and though I never got a chance to post pictures of it, he played with them a lot. He never instigated any snuggling, but he always put up with it admirably. 🙂

  6. Sure sure sure !!!! Tease us with talk about kittens new and old in the foster room then tell us we have to wait until tomorrow to see who they are! “insert terrible two whining!!”

    this is my butt !!!! She is going to make a new family so happy with prancing around showing off. Is Dennis missing his buddies or is he just glad to have time to himself?

    You are a very talented cross-sticher !!

  7. I’ll be bidding on that first cross stitch! I have 5 cats! Purrfect! Other than a few little samplers, I’ve never owned a cross-stitch that someone else did. I always did them and gave them as gifts.

    • Ooh, I hope you get it, Lisa!

      I’m with you – I’ve cross-stitched a lot over the years, but the only cross-stitched pictures I have hanging in the house were gifts from my sister or grandmother!

  8. Those are lovely, you can cross stitch for me any time 🙂

    and if you do a LOOK AT MY BUTT series, I bet you’d make gobs of money 🙂

  9. I am sad(?) to say that ‘LOOK AT MY BUTT’ had now become a human game in our house. ;P