4-16-15 Two week old Fools

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Can you believe it’s been two weeks since those monkeys were born? Here are pictures of each of them at 3 days old, and again at two weeks old.








I weighed everyone yesterday (their weight chart is at the bottom of their page). Rickles is far and away the biggest kitten at 11.7 ounces. And Louis is the smallest, at 8 ounces. I weighed Lucy, too, finally. Yesterday she weighed 8 pounds, 13 ounces. The last time I weighed her before she gave birth, she weighed (I believe – I didn’t write it down, unfortunately) almost 11 pounds. Her appetite changes from day to day – yesterday was a high-appetite day, and she polished off 7 3-ounce cans of food. I certainly can’t blame her – these kittens are only getting bigger and more active, and need more and more food!

Mama lubs her babies.

And those babies sure love their mama.

SUCH a good mama (which I tell her constantly; I’m sure she’s tired of hearing it).

Belushi under a blanket of his brudders.

Belushi and Shecky come over to see what I think I’m doing.

Roseanne really loves to be petted and snuggled. Yesterday, she fell asleep on me for a few minutes. Somehow, I did NOT chew her ears off, but it was hard not to.

“Am keepin’ my eyes on you, lady.” That’s fat little Rickles laying down on his side, Louis squinting up at me, and Gilda over there on the right.

“I sees you, lady. You just remember that.”

Rickles checks his breath. Seriously, do you SEE that fat little belly? Can you blame me for poking it?


Three (very short) videos today! In the first, Belushi shows off his belly and then realizes that the milk bar is open. Roseanne supervises.

YouTube link.

In the second, Shecky has a sad and would like to know if you’ve seen his mama.

YouTube link.

And in the last, Shecky works on his balancing skills.

YouTube link.


“YOU might think this rain is awful weather, lady, but I like it. It’s great fishin’ weather. And also, I tromp through the puddles and get my feet muddy, then track it all over the house. I call that win-win!” Stefan, the most patient hat model ever.


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4-16-15 Two week old Fools — 24 Comments

  1. Such a cute Baby pic of Stefan, though I think one of the Buff boys would be closer to his current color 🙂
    I do understand the temptation to poke fat little baby bellies and I know I didnt resist poking and huffing kitten bellies

  2. Re. poking the fat kiten bellies, I think you have our blessing for doing this on behalf of the entire L&H crowd. Go for it Robyn, as long as they (the kitten and their Mama) let you 🙂

  3. Robyn, when I got home, I took another look and my brand was GNC, not Nutri-cal. So, I will order that. I did take a pea sized ball of it on my finger tip, opened her mouth and wiped it on her tongue. I did it twice. I will try to continue to do that till the Nutri-cal comes in. Does Poo like the Nutri-cal and will eat it on her own? I have never had a kitty do this. I have had weight loss due to Renal failure (17 yrs old). But never one deciding to just not eat. I need to get three pounds back on her. That is A LOT of weight!!!

    • No, Miz Poo doesn’t like it, unfortunately. We don’t give it to her very often because of that, maybe once a week or so. I can’t swear that it helps, but I feel like she gets a little more bright-eyed once it’s in her system!

      • Grrrr….well, Emma will now have two tubes of calories forced down her (done with gentle love, of course). As long as she doesn’t start running from me. *sigh*

        • Yes, I put a little in her mouth, way back on her tongue. She’s gotten pretty talented at pushing it back out and shaking her head, but I like to think she’s ingesting SOME of it in the process!

          • I’ve used similar, and if they fuss about having it in their mouth, I smear some on their paw (which gets me a disgusted look), so they have to clean it off 🙂

  4. Those kittehs are struggling to get their land legs, and when they do: watch out! Ha! Love seeing them all squirming and squealing — so sweet.

  5. Okay, so of the 7, who is the most talkative? To me it looks like Shecky. And who is the most adventurous? I think it’s a toss up between Shecky and Roseanne.

  6. I know we say that we fall in love with every litter but whoa, this bunch.

    I’m convinced that Gilda will be Rita Hayward gorgeous. Roseanne keeps tugging at my heart with her little tongue and sad eyes. Rickles and Louie are just too sweet for words with their pink/white paws. Something tells me that Belushi will be the (even more) charismatic one, just like the icon he’s named after. And I just want to tuck Shecky and Shelton in my pocket and maybe find them some meaty borscht to lick up. I suspect a lot of mischief from those two.

    • I thought that cat looked kind of annoyed by the rabbit, like a big brother tired of a tagalong sibling.

      However, he kept looking back to make sure that Bunny was following and was ok with that other cat.

      • yea.. and he came running for bunny… 🙂
        but probably as cats does, they changed their mind whether they like you or not every 5 mins :p

  7. I think I say this for every litter we get to watch right from birth at Robyn’s… but I so very much love the stage where the babies start peering over the edge of the crate at the big world beyond. Seriously, it gets me every time.

  8. I have a serious crush on Shecky and Louis. I would love to be a fly on the wall at your place to see your reaction when one of them pulls a Shecky while trying to balance, and tumbles over so kill-me-dead adorably as the little Shek-man did in that last video.

    Roseanne fell asleep on you??! How do you recover from that!!!? I’d have been nomming her ears and passing out from the sweetness of the marshmallow fluff coming out of her soft little head.

  9. Eee there’s the pudgy little bellies I love on them hehe. Rickles is my fave cause he looks exactly like my Ember at that age.

  10. Shecky always looks so serious !!!!! AHHHHHHHH !!! I can not handle all this cuteness !!!!

    Snuggles and love to the whole Crooked Acres gang !!!!!

  11. Stefan knows he won the feline lottery when he found you and Fred, so a little hat-modeling is the price he’s happy to pay!