4-13-15 Monday

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I completely forgot to mention in Friday’s post that Peter, Paul and Mary (if you’re new to Love & Hisses, Peter, Paul and Mary were our fosters before Lucy and the Fools. They went to another Challenger’s House foster home for three weeks while waiting for their last vaccinations; ordinarily they’d have stayed here, but we only have the one foster room, and Lucy needed it since she was (HA) going to give birth at any moment.) were going to Petsmart Saturday morning. No sooner did they get there…

Only a little while after they were arrived, Peter and Mary were adopted together! Of course, this leaves Paul at Petsmart by himself, but I have it on good authority that as of Saturday night he was doing just fine. Hopefully he won’t be sitting at Petsmart for long.


Sleepin’ Belushi.

Rickles has some serious bedhead.

Shecky. Oh, the pink nose and pink leeps just kill me.

Gilda was sleep-nursing. And Skelton was just sleeping.

Pile o’ sleepies.

“Mama, Mama, Mama, I’m hungry! Mama, is the milk bar open, pleeeeeease?”

Roseanne, feelin’ hissy.

Apparently the milk bar WAS open, making for a happy Louis.

Lucy looks very Norma Desmond there, doesn’t she? “Am ready for closeup, weird lady.”

“It’s okay, I won’t let that weird lady take ANY more pictures of you!”

“Psst! Mama! I kinda like it when she takes my picture, even if she IS weird!”


Will I ever get tired of kittens sleeping with their little mouths hanging open? No, I will not.

Rickles shows off his white feet.


Video! The monkeys, bellying up to the milk bar. Actually, it’s just the boys – Gilda and Roseanne are in the background wanting nothing to do with those boys and their shenanigans.

YouTube link.


Joe Bob would SUPER appreciate it if it would stop raining and let the property dry up, THANKYOUVERYMUCH.


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4-13-15 Monday — 23 Comments

  1. Love that news about Mary and Peter! Now it is Paul’s turn – along with Creed’s and Mr. Stripey’s!

    A few folks said it looked like all the colors in Lucy’s coat migrated, one to each kitten. That really shows in the first photo of Mama and babies today, where the kittens look like colors tumbling off Mama, and in the videos. So sweet!

    And that picture of Shecky(?) discovering his leg is priceless!

  2. Is that shecky discovering his foot?

    So happy to hear about the adoptions, hopefully Paul’s family is on their way. He’s such a gorgeous boy.

  3. Yay for Peter and Mary! I know Mary left her “Hissing 101” manual behind for the Fools!!

  4. oh, these babies, these babies…. I have a weird question… here goes! On a nursing mom, do all their nipples work? I watched the video and at one point the little dude at the top abandons his post and leaves behind a perfectly adequate looking spot at the milk bar, only to slap the crap out of a brother to shove HIM out of the way. What’s up with that? are there good spots and bad spots? Taps that aren’t working that particular day?

    these babies… i want Roseanne and lucy, bad. but i can’t have 4. omg.

    • Sherry….that is what I thought…4!!!??? I had to get a third to make peace in the house (kitten driving my 9 yr old (now 15) crazy)….then I accidentally saved a TNR. I have 4. You can actually do 4…shockingly with ease. I was surprised, myself. They all get along so well…and my 4th is the sweetest with all of them and she instigates play. Not the rough and tumble kind, but like little girls playing hopscotch together…and patty-cake.

    • I laugh at your “4. omg.” since I have seven and fosters.. 🙂

      All the nipples do work, but some kittens have strong preferences for a certain nipple or a certain place in the pile. cat’s also don’t generally have a build up of milk behind a nipple, so once the kittens pick the nipples that are being used those are the ones they tend to stick with even if they don’t have a nipple preference.

      I was patting Mina last night (my nursing mother) and I thought she had a tick on her.. turned out it was simply one of her nipples near her arm pit that wasn’t being used. (good thing I didn’t just pull on it with out looking)

    • Maybe it’s just a competition thing. The nipple looks more appetizing when someone else is snacking on it! I’ve seen kittens push each other out of the way while eating off a plate before, even if there’s plenty of food and plenty of space.

  5. *sigh* each photo I say “oh that’s my favorite”.. and then I scroll down and I have a whole new favorite kitten out of your litter

  6. Robyn, for some reason I can never get your videos to load on my phone. Even clicking the you tube link gets me an error message that the video could not be played. Oh well, I will have to wait until after work for baby kitten video therapy!

    • Well, that is a bummer! I wonder if there’s anything I could do to help make them show up? I’ll have to poke around and see.

  7. You know what slays me every single time? Little sleepy babies with their fluffy heads partially buried in the fluffiness of another kitten. Such as Mr. Orangey-pants crashed out on Belushi (or Gilda?) in the pic where the other little Orangey-puddle is asking Lucy if the Milk Bar Cafe is open for business. Next to the ol’ Kitten Loaf pose, it has to be one of my favourite kitty sleeping positions to watch. Oh man…

    What great news about Mary and Peter! Now it’s Paul’s turn.

    Joe-Bob, you are just such a handsome, dreamy boy…

  8. Forgive the odd question, but today as I got my daily kitten fill on my phone, your website gave me a pop up add. I kitten you not (get it? kitten you, hehe), an add popped up…something about litter I think. Is this a new thing or am I just that special?

    • You should NOT be getting any popup ads from the site (I don’t have any ads at all, but I particularly LOATHE popup ads!) Does it happen every time you go to the site? Are you going to the main (love-and-hisses.com) page, or the direct link for that day’s post? What kind of phone are you on?

      I just did a site scan and nothing showed up, so I’m not sure what’s going on!

      • Its only happened once (monday’s post) and did it all day long lol. Today, not a thing. Maybe just a gremlin? I hope so. It was a kitten related ad so I wasn’t sure. I’m using an android phone from T-Mobile. I did a google search for love and hisses, then clicked on the right link and poof, there it was.