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Thank you, everyone, for your kind words of sympathy about Spanky. I actually dreamed about him Thursday night, and he was healthy and happy, and it was just nice to see his bright eyes again.

Someone asked for the story behind his name. When we got him, we had Spot. Fred decided for some reason that we should give all future cats names that start with “S.” We would lay in bed and throw out names that started with “S”, and debate the different names. I think that Fred mentioned the name Spanky and I thought it was cute.

As Spanky got older, he got skittish when strangers would come over, and Fred started calling him “Skittyboo”, and I picked that up, too. We almost always called him Spanky, though.

We kept up that “S” naming theme for several years. Tubby’s “real” name (ie, his name on record at the vet’s office) was Snoopy, Fancypants’s name was actually Stimpy, Miz Poo’s real name is Scrappy (though even that isn’t on record at the vet’s any more – she’s listed as Miz Poo; if the vet called and wanted to talk about Scrappy, it would take me a long moment to realize who they were referring to), and Mister Boogers was Stanley. (This led a friend to say to me, when we were debating names for someone – fosters, maybe? – “Why are you bothering to even NAME them? You’ll just end up calling them “Mister Boogers” or something like that!”) Mister Boogers was the last one we deliberately chose an “S” name for – Sugarbutt has one, but that was because it was such a perfect name for him rather than using the name because it starts with “S.”

I wanted to mention that Joasia – who asked for advice for her Chester, who was recently diagnosed with CRF – said goodbye to her sweet Chester on Thursday, so please send some love and warm thoughts her way, would you? I know that Chester and Spanky (and so many other of our beloved kitties) are frolicking together at the Rainbow Bridge.

(PS: I would like to apply for a future position as Head Kitty Scritcher at the Rainbow Bridge. Wouldn’t that be the best afterlife ever?)

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By the way, the entry that ordinarily would have been posted yesterday (with questions and comments from you guys) will be up on Monday. Today, it’s all kitten pics (and a video) and there’s going to be more kitty pics (and possibly a video) tomorrow, too!

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Buttercup, hanging out between Kate’s legs. She likes to lay under Kate’s tail as if it’s a blanket. I love the look on her face. “You gots a problem with that?”

Feedin’ time!

They’re starting to be a little interested in cat toys!

Charming seems to be the laid-back, quiet observer of the litter.

Jareth, atop the pile.

Leia’s having a bad hair day.

“Somebody’s BUTT is always in my FACE!”

“No she DIDN’T!”


The face is KILL.ING. ME. DEAD. (And yes, you DO see tiny little teeth!)

Buttercup shows off her frosted arm.


Pile o’ CUTE.

Pretty girl.

Time to eat!

Aslan is rather enamored of my slippers, and every time I wear them into the room, he licks the lining of them.

Hangin’ on the blanket.

Tandem yawning. But Buttercup’s face is cracking me up – she looks like she’s on a roller coaster, screaming her head off.

Aslan, pinned between Kate’s legs. He’s thinking “How do I get myself into these situations?!”


Howzabout a video? They’re a few short videos combined into one longer video. I dare you not to fall in love with Charming and Jareth.

YouTube link.

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It’s da Corbs, hanging out on his favorite blanket.


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4-13-13 — 45 Comments

  1. I’m still sad about Spanky. I hope you’re doing o.k.

    I jumped a bit during the video. I was just thinking, “Those kittens are huge” when your hand reached down and proved that no, they are just poor wee little kittens!

    My sympathies to you and to Joasia again. The thing to do is to expend that love on other kitties who need it, I guess. I’ve certainly been hugging and petting my oldsters a lot more since Thursday night!

    Hang in there and thanks for loving the kitties!

    • Thanks, Doodle Bean. We’re dealing with it okay, but of course we miss him a lot. We keep “seeing” him in his usual spots, which is kind of comforting, actually. 🙂

  2. SQUEEEEEE! there was a TINY KITTEN washing her paw! WASHING HER PAW!!! *thunk* I’m dead. I love the little squeaky noises Kate makes, she sounds like my boy Hermes.

  3. I had no idea that Aslan had little white toes — that makes him even CUTER! And Kate has a great trill, doesn’t she? If I’m very good, maybe I can be the AKS — the assistant kitty scritcher — the one who hands out catnip (single source, of course), fleece blankets, custom pillows &c. Condolences to Joasia from a fellow Chester keeper, and handsome Spanky is still very much in my thoughts.

  4. Robyn I’m sure the best thing to take away your pain of losing Spanky is to see kitties at the start of their journey of life like these little kittens here are…

    They are some of the cutest lil kittens aren’t they 😀 Awwwww

  5. Love watching the kittens at this stage. Just starting to get around..the kooky drunken walk. LOL Such a good momma.

  6. Dear Robyn, dear Everyone, thank you for all the condolences and hugs. This is the first time I’ve said goodbye to my kitty. Chester and his sister Carmen (who is fine, thanks God) were the first cats we adopted. I would like you to learn how Chessie looked like – to me, he was the most beautiful cat on Planet Earth (OK, he shared this position with the other three cats living in my house. Besides, have you ever seen a cat that was NOT in The-Most-Beautiful-Cat-on-Planet-Earth group?). I’m totally challenged computerwise (if that’s how you describe this kind of handicap in English), but my daughter Basia offered me some very much appreciated help, and I hope the link will work. In case it doesn’t, Chessie was a British Shorthair, his fur was of the colour of melted milk chocolate and his eyes had the deep golden colour, like a sunbeam cought inside a jar of liquid honey. Here’s the link:

    • Chester was as gorgeous as Corbie! Losing your first cat is always the hardest.. after that, you kind of know what to expect — or at least that is what I keep telling myself because I have an 18 year old gorgeous cat with CRF. He’s doing o.k., although the signs are there (he’s not so steady on his feet and has cut grooming down to just the essentials). It’s o.k. I brush him and wipe him down with a wet washcloth when he needs it and have built steps to all his favorite perches. I just know it’s a matter of time with him. I hope it’s a long time…

      He’s the tuxie here and is, of course, the most gorgeous cat in the world! I’m not sure if the album is public, so forgive me if you can’t see him.

        • Thanks! Now that the weather’s warmer, I’m hoping to persuade him to go for walks again. They always perked him up. We’ll see…

          • What a gorgeous boy! Our next door neighbor has started walking her cat around the yard on a leash, and he is SO thrilled to be outside that I love seeing it. 🙂

      • Unfortunately I cannot see the picture of your boy, but as all tuxies are stunning, I can imagine he is in the Handsome-As-Corbie Cat-egory, too. Thank you for your support. It really means a lot to my family and me. Please, give a gentle hug to your 18-year-old from me.

    • He was a lovely black cat Joasia – He looks so handsome in that pic, I know he will be missed badly…

    • So sorry about your loss Joasia. They just break your heart, don’t they? Especially the first one that you lose. But I’m sure you have many good memories of Chester. What a beautiful boy! I love his gold/orange eyes! I hope that the fact that all of us are sending good thoughts your way, makes the sadness a little easier to bear.

      • Yes, the support I’ve been given here, both when I was completely shattered with the diagnosis and clueless about the CRF thing, and now, when my family and I mourn Chester, is such a temendous help. It does make the burden more bearable. So, let me repeat: THANK YOU. Robyn, you have created a beatiful place filled with beautiful people. To me, right now, Love and Hisses is so incredibly much more than a daily load of amazing pictures and great stories of cute cats and kitties (and other creatures, big and small). If it were up to me, you would have this Rainbow Bridge Head Scritcher post booked and waiting for you (and it would wait a very, very long time, because so many cats and people need you here on earth) 🙂

        • hugs to you for missing Chester, it is never easy to say good-bye to them.

          Ditto to your comment, too.

            • Josaia … Chester was an absolute gorgeous kitty, both outside and in. I’m so sorry for your loss, and thank you for sharing him with us.
              Robyn … Spanky … So sorry. He was always such a cutie in his pictures, and your tribute was so amazing. That head scritcher post must be yours, but I think you’ll have lots of assistants. 🙂

  7. There just can’t be anything sweeter than kittens at 3 weeks old! I love how their itty-bitty ears are still flat, giving them a perpetual bewildered look.

  8. Thank you for explaining about Spanky’s name. I think all your cat names are lovely – cooler than conventional human names. 🙂

    • Aww, thank you! Every time we make an appointment for one of our cats (we found a new vet, 10 minutes away, that we like a LOT, so we’re in the process of switching over, by taking one cat a month to the new vet for their checkup and vaccs. They haven’t seen all the cats yet, we’re only about 5 months into the switchover.), the receptionist grins at the name we give her. 🙂

  9. Cutest things ever! I love tiny little tuxies – Buttercup and Charming would never leave my house if I was fostering, I’d be doomed to fail.

    • Me too HollyAnne – My fav colours in cats are Tuxies! The two of them would never leave my house too if I was in Robyn’s position!

  10. Robyn, I really love your videos because they give me a chance to hear kittens, not just see them. At three weeks they are starting to look more like cats (and less like bundles with tail), but they do sound like babies. Is it Kate who’s purring in the beginning of the video? Or do the babies purr already?

    • That was Kate who was purring. I haven’t heard any of the kittens purr yet(at least not for me – I think they do when they’re nursing, but it’s hard to tell if they are, because Kate’s purr is always so loud!), but I can’t wait ’til they do! 🙂

  11. Buttercup frosting!

    All of Kate’s kittens are so gorgeous! These pictures are just what we all need today.

    My tortie-tuxedo girl turns 19 today…like Doodle-Bean with her baby, I am helping her adjust to new unsteadiness, and I know it is just a matter of time. When that time comes, hopefully a long way off, I know that kitten therapy – and this loving community that Robyn created – will help me keep my balance.

    Hugs and comforting thoughts to Joasia and Robyn.

  12. Head Kitty Scritcher at Rainbow Bridge….. don’t worry, I have it on good authority that you & Fred have a lock on that job (along with all the other rescuers & fosterers).
    My heart goes out to you and Josia for your loss. I hope it’s a very long time before you have to experience that again.
    Give all the kittys a kiss for me.

  13. I didn’t realize Kate was to chatty. Too cute….. Question – do you trim the baby claws? I have to admit that I do with my fosters to avoid looking like I fell into a cactus bush. I have never figured out why nature thought it was a good idea to have kittens born blind, deaf and with the sharpest nails EVER!! 🙂

    • I actually don’t trim the kittens’ claws, but I think I ought to start – it would help them not to get their little claws stuck in the rug, I think. Also, it would get them used to having their claws trimmed, which could only be a good thing! 🙂

      • I start trimming kitten claws when they start weaning or if they are orphaned. Sharp claws stimulate milk so I tend not to do it while they are still actively nursing

  14. Oh my goodness, they really are wee little things aren’t they? It’s hard to tell from the photos because of the way they’re composed (gorgeously) but the hand really puts it in perspective.

    Jareth, you have the cutest fat little belly. 🙂

    I just realized that Aslan and Leia are different colors of tabbies as well – Aslan’s got the brown thing going on, where Leia’s more silver-gray and has more white.

    • Not only does Leia have more white, but her fur, under the dark gray, is a beautiful white, too. She’s going to be a knockout (I mean, they all are, of course, but she’s going to be especially so!)

  15. Buttercup shows off her frosted arm, while she contemplates how to take over the world 🙂

    I love how the kitten’s world starts expanding as they get older..

  16. Love the frosty furs on Buttercup! The video was too cute to stand. That has to give you a little healing from the loss of Spankey, every time you get to tickle a little round fuzzy kitten belly. And I love Kate’s chirping as well. She’s a great talker!

    Corbie….*sigh*….as handsome as ever.

  17. I think that might be the cutest possible age for a kitten. Big bobble-heads, wide eyes, slow little touches of things with the paws, and that zombie expression and little triangle side ears. 🙂

  18. Does anyone else think that Aslan looks like a certain beautiful permanent resident? He kind of looks like a Corbie mini-me.