4-13-17 Thursday

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Toeses! I can’t swear to it, but I think these toes belong to Roux.

Beignet would like to know just what you think you’re doing.

Pile o’ sleepin’ monkeys.

“What’s going on out HERE?” Praline (top) and Roux check out the situation.

“Eyeballs is overrated, lady,” says Roux, the last holdout in the eyeball arena.


Nola considers the choices that have led her to this point in time. “Is it… possible to regret the choices I’ve made without regretting the consequences?”


I didn’t hear the joke, but apparently it was a good one.

A REALLY good one.

Even the usually-serious Praline snickered a bit, but then…

“I don’t get it.”

“Come here, you tasty little morsel. ::thlurrrp::”

“I was ready for motherhood, I really was…”

“I just didn’t realize how much time I’d spend staring at kitten butts.”

These kittens, I swear, I don’t know how I can possibly be expected not to squoosh them ’til there’s marshmallow fluff everywhere. They are the most adorable little monkeys now that their eyes (with the exception of Roux) are open. They toddle around the crate, they stick their heads out to see what’s going on, and if I put my hand in the crate, they sniff it in puzzlement. They adore their mama, who adores them right back. I LOVE THEM, is what I’m saying. And they’re only going to get cuter!


Video! I call this one “Mooom, stop! I’m clean!”, but in actuality the kittens don’t seem to really mind bath time.

YouTube link


Frankie (nicknames: Frankenbeans, Franklin, Frank-u-lin, Trilli Vanilla, Trillbo Baggins; those last two are Fred’s nicknames for him, I tend to just call him “Franken”) looks very smug here, doesn’t he?

“None shall pass.”


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4-13-17 Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. OH THE EYES!!!!
    All I could think whilst looking at the is post is, “Oh, dear Lord!”
    They are beyond precious and adorable! Exceptionally cute!!!

    “None shall pass.” – Bwwaaahhhhh!!! 🙂

  2. I’m glad to see Nola came to her senses and stayed in the crate. It definitely will keep the explorer kittens carrelled a bit longer.

  3. Question for Friday: Are these kittens larger than the usual batch? Or maybe it’s just they appear that way in photos? Just curious, cause they seem to be big and healthy, progressing at warp speed!

    Oranj is my fav, but it also looks like at least one of the gray striped ones is going to have long hair.

  4. That video was precious. It could also be labeled “but I just want to take a nap Mama”.

  5. Is it wrong that I read the “I don’t get it” in my best southern drawl while thinking I heard the other kittens – and Nola – responding with a unanimous “bless her heart” with southern drawls?? And, to prove I may need therapy, the picture at the door… “Two sides of the Looking Glass”… (while I confuse your gingers, I must use ‘general’ terms…) Cat on the inside.. “It was then that I realized how I had aged, I was but a diluted shadow of my former self. My fiery coat – once my trademark – had faded, my shoulders more rounded….” Cat on the outside…”Yes, I still cut a handsome figure, standing tall and proud, my fiery coat – my calling card.” Okay… clearly either coffee or therapy are needed!

      • We have a southern gal, South Carolina, in our office that just loves that saying. She says it at least three times a week it seems. So I know just how that sounds and heard her voice as I read your comment. 🙂

  6. Beignet’s little picture from yesterday is now my desktop here at work, and I forgot to change the setting from big giganticus mutant kitten sized wallpaper to dinky small tile-size in the center, but I’m glad I didn’t because damn is she ever cute. Her head is probably bigger than she is right now, and I have it on both monitors.

    Good thing my boss isn’t in today, cuz I may just boop her nose at some point. Just sayin’.

    (Hey Robyn, is it cool that I use your pics as wallpaper? I know you watermark them to prevent them being used on other sites, but is using it on my desktop ok?)

  7. Oh! I just love Frankie, he reminds me so much of my Malcolm (although the boy is probably more in size to Newt or Stefan).

    How’s his lip/mouth?!

  8. Well, go look at Roux’s foot and see if there is a beauty mark on it to see if that is his foot. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.