4-12-17 Wednesday

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Checking out the world. (Praline, I think.)

Andouille lubs his mama, can you tell?

In case you wondered what Beignet’s belly looks like.

I love this picture of the little family.

Roux’s not ready to see the world, thank you very much.

Sweet babies.

Did you hear? Andouille told his sisters how cool it is to have eyeballs, and Beignet decided to try it out for herself.

Checkin’ out the world. (And no, I don’t think they can really see much beyond shadows and light at this point, but they certainly act like they see what they’re looking at!)

There’s Praline with her tongue sticking out again. It’s gonna dry out!

Praline and Roux get their snuggle on.

For those of us (me included) who worried about all of Nola’s belly floof getting in the way, that right there is a nipple with no hair around it. I had to help Beignet find a nipple a few times last week (and to be honest, I suspect she’d have figured it out on her own, but I like to be helpful when I can), but now all four of them know what they’re doing.


Video! Roux was 100% over my nonsense yesterday. She not only hissed at me – she spit, too! All the while Nola is laying there, all “Mmmhmmm, you TELL her how it is, baby.”

YouTube link


I took these pictures to prove to Fred that Dewey really does snuggle with me at nap time, and sometimes he sleeps with me at night. You’d never know it if I try to pet him at other times, though. He’ll enjoy the petting, then turn and look at me, and then he’s like “Oh, it’s YOU?! EWWWW!” and runs off. He’s such a brat.

Yeah, looks like he’s really hating that, doesn’t it?




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4-12-17 Wednesday — 23 Comments

  1. Beignet’s belly looks like it is full of beignets! hahahahaha
    Roux sure is pretty!!!

  2. Hahaha. Is there anything on earth cuter or less frightening than a kitten hissing when its eyes aren’t open yet?

  3. Oooh, another spitter. She’ll do little Mary proud (still one of my favorite videos!).

  4. Omg !!! Praline and her little bitty tougne sticking out !!! I think I need that picture on a t-shirt or something !

    Dewey it is OK if you let people know you are truly a snuggler, chicks dig it !!!

  5. I keep looking at those tails and wonder if they’re unusually long for kittens that size. No carrot stub for these guys.

    Then again, look at Nola’s tail and it makes sense. That thing is like a dinosaur tail, so long it has a mind of its own.

  6. Those babies are the cutest!! I would need to boop that tongue to make it go back in. When can we see more pictures from your trip to NOLA? Especially your Villalobos visit!!

  7. Is it just me, or does Praeline have the cutest little face ever?? I bet she’ll turn out to be floofy like her mama, because in my experience, kittens with smooth faces like that seem to turn out long-haired.

  8. Instead of an angel getting their wings every time a bell rings, I’m pretty sure that the saying should be every time a bell rings a kitten’s eyes open.

    Beignet is a little yummy Timbit (your other Canadian fans will know that reference – but if not, it’s a doughnut hole from our beloved Tim Hortons coffee shops up here), even more so now that her little eyes are open.

    Awww, look at the smile on Dewey’s face… Little dude’s a Momma’s Boy deep down, but just don’t let the cool kids know about it.