4-11-17 Tuesday

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Regarding the kittens’ names: Andouille means “stupid” in French. Since I tend to call the kittens “dummies” (affectionately, of course), that seems appropriate.

Also, I pronounce Praline “pray-lean,” but it’s correctly pronounced “praw-lean” in New Orleans, so. I’m a Yankee, what do I know?

Tellin’ secrets.

Snuggly siblings. (Praline and Andouille)

Andouille just loves to burrow under his sisters and then wriggle around.

There goes Beignet, the little traveler, again.

Check out Praline’s delightful spotted belleh.

Roux checks things out. Would probably be easier with open eyes, but you can’t tell kittens anything.

Sleepy little Roux.

I mean, I don’t know. You think Andouille might be a bit of a mama’s boy?

Just a little bit.

Oh, that boy.

Well, that there is one passionate kiss. Guys? You know you’re related? Maybe dial back on the passion a bit?

It’s rough work, being that cute.

From the other day: Fred checking to see if Praline’s a boy or a girl. Poor Praline, she was all “Um, a little help, here?”

I changed the bedding in the crate, and Nola… well, let’s say Nola doesn’t like change. She handled it well enough, though, sweet girl. She relaxed after a few minutes.

Do you see ’em? Do you see the eyeballs?

So, the eyes are starting to creak open. I spotted the first eyeball on Andouille yesterday morning. A while later I heard a very distinctive ::PLINK:: sound, and I went into the foster room to check, and he had one eye all the way open and the other about halfway there. The girls are right behind him – no totally open eyes on them, but there are eyes peeking through. I don’t think it’ll be much more than another day or two before they’re all staring quizzically up at me.


Video! Nearly one minute and twenty seconds of kittens flailing around. Warning: they are awfully cute. You may reach overload in ten seconds or less.

YouTube link


Archie running over to say…

“Hey, lady. You gots food?”


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4-11-17 Tuesday — 23 Comments

  1. Oh, are these guys just the cutest, yummiest little pieces of candy, or what?!!

    I’m guessing that by now they must be pretty used to the whole kissing thing because you must be smooching them every chance you get.

    Hello Archie!

    • I have to be careful, because Nola doesn’t believe in kisses – although, it turns out she doesn’t believe in kisses for herself. If I kiss the kittens (gently), she’s okay with that. And of course she kisses them all the time. 🙂

  2. And I meant to ask! Did Nola clean herself up after birthin’ them babies, or did you clean her tail? Because that was some mess…

    • It was a team effort – I got the worst of it using some warm water and rags (a lot of them – I think I used about 10 of them) and she finished the job overnight. I’m not kidding when I say her tail was like a sponge! I tried to dip it straight in the water, figuring we could soak some of the yuck out, but she wasn’t having it.

  3. The “passionate kiss” photo made me laugh and laugh!
    The video….mercy! I just want to grab them all up to kiss and squeeze them!

  4. my late mom called her cat Pouce. which sounded like she said puss. it means inch in French.

    I had a friend who named his cats Valise (suitcase) and Bijou (jewel).

    • Years ago in community college, I did a research paper over myths and legends surrounding cats. In my research, I learned that the Turkish word for cat is “pushnak.” That amused me to no end.

      • I named one of my cats Bissy. It was an Abyssinian so I asked my grocer who was Lebanese, what was Arabic for kitten. Best cat name ever!

  5. Andouille does like to get all up in his mama’s face. LOL Such FAT little bellies; looks like they are getting plenty of mama nourishment! Thanks for letting us get our kitteh fix here!

  6. I love the look on Mama Nola’s face when Beignet goes wandering off – “just where do you think you are going?”

  7. Andouille’s going to be a trouble maker, you can tell. The way he’s crawling all over his mother at an early age and kicking/flailing around. I’m not sure when I last attributed a tail with personality but boy, Nola’s is super protective. Almost prehensile in wrapping around the kittens.

    For such a (secretly) domesticated cat, Archie can still put on a good street face.

  8. If my husband wouldn’t kill me for bringing another cat into the house I’d be down there the DAY Andouille became available. But alas, he already complains about the 5 animals we already have. I keep trying to tell him we had been up to 7 cats once before and it was just fine but he’s not having it. Ah well.

        • HAHAHA Right! Well to be fair the cats number four, so that’s even. Since there’s only one dog we’d have to get a second one to be even. But that’s not gonna happen because he’s a little scaredy-cat, HA see what I did there?, when it comes to other dogs.

          We have agreed though that when the time comes to get another dog we’ll get puppy and kitten at the same time so they can grow up together. That looks to be a ways off though.

  9. I love how the pink elephants and hearts on the blankets exactly match the tiny kitten noses, lips, and feet.

    It’s going to be such a delight to watch these little puddings grow up!