4-11-12 – Razzie Wednesday

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Razzie Wednesday.

2012-04-11 (1)

2012-04-11 (2)
“I appear to have gotten myself into quite a pickle.”

2012-04-11 (3)
“I am not quite sure how to get down from here.”

2012-04-11 (4)
“Logie, come over here and let me land on you.”

2012-04-11 (5)
“Logie? Okay, pretend you can’t hear me. FINE. I’ll get down on my OWN.”

2012-04-11 (6)

2012-04-11 (7)
“Well, that didn’t quite go as planned.”

2012-04-11 (8)
“Oooh, litter! I could eat!”

2012-04-11 (9)
::shaking it off::

2012-04-11 (10)
Playful Razzie.

2012-04-11 (11)
Someone mentioned that you don’t realize how small these kittens still are until you see things like my hand (which is not NBA-player-sized), which can pretty much cover Darwin. Here’s another point of reference for you: Razzie (who is the same size as Darwin), hanging from my foot like she’s a baby bear and it’s a tree. My foot is neither huge nor tiny, it’s a woman’s size 8 1/2 medium. And right after I snapped this picture, she sank her sharp little teeth into my foot, which felt not at all painful, as I’m sure you can imagine.

They’re so little, but they have the most powerful jaws on earth, I swear.

Also, someone asked about Razzie’s tail. It doesn’t straighten out, it’s got a bend in it, about a 45-degree bend. My favorite thing is when she gets all excited and the fur on her tail stands straight out.

Fun Razzie fact: she’s the only one I’ve actually witnessed eating kibble and canned food off of Emmy’s plate. I’m sure the others (at least some of them) do it too, she’s the only one who apparently isn’t shy about it.

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A video comprised mostly of Razzie and Logie (though I think Newbery makes an appearance and Emmy shows up at the end).

YouTube link

I love them so much at this age.

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2012-04-11 (12)
Tom Cullen, in the cat tree in my room. When we brought Emmy home, Fred and I moved this cat tree out of the foster room because I was afraid she’d give birth on top of it – or hide out in it, at least. Now that the little ones are getting bigger and seem to be pretty much 100% litter box trained, we’ll likely move it back into the foster room to give them something bigger to climb.

2012-04-11 (13)
“I don’t like the sound of THAT.”


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4-11-12 – Razzie Wednesday — 39 Comments

    • I’ve got to get pictures from the other side, but basically she usually starts coming down the post upside-down, then hooks her front claws into the post and flips over. This time, she managed to brace herself between the post and the wall, and then wasn’t sure what to do!

  1. Poor Razzie, she does look like she’s gonna cry, but thinks the better of it once she spots the litter, lol.

    I guess Tom Cullen won’t be hangin’ out with the kittens in their room just so he can get his cat tree fix? (If he does, I have visions of Boo Radley…)

  2. Oh Upside down Razzie!! LOL!! Love the detail of her furrs all stood up!

    Take care

  3. YAY RAZZIE! She’s my favorite Nom and she hasn’t been featured much and I was starting to feel oddly offended…like it was a personal affront, or something. What is wrong with me?! Thanks for making it “Razzie Wednesday” – hey, that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? 😉

    • If it helps any, the reason she hasn’t been featured as much is because she likes to either sit in my lap (which is kind of a hard picture to get with the big camera) or climbs up under my shirt behind me. Maybe she’s camera-shy. 🙂

  4. Do the little ones run around like that at night too? When my two cats were little bits, not much older than the Noms, they would occasionally chase each other through the house at night, and it sounded like the local college was having track practice in my hallway.

    • They do run around like that at night – my room is next to theirs, and I can hear them racing around. That’s usually how I wake up in the morning, to the sounds of them racing around batting at jingly toys. 🙂

  5. I can’t decide whether the gravity-defying Razzie pictures are just that funny, or whether I am just that tired. (Probably both.) It’s been at least two minutes and I haven’t stopped laughing yet. Lord. I think need a kitten. Two! No, SIX!

  6. Thank you, Razzie, for my first real belleh laugh of the week. That was HYSTERICAL!!!

  7. Poor Tom – gonna lose his tree. 🙂

    OMC – those pictures are cute!! It is amazing the places kittens can get themselves – upright, upside down, no matter…..

  8. That series of photos of upside-down and falling Razzie made me laugh SO loudly! Thank you for a much needed moment of levity! 😀

  9. Forgive me for a moment while I go all squee 14-year-old girl at a NKOTB concert, but OMG- Robyn totally referenced one of MY comments in her post. Little ol’ me! Robyn, you’ve seriously made my day.

    Ok…back to the important thing- Kittens. The picture of Razzie face-planted on the floor made me laugh so hard I sprayed sweet tea all over my computer. And yes, it’s 10:00 and I’m drinking sweet tea- this is the South and sweet tea is a breakfast staple.

  10. How did she do that??? Hanging upside down is quite a feat for a kitty.. and I just loved the face plant (sorry Razzie, but it was adorable)

    Hey, my feet are 8 1/2 too! and I have that bucket in my kitten room.. ok this is getting a little scary.. 😉

    Has Emmy started to wean them yet? aka just when everyone gets comfortable nursing she gets up and walks away…

    • Yeah, I’ve definitely seen her decide “I am DONE with this!” and walks away while whoever was nursing lays there like “What just happened here?!” 🙂

      • Considering those sharp little teeth, I don’t blame Emmy one bit for going “Nursing? Sooooo over it…”

  11. Loved the video, the adorable kitten-skittering all over, and then the sideways walk with the arched back…kills me!!

    Thanks, as always for the posts.

  12. M-O-O-N, that spells Tom Cullen. What a handsome cat!

    Poor Razzie! Her misadventures had me laughing out loud at work, which is probably frowned upon but sometimes badly needed. I’ve had days like that.

  13. How did you manage to take the pictures of Razzie, when you were presumably laughing your ass off?

    • Yeah, I plugged in the Feliway diffuser when we got Emmy in hopes that it would help. I didn’t notice anything drastic, but she is coming around ever so slowly, so who knows?

  14. That’s one of the funniest kitten escapades I’ve seen. Razzie seems to be an intrepid little girl.

  15. Razzie rocked my world — love the long hairs standing up not just on her tail but all over. What a cutie! Thanks for that adorable sequence, Robyn.

  16. Yep, it’s got to be the marshmellow fluff in their heads that allows them to take such tumbles and then just shake it off! Love it!

  17. that Razzie sure is a character! fancy climbing down a tree face first! and aww, watching them run around in the video reminded me that my Sammy was 5 1/2 weeks old when he was delivered to my doorstep. Still a little young, i know but he is such a good boy…mostly. and he’s 4 now!

  18. Hahahahahahaah!!!!! Oh, Razzie 🙂

    In the unlikely event that another kitten duplicates that spectacular maneuver, I would like to propose that it honorifically and in perpetuity be referred to as “pulling a Razzie” 🙂

  19. Awww, poor Razzie with the faceplant! Doesnt seem to have bothered her though! I have a feeling she’s going to be one of those cats who runs down a tree face first rather than backs down butt first, hopefully they’re all indoor trees. I second the motion to call it “Pulling a Razzie!”

    Do you ever get the urge to just kiss Tom cullin right on the lips? He’s so cute!