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2012-04-10 (1)
I love it when I walk into the room and all four kittens are curled up together.

2012-04-10 (2)
It’s best when you can actually see all four little faces, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

2012-04-10 (3)
Look at Darwin’s annoyed little face. She’s like “Why is someone always laying on TOP of me? I’m the tiny one!”

2012-04-10 (4)
And Razzie’s all “Hey, I’m tiny TOO! Tell her!”

2012-04-10 (5)
“Halp… cannot… breathe…”

2012-04-10 (6)
“Don’t watch this!”
“No, YOU don’t watch this!”
And Newbery’s just “Can you guys stay still so I can go back to sleep?”

2012-04-10 (7)
Darwin wants to know, “Now that I’m awake, I can haz a snuggle?”

2012-04-10 (8)
Newbery pouts. “Where’d they all GO? Can’t we just go back to sleep?”

2012-04-10 (9)
Razzie’s the only one I’ve actually witnessed chowing down at the bowl of kibble, but I think most of them are doing it.

2012-04-10 (10)
“That was yummy.”

2012-04-10 (11)
I love Logie’s one white eyebrow and her white ear tufts, and her white blusher. I love everything about Logie, really.

2012-04-10 (12)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-04-10 (13)
Your tunes are loony again.

2012-04-10 (14)
“That’s how I like ’em.”


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4-10-12 — 13 Comments

  1. JAKE!! My love my love!!

    and KITTENS!! How cute they are cute they are!!


    • ‘scuse me, DB, but just how man “my loves” do you have here in L&H land? They better not catch on about each other you know, could lead to civil war.

  2. Darwin, you can haz anything you want!

    Logie…I would love for you to be mine!

    Smooches to Jake!

  3. Darwin always looks so “wuh-ried”! She’s going to be able to milk that look for anything she wants!

  4. There is a Russian Blue named Jacob at the cat rescue I volunteer for who has the loony. I think he’s a long-lost cousin of your Jake and Elwood.

    I’d love a little Logie… I don’t think my Big Boy and Lil Bit would approve, though.

    However, I still have a Room With A View in case Miz Poo needs to escape all those pesky kittens! *grin

  5. I know I’ve said it before, but I love love love Loony Jake. I want to kiss his little loony face.

  6. Oh, wow, Loony Jake is thinking of his home on a planet far, far from here…
    The bebehs are soo squishable. Please squish them all and then kiss them all to make it better. thanks.

  7. I love the tongue in the first two shots..

    and I know what you mean about four faces looking at you in one shot.. I don’t know how Laurie does it.

  8. “I can has snuggle” AWWWWWWW Yes! Yes, all the snuggles you and and up to half my kingdom!

    Jake, my sweet loonster, you can have the other half of my kingdom! All I want is a smooch right between those loony eyes!