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More and more often when I walk into the foster room in the middle of the day, the kittens are all crammed in the cat tree, piled up on each other and dead asleep.

2012-04-09 (1)
Hard to tell where one ends and the next begins, isn’t it?

2012-04-09 (2)
Newbery, awakened by the sound of the camera, stares at me.

2012-04-09 (3)
Then Darwin wakes up.

2012-04-09 (4)
Razzie wakes up, crawls out from under the pile, and flops down on top of Logie, who sleeps like the dead.

2012-04-09 (5)
Darwin, yawning.

2012-04-09 (6)
Left to right it’s Newbery, Darwin, Razzie and of course, Logie.

2012-04-09 (7)
Look at those sharp little teeth.

2012-04-09 (8)
Newbery’s turn to yawn.

2012-04-09 (9)
Newbery wants to make sure he’s in the picture. “Seeeee? Aren’t we CUTE?!”

2012-04-09 (10)
It always seems to end with someone getting his or her face bitten.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Your daily Noms video. Mama Emmy gets no respect. Those little monsters are always sniffing her in inappropriate places, jumping on her, sniffing her paws. And she just puts up with it.

(Over at YouTube.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-04-09 (11)
I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when I realized that somehow, Stinkerbelle was in the cat bed next to my monitor. I was worried she’d run away, so I slowwwwwly grabbed the camera (which I keep in my desk drawer to protect it from being peed upon, grrrr)(I should add that it’s only happened once, but once was enough to teach me a valuable lesson!) and managed to get one picture of her.

Stinkerbelle’s been coming down from atop the kitchen cabinets more and more lately. Especially if she sees Tommy walk through the kitchen, she’ll come down and rub on him. But what’s unusual is that she seems to have suddenly taken to Spanky. She’ll walk back and forth, whipping her tail, meowing at him, waiting for him to come snuggle with her, and he just looks at her like she’s speaking a language he doesn’t quite understand. Whereupon she gives up and flounces off in a huff.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And lastly, some fantastic news. Remember Red and Scuse, who were in need of a home?


Well, now they have one! They’ll be delivered next weekend, and it sounds like they’re going to be spoiled rotten. Awww, I love a happy ending (beginning!), don’t you?


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4-9-12 — 14 Comments

  1. Lookit that fuzzy basketful of kittens!! I know it’s a cat tree, but I’m gonna call it a basket!! I love the last shot. The time between it and the shot before must’ve been 1.2 microseconds, the little biters!!

    From the video, it looks like the kittens are starting to wean themselves. I was thinking that Emmy’s nipples were looking less swollen (What? It’s o.k. to talk about a nursing cat’s nipples!!!)

    Emmy is such a good mom!

    And I think a photo-essay of “Stinkerbelle in Love” would be funny. The longing looks, the occasional snuggles, the continuing longing looks…

    I’ve been clicking on the ‘year ago, 2 years ago, 3 years ago links’ and have been finding them as hilarious as when they were happening. Did you ever get an update on Beulah? SHe was such a funny looking bug-eyed kitten!! (What? Bug-eyed is not an insult! I have a bug-eyed kitteh myself!!)

    Finally, HOORAY for Scuse and Red!!! I don’t know what “Norway” means in Diddleymaz’ comment, but I sure hope they’ll be happy in their new home!

  2. So happy for Red and Scuse!

    What a treat to have Stinker there on your desk!

    Those babies are just toooooooo cute!

  3. What is it about kittens and sniffing inappropriate places?? You’d think mine had some Labrador in them, the way they make a beeline to stick their nose in the crotch or butt of whoever is sitting on the floor with them! I have to gently remind them that this is something ladies do not do! πŸ˜‰

    Awww, Stinkerbelle..so glad you came down for a visit pretty girl!

    Yay for Red and Scuse!! Safe journey sweeties!

  4. Such good news about Red and Scuse.

    I didn’t realize until I saw that vid that Emmy has such a sweet face. I hope you are able to socialize her once the kiddies have gone to their new forever homes – she deserves one too.

  5. Yes, love happy endings, glad those 2 kittehs are finding theirs!
    Thanks for the kitten fix for Monday, too…
    re Doodle Bean, we have a bug-eyed kitteh, our Ellie was more so when she was a little thing, one of the kids wanted to call her Bugsy, but the girl who insisted on naming her Ellie had a hissy fit…(ha, that pun slipped right out!). She still gets called Bugs sometimes. Every so often she gets a look that brings a Boston terrier to mind.

  6. I love that Logie does not appear to ever regain consciousness in that first series of photos. She really is such a loaf of a kitten! I love it.

    • Me too! I kept thinking, “Next picture, she’ll have opened one eye at least” but nope! She seems to be my soulmate (once I can finally FALL asleep, I can sleep through just about anything).

  7. Yay, yay, yay for Scuse and Red!

    Totally cracked me up – last two litters have done the cramming thing. As they grew there was a level more appropriate for their size but, no, they jammed themselves into the tiny top level, or laid over each other in the “tube.”

    • Imagine being kitten-sized and squeezed in amongst all that sleepy warmth. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Purr.

  8. Logie cracks me UP! It’s like she is trying to project that she is NOT a member of this goofy litter, thank you very much.

    I am so thrilled that Red and Scuse got a new home!

    Yes, a Stinkerbelle in Love photo essay is certainly called for. What a grand dame!

  9. I’m happy that Red and Scuse found a new home!

    Great pictures of the kittehs as usual Robyn! That little Newbery, what a hoot… πŸ˜€

  10. It’s good news about the Red & Scuse, happy new home you guys. I love the look on Darwin’s face where you tell us who they are left to right. Poor little might looks worried, aaww! and i love how Logie slept through it all. zzzzzzzzz…

  11. Oh, those darling Noms babies… I cannot get enough of them!!

    And what a pretty picture of Stinkerbelle!!

    And three cheers for the new home for the sweet Red & Scuse!!!