4-10-17 Meet the Cajuns!

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Ladies and gentlemen, let us get this namin’ show on the road, shall with? Without further delay, here we go. The kittens have been named!

Andouille! I was all set to name him Jambalaya (or possible Gumbo, I hadn’t decided which) when Lisa in Mass left a comment in Friday’s post. Andouille is a spicy sausage, and I think it’s a perfect name for him. If you can’t handle that entire name (pronounced anˈdo͞oē), you can call him Andy or perhaps even continue with calling him Ornj. He won’t mind! Also – yes, it certainly does look like he’s going to have long hair like his mama.

Beignet! She’s little #4, the last one born, who went wandering ’round her mother with her only worldly possession still attached. She’s got a pink nose (the other brown tabbies have dark noses) and is all dressed up in her fancy white boots. Her dark fur is darker than the other two, and she’s also wearing elbow gloves. Beignet is pronounced ben-yay, and it’s a delightful fried pastry with tons of powdered sugar sprinkled on top. (I had several when I was in New Orleans, and that right there is an excellent reason to go back one day.)(It’s NOT the only reason, of course.)

Praline! She’s the lighter of the two mostly-brown tabbies – they’re both wearing white finger gloves and their faces are very similar, so I may occasionally confuse the two . A friend asked me last week just what exactly a praline is, and I stumbled around before saying that it’s kind of similar to fudge with pecans in it. Charles Barilleaux kindly provided a recipe for them. I haven’t tried making them myself, but I very well might do that for Christmas this year. PS: There is nothing wrong with Praline’s lip – that’s her tongue sticking out.

Roux! In a (not-so) SHOCKING turn of events, when I asked Fred to take another look, he determined that instead of two girls and two boys, we had one boy (Andouille) and three girls. It’s possible that that could change again as the kittens grow – he still wasn’t entirely sure since they’re so small and wiggly that it was kind of hard to tell. But in any case, Roux – who we thought was a boy – has turned out to be (we think) a girl. She is the darker of the two mostly-tabbies, and did I mention that I’m having a bit of a hard time telling them apart? If I can see their back feet, it’s easier. Roux has white socks on her back feet that go all the way to her “heel”, whereas Praline’s socks are shorter.

So, those are the kittens’ names. I hope y’all approve – it was hard deciding. I think she needed to have 50 kittens for me to use all the awesome name suggestions y’all gave!

Speaking of the ONE WEEK OLD little bundles of joy, yesterday they weighed in at:

Andouille: 7.76 oz
Beignet: 7.34 oz
Praline: 7.9 oz
Roux: 8.71 oz

So they are gaining weight nicely – they’re nursing well, no problems at all, and Nola is keeping her kittens clean and happy. The next thing we’ll see is eyes starting to open, which should start any time now.

Sleepy Beignet. (Wouldn’t The Sleepy Beignet be an excellent name for a 24-hour breakfast cafe?)

Praline wonders what the holy heck is going on here.

The whole happy family.

Andouille goes crowd-surfing.

And now burrowing underneath his sisters.

I believe this is Praline in the foreground, but could be Roo. Beyond her, you can see Beignet.


He likes to go crowd-surfing and then burrow underneath his sisters, but then he always ends up laying atop his mama.

Sleepy Praline. (The Sleepy Praline: candy shop. Specializing in pralines, obviously.)

Toeses. I have not confirmed this theory, but I suspect that when they’re this little, kitten toes probably taste like spun sugar.

“LADY. No more pictures!”


Video! Nola, climbing into the crate with those sleepy little kittens. Unfortunately, I had to strip out the audio because there was a song playing in the background and I didn’t want copyright issues to mess with the sharing of the video*.

YouTube link

*Remember the video I shared in Friday’s post? Ten seconds after I uploaded it, I got an email from YouTube letting me know that since there was a Taylor Swift song playing in the background, they’d made a copyright claim. Which was fine – they’ll still allow the video to be uploaded, but I imagine that if it suddenly went viral and I made a bazillion dollars off any ads playing, they’d have a claim to some of that money. So I left it, but found out that the video wasn’t available in the UK (and I imagine other countries), which I am pretty sure was due to the aforementioned copyright claim, and so ended up going back and deleting it and uploading it again with the audio stripped out.

I’ll try to remember to pause the music in the future, because y’all are missing out on some adorable kitten cries and some serious purring in that video.


Oh Dennis, you are so so so beautiful.

“Well, DUH.”



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4-10-17 Meet the Cajuns! — 49 Comments

  1. Andouille in french is also used as ” numskull” or “Imbecile” but it’s funny! I sometimes call my cat Andouille when hé dose somthing wrong! 🙂

  2. Yay!!!! Um, is it possible that these kittens are even cuter with their names? and Dennis, handsome Dennis…. what a great start on this Monday!!! Oh, and by the way, Robyn…. do any of these kittens have middle names (in your mind)? Excellent names! Excellent family! Excellent Dennis! Happy Monday!

  3. With Taylor being a huge cat fan she would probably approve of her song being used accidentally of course.

  4. Aw, hey there little Cajuns! Thanks for making me smile this Monday morning with your cute little names!

    Mmmm, The Sleepy Praline/Beignet… Not only would they serve an awesome breakfast of candy and pralines, but you’d get a kitten to huff as well…

  5. What a pity “Andouille” is also an insult in French meaning stupid !!!

  6. Love the babies and their names! Food related names seem appropriate for a litter that’s already looking so, well, fat and happy.


  7. I looove the names. Ah, memories of New Orleans. Now I want to be sitting having breakfast at the sweet little cafe we found, whose patio was populated by feral kitties (fed and cared for by the restaurant staff). They are an adorable litter!

  8. FYI – a praline is any nut boiled in a sugar syrup. They are indeed yummy. Pecan is common, but you can do hazelnut, cashew, or walnut pralines as well.

    Also, am thinking Praline might end up floofy too.

  9. Yay! I was hoping for a kitten named Beignet. Maybe it’s a Louisiana Cajun French thing versus my high school French thing, but I thought it was pronounced ‘ben-yay’. Anyone fluent who wants to weigh in?

  10. So do you pronounce Praline as “pray-lean” or “pra (same as bra) lean”? I have a friend that insists the latter is the correct way though I say it the first way!

    • I think it depends on where you’re from. I, SoCal girl, say pray-leen. One of my friends who hails from somewhere in Louisiana says praw-leen.

      • From SWLA (southwest Louisiana–Cajun country). We said praw-lean. I don’t get annoyed when people (other than my daughter trying to annoy me) says praw-lean, but I don’t like when folks from Ohio correct me (true story).

        Blue Bell pralines and cream ice cream is the bomb.

  11. Perfect names for some perfectly delicious kittens !! It looks like Praline has dark tipped ears and Roux has lghter tipped ears !! That might be a way to tell them apart.

    I would love to go to a cafe that offered kitten tummies to huff

    Hello Dennis you handsome little scoundrel !!!

  12. Great names! I noticed Praline has a bit of dark on her ears whereas Roux’s are white. So maybe as they age that will be the way to tell them apart. Oh and I think Taylor would approve. She’s pretty easy going.

  13. Roux is such a great name for a boy cat, but not sure Roux IS a boy.

    Really surprised Nola’s kep them in the crate and not carted them off to some corner. I’m sure Fred’s thinking that this is due to his genius. They’ll be big enough to sleep all over the place in a couple of weeks and Mama will WANT to be somwhere else. Right now she’s still looking pretty suspicious at either you or the camera.

    Keep wanting to capitalize Nola, as its an abbreviation. Any one else finding this?

    • Yes, in my post last week I did the NOLA and then had to redo to Nola since it’s her name. You are not alone. 🙂

    • We’re pretty sure Roux is a girl – I took a look myself this morning and it certainly looks that way.

      I inched the crate down the wall (away from the doorway) on Saturday, and she knew something was different, but wasn’t sure what. This morning, I changed out the blanket in the crate, and she’s still trying to decide what she thinks about that. 🙂

  14. If anyone is in the NY area, I have a friend that has a bunch of teeny kittens to be rehomed. They are only about 4 wks right now and she has a momma cat taking care of them, but they are too much for her forever. They are tabbies and an orange and also a grey one. If you know anyone please respond here or on FB or email (zrmule AT gmail.com). Make sure you put a subject line as I get mucho spam messages daily.Thanks in advance.

  15. Love all the names, they’re great! I didn’t even think of Roux. That’ll definitely work for either sex, whatever he/she may become. LOL

    Sleepy Praline or Beignet or even the Sleepy Praline Beignet, would be a wonderful name for just about anything.