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Throw Back Thursday!

Fred and a chicken. I believe this was the chicken we called “Mr. Friendly.” I think “he” turned out to be a hen, though I can’t swear to it. This picture was taken in 2009.

We had turkeys one year, and it convinced us to never have turkeys again. They spent all their time flying over the fence from the back forty, and hanging out on the side stoop. I had to herd them back behind the fence multiple times a day. The head idiot turkey in charge was named Hjonkie. (I always tell people that God made chickens and then thought to Himself, “I wonder if I could make something even stupider?” and lo, there were turkeys.)

Our very first rooster, McLovin’. When we got him, the chicken yard was in a corner of the back yard, and he’d get up on the fence posts and crow CONSTANTLY.

These are from 2008. He was such a character.

The ducks, when they were wee babies. They started out swimming in a plastic storage container (I love how you can see the feet through the container.)

Graduated on to a kiddie pool.

For a while, we thought we had four females, and then gradually the males changed into how they look now. These pictures are from September 2011, which means the ducks aren’t even three years old yet.

Of course, this brings me to my favorite two duck pictures.

Both of those were taken in December 2011.

Baby Rock Star!

And a bit older Rock Star. These pictures are from 2008.

This is not our Angry Muppet (we got the Angry Muppet as an adult), but we did have a white Silkie from chick-hood to young adult, and then a hawk got her. Not long after, we got George and Gracie, and haven’t lost a chicken to a predator since.

I just love this picture of Sugarbutt and Frick (short for “Fricassee”) so very much. It’s from 2007. (When the chickens’ yard was in a corner of the back yard, we often let the chickens out into the back yard to roam. The chickens and cats coexisted peacefully, if only because the cats didn’t like it when the chickens got all agitated and flapped their wings.)

STOMPERS! Judging by the bottles on the counter, Stompers must have been having some gastrointestinal issues and needed his behind washed. (YES, I clean poopy kittens in the kitchen sink occasionally. I scrub down the sink and counters afterward like I’m scrubbing for surgery. You do what you’ve gotta do.)

This picture made us all dizzy in 2011. It still makes me dizzy; how about you? Click on it to see a larger version. It’s so WEIRD, the way it looks like it’s moving.


Warning: Dennis cannot hold his licker.

Angelo the toe-sucking monkey.

Dennis, watching the toe-sucking.

Deep Thoughts.

Flirty boy.

“What’s going on over THERE?!”

Checking out the traffic.

Mariette and Angelo, hanging out on the stair landing.

While Dennis checks me out from the top of the stairs.


Miz Poo, in the front room, peeking down the hallway to see what’s going on.

And pretending she wasn’t spying on me. “Nope, not me!”


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4-10-14 – TBT — 18 Comments

  1. Poop is a fact of life with any baby, whether they’re baby humans, baby cats, baby dogs, you name it. Who am I to be scandalized? Like I said, you gotta do what you gotta do, and that’s what they make disinfectant for.

  2. Pretty brave to have a chicken on your shoulder.. Them things is poop machines! Perhaps Fred learned that and that’s why we don’t see pictures today of him with chickens on his shoulders??
    Miz Poo is a spy? Who does she report to I wonder?

  3. This has nothing to do with these pictures but looking at how Angelo lays his tail around, I have a theory that Angelo secretly has a stub tail like some of his siblings.

    However, a friendly sentient alien explorer attached himself to Angelo in a symbiant relationship. Now to investigate and discover Earth life, it must lay across things to understand them. (Kittens: warm, furry, purr-y)

    • I have always said that my cats’ tails were alien beings attached to their bodies!! The tails have a mind of their own!

  4. Baby Stompers!!!! I don’t remember ever seeing that picture before, though. In fact, I don’t remember really seeing any kitten bath pictures from you, though Heaven knows there have been poop and digestive issue discussions galore on this site, so I know butts have been washed!!! 🙂

  5. Angelo always looks so cute sucking on his toes like a little goofball. I wonder at what age do most cats usually grow out of that behavior?

  6. The usual great pics and delightful captions, but I have to say that getting Ruth in all her supine glory as my header was already day-making.

  7. Am I remembering right? Were the ducks afraid of the pond at first?

    Love the Dennis pictures – such a pretty boy….

  8. Loved today’s TBT! Even though I bet it would take you HOURS you really should make it a regular feature! Although it really does make me realise that I have been reading L&H for a VERY long time!