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Yawning and stretching.

Stretching and yawning.

Watching judgmentally.

Mister Judgey has caught the yawns.

LOTS of yawns.

Angelo gets in on the act.

Snuggle time with Dennis.

Mariette, thinking about yawning.

“You not petting enough. Stop taking pictures and PET ME.”


Sometimes I have to speak sharply to him. “Stefan,” I say. “CALM. DOWN. RIGHT NOW.”

“And put your shoes away!”


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4-9-14 — 25 Comments

  1. I was not prepared to die today. I mean, I know I SHOULD be prepared every single time I come here but I was caught off guard this morning.

    Dennis with the “You not petting enough.” picture and (omg) Stefan with the “CALM.DOWN.” picture…. well, now you’ve gone and done it.

    You’ve killed one of your loyal readers with TEH KEWT. Oh, I’ll still be visiting from the grave, I just thought you should know how deadly your site is.

    Perhaps it needs a warning label.

  2. Stefan is such an excitable boy! And Dennis stole my heart weeks ago!

    I thought I would update folks interested in how Cagney’s ‘feet of clay’ issue is going. Even though it is still early, there has been no further litter foot incidents since Friday, when I implemented the suggestions of several readers: a low litter box, positioned so she can get into it on one side and walk out the other side, filled with World’s Best Litter. She seems fine with the set-up, and I certainly am! Thank you to all who’ve suggested these…er…steps! πŸ™‚

  3. Lord help. I love Stefan. Just flat out love him. I’m curious to know though – in all the pictures of him he’s by himself. Does he ever snuggle with anyone? Humans even? Will he let you hold him or does he much prefer to drape himself over the furniture?

    • He’s more the type to keep you company – and occasionally lay up against you – than to lay in your lap or ask to snuggle. He’ll let you do just about anything you want to him, he’s so laid back. Fred very often picks him up and flips him over onto his back like a baby, and he just lays there and purrs and purrs.

      GD is right, there’s been some snuggling-with-kittens, but that’s usually at the kittens’ instigation. I guess I should say that he allows the snuggling – even seems to like it – but doesn’t generally go looking for it.

  4. Hey, Stefan deserves a rest. He stalked, killed and ate the cookie monster and he’s using his pelt as his bed.

    I just love those old baby pictures when I look at the previoius years. Wee Buttercup, baby Corbett, Kate cleaning her brood, so sweet.

    • Heh – that’s right, he took that Cookie Monster DOWN.

      I am DYING to have wee baby kittens in the house again (no offense to the current fosters, of course), and seeing the pictures from previous years is KILLING me!

  5. Poor Stefan, what a shame he wants to be an outdoor only kitty and is so stressed indoors… he’s clearly kicking the walls in an attempt to let the prison guards know he wants out! And apparently he keeps his runnin’ shoes at the ready!

    • They just about look like they’re his size, don’t they! He’s got those big ol’ bunny feet. πŸ™‚

  6. Ok, as I was clicking away at the Random Post button (first click got me Maddie’s first day), then later I got the Nominees. I soooo would love to see how Logie turned out. So, if you are the adopter of Logie, PLEASE send Robyn recent pictures!!!! Just say’n….

  7. Boy howdy, does Stephan’s body language shout I AM SO COMFORTABULS HERE — particularly in that first picture. And if you click it to see it bigger on the Flickr page, wow, does he have a plush tummy πŸ™‚