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Mariette checks out the view on the ground…

And in the sky…

Sweet girl.

A rare shot of all three.

Dennis in the big, floofy bed.

I just love the stripes down Angelo’s back.

Such a generous boy, always sharing that tail!

Rough life, Mariette.

Silly girl.

I have to say, that doll bed (from Ikea) is one of my more popular purchases. I’ve got one in the foster room, which is used pretty regularly, and another downstairs in the dining room, which is almost always in use (Stefan during the day, Alice at night.) Highly recommended!


Oh, that Alice. Such a pretty girl!

YouTube link.


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4-8-14 — 11 Comments

  1. Just checking in on you, Fred and the rest of the animals at Crooked Acres to ensure the storms missed you yesterday! Awww Angelo – I remember when ‘generous tail’ was NOT a good description! LOL! Alice seems to have that look “You KNOW what time it is… Time for MY theme song!” Take care!

    • Yep, we are perfectly fine – some rain, a little wind, and some annoyed cats, but that was all we got. 🙂

  2. I love Alice’s eyeliner!

    I went back and watched yesterday’s video of Jake the Loon fetching. I love his sweet little voice! I have a Fetcher, too. Jack has several wand toys that he will line up on my bed and then chirp at me. I never know if he is telling me it’s time to play, or bragging about his kill.

    • Umm, I’m actually the fetcher in my feline relationships.

      TYpically someone’s all “oh look what happens when I nudge this off the table, it falls!!”

      Then I put it back up, and they’d immediately knock it back off. I think my record is 15 minutes of putting a quarter back on the table.

  3. Sometimes I scold myself for ALWAYS listening to that crazy song about Alice Mo! But thanks for making me human.

  4. I never really noticed before, but what’s that little orange bump on Alice’s nose?

    • It’s just a spot of color – it doesn’t usually show up that dark, but I was gettin’ fancy with the camera settings. 🙂

  5. Angelo’s stripe makes him look like he has one regular tail plus another one (going in the opposite direction) packed flat, for emergency use!