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Fred’s latest book, Charnel House, is now available on Kindle. Warning: it is straight-up horror chock full of strong language and gross situations.


Teasing each other with the feather teaser.


Or not.

Angelo, keeping an eye on me.

Dennis, judging me from the hallway.


Mariette needs to work on her balance. She looks a bit tippy here.


He has such big paws.

Half-hearted swipe.

I love it when they lay with their paws stretched out in front of them like this.


Looks like SOMEone has a case of the loonies.

I have a Loony Jake video for you! He likes to play fetch occasionally, and I got some video of him doing so. Bonus: Stefan is in this one! He’s not doing much, but he’s there.

YouTube link.


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4-7-14 — 32 Comments

  1. oh my gosh, loony jake is so adorable! LOVE the chirps! And Stefan’s half-hearted swipes are awesome, too.

    Update on my ancient kitty with the eye problem: thank you all so much for your advice and experience! It started to look better after she’d been on the anti-viral for a few days (whew), and the doctor was happy with her progress at the followup last week. It was incredibly helpful to know that others had gone through this and that it might take time (and it might recur)! The vet said that she will need some of the ointments her whole life (no big deal) and, as someone here pointed out, the anti-viral may be the go-to for any future problems! Thanks!!!!

  2. Stefan is saying “No, stop that. You are not a dog. You can’t play fetch. They will drum you out of the cat union. I’M TELLING!”

  3. Loved the fetching Jake video but,I think you need to get some more cat beds there was some floor and some table without any!!!

  4. Awwwww Jake is so clever! And love how Stefan gets to swipe at him too! LOL!!

    Great news about Kaleb! Take care

  5. I love the Stefan Swipe as LJ goes by. And the threat is no good if you fetch the mouse and throw it again. “I’m not throwing that if you don’t bring it to me” . Riiiiight. Even my wastrels laughed at that.

  6. Jake has the cutest little voice! Loved the video! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Loved that! Jake has the best chirps and trills. Stephan cracked me up with the swipe – it looked like a combination of lazy-person’s tag and “do NOT run me over, Loon-man!”

  8. For those of you that haven’t bought Fred’s books, I will have to toss out a pitch for them. They are creative and entertaining. When the book ends, I am always disappointed because …. the book ended and I wanted more! So, yes, I just went out and bought his next book.

    Love the video and the “Half-hearted swipe” pic!

    By the way, did you notice that your feather teaser doesn’t have any feathers to tease with? 🙂

    • I agree. I have only read “No Limit,” but I enjoyed it. It reminds me a great deal of Dean Koontz.

  9. Many congratulations to the amazing, unstoppable Fred, who today has upstaged all things cat and kitten!

    • OK, having watched the Jakey-Jake vid, I have to revise my assessment: Fred and Jake crossed the fabulosity finish line at exactly the same second.

  10. Awww Jakie and the mousie! And I love how after you admonished him to bring it back, he still dropped it away from you but then halfheartedly kicked it in your direction! Smart boy!

  11. So much to love in that video! Jake’s improbably high chirps, the intensity of his loony face, the careless way he drops the toy several feet away from you, Stefan’s casual swipe, and the “I know what you did” look Jake gives him on the way back. I’ve watched it twice, and may watch it again before the day is over!

  12. My favorite part of the Loony Jake video is his right ear, and only his right ear, twitching as if to tell you, “Now. I’m reading NOW!”

  13. Mariette looks like she’s doing the hokey pokey. “You put your right paw in”

  14. Your kitties are at that awkward gangly stage where, in people times, their teeth look like they are too big for their head. Do they lose their baby teef? Do you find them? What do you DO with them?

    edited to add: except Dennis, who still looks perfectly squishable even though I am positive he would hate it.

  15. Dude, I only just figured out who Dennis looks like. Dennis looks like Bran Stark.

    You’re welcome.