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So, Rufus. I hear you were a bad boy who went out into the back yard and over the fence on Saturday and were gone ALL DAY LONG and had to be trapped because you were acting like a scaredy cat and wouldn’t come to Fred and so now you have to wear a collar to keep you in the back yard. Do you have any comments on the matter?

“I have no comment.”

“And that guy did NOT scare me. He just smelled funny. Yeah, that’s it.”

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First, your daily McMao movie (I have a really long one saved for tomorrow!)

YouTube link

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Oh, the little pink toes on the left KILL ME DEAD.

He’s not hungry, he just wants a snuggle.

Maggie’s having deep thoughts.

Sleepin’ baby face.

All six! I imagine in another few weeks, it’ll be pretty hard to get a shot of all of them at once.

Pink toes, pink nose, and tiny little claws.

Those toes are just the most amazing shade of perfect pink, aren’t they?

Named! The kitten formerly known as Blue (aka “Dark face”, aka “no white paws”) is now Fergus Simon! Lori (winner of the Maggie Pool) named him after her sons.

I’m hoping to get the others named by the end of the weekend. What I need, if you know of any, are Irish names that are not gender specific, because we’re still unsure of the sex of two of the kittens and I’d like to get them named. So if you have any favorites, feel free to share!

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Speaking of kitten names, Lisa over at Hubble Space Paws is walking on April 17th to benefit the Maryland SPCA. If you donate in ANY amount, your name will go into a drawing, and if YOUR name is drawn, you get to name one of her adorable foster babies.

Go here and read more – and see pictures of those cute kittens of hers!

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Corbie, keeping an eye on Newt. Or really, just waiting for Newt to get fed up and run out of the playhouse.

Mission accomplished!


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4-7-11 — 27 Comments

  1. I’m not much help. All I can think of is Shannon, which I know is used for both boys and girls, but is probably too girly.

    • Claire, their eyes should be open by the time they’re two weeks old (starting around 10 days). So, hopefully we’ll start seeing some little eyes around mid-week next week!

  2. Now I that have my “cute” for the morning….I thought maybe Corbie was playing Whack-A-Newt! Tomato sauce is pureed tomato with flavorings added. Tomato paste is pureed tomato with moisture removed. Sauce, puree or paste will be smooth. Crushed tomato is as if it were very finely minced or whole tomatoes that are crushed depending on the brand I buy. Whole, diced or crushed still have the texture of tomato and the juice.

  3. Kelly is a unisex name of Irish origin… My sister is a Kelly, and I work with a male Kelly at work.

    According to Wikipedia:
    Kelly is a given name in the English language. The name was originally a masculine name, however today it is mainly borne by females, and in consequence Kelly is considered a unisex name.

    The masculine name originated as a Anglicised form of the Irish Ceallach. The feminine form of the name today is stated to be derived from the Irish surname Ó Ceallaigh, meaning “descendant of Ceallach”.[1] The given name Ceallach is said to mean “bright headed”, or possibly “strife”; however it could also be derived from elements meaning “monastery” or “church”.[2]

  4. Well, there’s always ‘Patty.’ And I believe ‘Sean’ can be a girls name?

  5. Yes, my neighbor’s husband is named Pasty, so that would work for boy or girl; I will check with Irish house-mate as soon as I see him and get back with more. Most Irish names (in Ireland) do seem gender related but not all of them. There are also a lot of names, like Kelly that are mostly last names in Ireland but I’ve never met a person with that first name here, male or female. If you have a couple of days, I may be going to the library tonight and they had a book of several hundred “Irish” baby names there last time I checked. Melodi in Ireland…

  6. OK, just had a short conversation with Irish house-mate (who speaks some Irish as is well versed in such things) at first hand he can thing of NO Irish names that are not gender related and he confirms that Kelly is “an Ellis Island invention” and is not a first name in Ireland. Pasty is a man’s name here but since it is a girls name in the US, you could use that one. He will let me know if he thinks of any suitable names but suggests that simply waiting and using a nickname might be the best for now. You could always call the them “The Leprechauns” or something until you know for sure if they are girls or boys. I could also see in a few hours what the Irish word is for kitten and then the numbers one and two or the different colors for their ears. It was pretty common for people to have nicknames based on hair color and such.

    • Thanks, Melodi – we may just call them by their colors for the time being and give them their real names later on. It’s not like there’s really any rush, I guess. 🙂

  7. The old Irish name I can think of (apart from the very obvious) is Kathleen, oh, and Colleen.
    I love the way Maggie puts her back leg up to let the babies get to her milk bar. My old lady cat, who had kittens when she was a wee slip of a girl, (before we had her) puts her leg up like that when we tickle her tummy. It must feel somewhat the same as kitttens suckling. We did see her kittens but chose her – wisest thing we ever did – she’s been a starlet!

  8. I’m going with Kerry — trust me on this one. I get equal amounts of junk mail for both sexes.

  9. Not sure if you only want ‘hoomin’ names, but I’ve always liked Clover – as in a four-leaf clover which is just about as Irish as you can get! Also, I got the name from Agatha Christie’s autobiog where she’s describing this imaginary family she played with as a child. The family’s last name was Kitten and one of them was called Clover. Purr-fect kitteh name!

  10. Oh, Rufus, what a silly boy you are! Don’t you know you’ve hit the jackpot with Robyn and Fred?

    Maggie certainly has her paws full trying to keep 6 squirming little kitties clean and fed!

    (Re. your tomato question: it’s my understanding that crushed tomatoes are raw, while tomato sauce is cooked.)

    • No, we still haven’t found his in-house hidey-hole – I’m thinking about setting up the camera in the laundry room and starting to vacuum to see if I can catch where he goes!

  11. Rufus found the ultimate hidey-hole: out in the world. I’m glad to know he is back in his much safer hidey-hole, though.

    Seeing that squirmy pile of stripey cuteness was the perfect thing to have with coffee.

  12. It’s not Irish, it’s Gaelic, but Quinn is kind of a unisex name.
    In Britan, it’s a female name, meaning Queen in Gaelic. However, in North American it tends to be a male name, still meaning Queen in Gaelic.
    You could also just call it Irish, or Celtic (turning into Kelly), or some generic Irish-related word. I liked the Clover idea. Or something like Harp. Or if you’re not picky about being Irish, the national flower of Scotland is Thistle.

    My dad is Welsh, and he always calls all cats “Moggie”. Its akin to Kitty.

  13. Yep, Moggie one and Moggie two would work, the Welsh for harp is Telyn is a Welsh world for harp and I had a kitten once named Telyn ga ba (little red harp) because I was playing the harp with him on my lap and he pawed and played the correct note! He only lived until he was about five, escaping the way Rufus did but with not such a happy ending. I’d be delighted to know there was a little Tabby named Telyn after him. I’ll also find out the Irish words for kitten, the Irish word for harp is Clàrsach (pronounced like a car-shack) and is one of Ireland’s official national symbols you see it even on you tax return notices. So you could have two little harps if you wanted..anyway I’ll get back on those cat and kitten words. I know that red “moggies” are lucky but I’m not sure if there is a special term for a brown tabby. You already have a Rufus (who is not red as he should be), so we’ll just have to keep looking lol

  14. Cat in welsh ,(yn cymraeg) is gath, moggie may be of welsh origin but is used through out the UK and means a crossbreed cat or alley cat like mongrol for crossbreed dog.Its usually affectionate!

  15. I feel like half my comments are “where did you buy…”, and this one is one of those – where did you get the playhouse Newt is camping out in? My Kate loves hiding in stuff and I think she’d love something like that.

    The baby kitties are so so cute – thanks for the dose of cute for today

    • That’s a Bootsie’s Bunk House and Playroom. I got mine at Jefferspet.com, but I did a search on their site and it looks like they don’t carry them anymore.

      However, you can also get them at Amazon, here.

      I have one in the foster room and one downstairs. The big cats seem to like it more than the little ones, oddly!

  16. I wish I lived near to Chattanooga, I would take Tom in a heartbeat – he looks like my Stanley. But it is probably for the best, as I am pretty full with animals right now anyway. I hope someone takes him home soon and loves on him – Alot!

    As for names – Ryan is unisex – I work with both, as is Devin/Devon.

  17. (((Robyn!))) Thanks for the shout and for the green papers for the walk! Both very much appreciated, hon! And OMG! That snuggle pick just did me in (the video weakened me and that was the coup de grace!).

  18. OH I can’t wait for tomorrow’s longer clip of mum Maggie and Fergus Simon and siblings!! Yay!! Awww their little squeaks are just adorable and mum Maggie is so lovely too!

    Awwww Rufus is innocent! 🙂

    Yay for Corbie and Newt and er… Sugar Butt? Did I get that right?!?! 🙂

    Here’s hoping gorgeous Tom finds a home asap!!!

    Take care

  19. “Enda” works for both genders, and it’s timely, since that’s our new Taoiseach. “Breffni” is technically a guy’s name, but it sounds feminine to me. Also, you could always go with place names–Killarney, Galway, Wicklow, Dingle, Tipperary (aka “Tipp”), Mayo…you get the idea. There are some fun names out there.

  20. Good idea Jessica! I like the town names, and I guess Enda is one of the rare ones that would work given our new fearless leader. I kind of like Tipperary (shortened to Tippy) and Mayo (who might just turn into Meowyo). I live in County Offaly, but I wouldn’t wish that county name on any creature, but the nearby towns of Birr and Roscrea are possibles.. this is way too much fun!