4-7-17 Friday

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Robyn, will you please remind me of the appetite stimulant you’ve used on your older kitties to get them interested in eating again? i remember it was something you gave when you noticed miz poo being less than enthusiastic about her meals… thanks so much.

That would be Liqui-Tinic – I get mine at Amazon, but you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.

The very first time we used Liqui-Tinic was with Spanky – we’d never heard of it before, and our vet gave us a bottle. The difference was amazing, and it’s one of the first things (I mean, aside from a visit to the vet, of course) I reach for when a permanent resident or foster is ailing.


Between the Cajuns and (in previous entries), the Fakers, the Fools, the Royals, the Nominees, and the McMaos, it seems like April is high time for wee kittens!

It certainly is – especially the beginning of April. We’ve now had kittens born on April 1st (the Fools), 2nd (the McMaos) and now the 3rd!


Little stripedy legs and little stripedy tail.

“I can’t see you and I can’t hear you, but I KNOW YOU IS THERE, lady!”

The look on Nola’s face is cracking me up.

I love these shots of the babies lined up along mama.



(Am far too amused by myself.)



I love it when they climb onto her tail and fall asleep. It must be like floating on a cloud.

“Hmmm. I needs a pawdicure.”

Watchful Mama.

Check out that little stripedy arm.

“You are not my mama!”

Paws up against the wall, y’all.

Sleepy little muffins.

“Watchin’ you, lady. ALWAYS watchin’ you.”

I told someone the other day that this litter is a very mellow bunch, and it’s true. I guess when there’s plenty of room at the milk bar, you don’t have to get too excited about anything!

I’ve got names in mind for them, but I’ll ponder it over the weekend and decide on names and which names suits which kitten best. Monday morning, I’ll announce their names. Thanks to everyone who suggested names for them; you guys had great suggestions! (Did I say “names” an awful lot there, or what? NAMES NAMES NAMES NAMES.)


Want a video of the wee baby kittens flailing around at the milk bar? You know you do – here ya go!

YouTube link


Stefan is so excited about having kittens in the house that he can barely contain himself.


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  1. Good GRIEF, so much cute in one post. The close-up of the baby kitten yawn nearly did me in, and then the video of ornj diving around the milk bar finished the job. I was wondering, can you tell at this early stage whether they’re short-hair or long-hair?

    • No, at this point they tend to all look pretty short-haired, I believe. If they’re going to be long-haired that should happen a little later.

  2. That Liqui-Tinic is a miracle worker. I heard about it from Robyn and it got my older ones over some health bumps in their middle years. It even gave me about an extra month with one. I cannot recommend anything anywhere as highly as LiquiTinic. I hope it helps your little ones.

    • I firmly believe that we got two more months with Spanky than we would have because of the Liqui-Tinic. That stuff is amazing!

  3. She’s got that look on her face because she’s thinking “one of these things is not like the other…”.

    I loved watching little orangey dude rolling and flailing his wee arms and legs around! It’s a good thing Nola decided to stay in the latest rental, because seeing those little round heads snuggled against their cozy blankie is just too adorable!!

  4. Squee! I love the little orange guy disappearing under Nola’s arm, it looks like he’s going spelunking!

  5. Great shots! I just adore (and am fascinated by) the hissing at such a young age and from the sense of smell only. Also, very jealous of your easy-to-tell apart litter. My foster litter is all black and at almost five weeks I still can’t usually tell them apart.

    • That’s what I always worry about, getting a litter I can’t tell apart. I was sure she was going to have a huge litter of black kittens I wouldn’t be able to tell apart.

  6. Just. Adorable. Suddenly, everything is better! My coffee is better when enjoyed with these babies and beautiful momma, cake no longer has calories when enjoyed with these babies, and suddenly, it feels like a Friday when checking in…. wait, whoa, what?

    • I had to reformat it without sound because there’s a Taylor Swift song playing in the background, and copyright issues made it so it wouldn’t show in the UK. If you refresh the page, it should be there!

  7. I was able to watch the video Val-check back.
    Little is just too much fun to watch, and Striped Tabby is the cutest thing. The picture where you called them muffins (which you’ve done before but somehow it only made me think today) made me think about naming a litter after muffins or breakfast foods. How cute would a little Waffle be? Or Blueberry, Apple, Banana, Cranberry, and Poppyseed?

    • So cute! When our cat Sophie had kittens they were born the same day as a lunar eclipse. So the first one was Eclipse, but the other three were Raspberry, Muffin, and Seedcake!

      Sophie was a teenage mama (sneaked outside during her first heat) but she was a very good one, just like Nola!

  8. How did you get the remaining goo out of Nola’s tail and nether regions. Did she clean it herself or did you give her a sponge bath?

  9. For anyone who finds that liqui-tinic doesn’t do it for their non-eating kitty….. talk to your vet about mirtazapine. We have a cat with some underlying health issues, and in addition to treating those issues, mirtazapine has been a miracle in getting this cat to eat enough that he can recover! (pro-tip: if you value your sleep, administer in the morning, not the evening. It’s not nicknamed “meow-zapine” for nothing!)

  10. Liquitinic worked really well to help our old cat, Velcro, regain weight and happily survive for almost a whole year. I have also used a drop or two with chicks that weren’t convinced living was a good thing, usually on the 3rd or 4th day after hatch.