4-7-16 Thursday

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Princess Consuela was in the tiny basket contemplating her life, when ALL OF A SUDDEN: ::THLURRRP::

“So THAT’s how you use that thing!” she said, and then did a tiny ::thlurrp:: of her own.

Then Ken Adams climbed into the basket with her, and she was all “You see what I have to put up with?”

Later, Art Vandelay climbed into the basket and found that it was good.

He and Princess Consuela stuffed themselves into the tiny basket and napped.

We have a lights-on-no-one-home situation going on here.

Bert Macklin was pretty sure he wasn’t going to share that tiny basket with ANYONE.

But along came Ken Adams, and Bert Macklin found out that he was incorrect.

Ken Adams’s face is cracking me UP.

Susie claimed the basket for a little while.

Then later, Princess Consuela and Ken Adams shared it, while Bert Macklin disapproved of this development.

Princess Consuela got a little alone time in the basket and wasn’t sure how to feel about that.

So she left, and Bert Macklin took over basket ownership.

Chanandler Bong tried out the basket, found it comfy enough, but really is more of a lap sitter.

Princess Consuela and Art Vandelay, posing.


Videos! In the first, Art Vandelay is trying to pick a fight with his mama. His mama is unimpressed.

YouTube link.

I call the second one Bert Macklin: First day with the new legs. He’s five weeks old, but bless his heart – he’s not completely sure how those things work just yet.

YouTube link.


Sheriff Mama keeps an eye on me from her bed atop the dryer. She needs a nap; she figures the back yard can police itself for a while.


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4-7-16 Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. Such posers, everyone, adorable!!! Best Macklin and his new legs just made me snort so loudly, I hope I didn’t just wake the whole house! LMAO!!

  2. How I love these little basket cases — and seeing sweet Sheriff Mama taking a well-deserved breather!

  3. I so need to spend time with a camera and a batch of kittens. I love these shots.

  4. I LOVE basket posts! The video of Bert is great too -bless his heart.

  5. Poor Bert…just when you think you’ve got that basket tamed, it jumps up and grabs you! πŸ˜€

    This is such a photogenic litter, I can barely stand it!!

  6. Oh my, Bert Macklin, I had to put my hand over my mouth to hold in the laughs since I’m at work. He’s just totes adorbs!

  7. “Bless his heart…” That’s Southern for “What a goober?”

    He hasn’t quite figured out how gravity works, has he? Bless his heart.

  8. Bert wasn’t having a leg issue, he was having a basket issue. Guess he didn’t think that thing had mass and he thought he could walk right through it.

  9. Lol, Bert Macklin. Yes, bless that wee little heart of his!

    Well, of course the lights are on and no one’s home. That comes from all the marshmallow leakage resulting from all that kissin’ and squeezin’ you been doing with the little s’mores.