4-7-15 Tuesday

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On the left there, do you recognize her??

That is our sweet Molly Hatchet from late last year, remember? Here, here she is from last November, the day I got her:

Remember how scared and feral she was, and how I thought she was NEVER going to come around – and then when she did, she was the BIGGEST love bug?

I was super worried that when she went to Petsmart, she’d revert to her scaredy-cat, practically-feral ways, but she adapted really well, and then she was adopted. And I have an update about her, obviously!

Jane says: My name is Jane and I adopted Molly in January this year so that my 2-year old female tabby, Fuzzy, could have a kitty friend. I just wanted to share some updates on this little lady.

She is just the sweetest ever and is doing very well. She took a few days to warm up, of course, but adapted very quickly and loves to jump on and explore everything. She absolutely loves to cuddle, and she usually falls asleep on top of me or with Fuzzy and is quick to run up for pets (and/or kisses! ^_^). Even when she and Fuzzy don’t sleep together, they like to be near each other.

She enjoys the cat trees…

She also likes to explore the tub…

And here she is cuddling with my legs now as I type this.

I’m so glad I adopted this sweetheart and that she and Fuzzy have become good friends. That’s all for now. 🙂

Isn’t that the BEST news? Thank you so much for the update, Jane, and I’m glad to see that she still has those AMAZING huge ears!


“Hey. HEY. I’ma slap you upside the head with that camera, lady.”

I believe this is Rickles, but I can’t swear to it. It could be Louis.

Skelton (or Shecky – but I think it’s Skelton) at the milk bar.

Roseanne sandwiched between Shecky (left) and Skelton.

Lucy is all “Always someone with their butt in my face.”

Rickles (I think) at the milk bar.

The lineup! From left to right we have Shecky, Belushi (with his head under Shecky), Skelton, Rickles, Louis, and Gilda. You can only see a wee bit of her, but Roseanne is laying under Skelton and Louis’s heads, serving as their pillow.

Roseanne on the scale, wondering what’s going on.

Lining up for lunch.

Here’s yet another shot of buff bros Shecky (left) and Skelton side by side. Their fur has a bit of curl to it. I wonder if they’ll outgrow that, or if it’ll stay that way.

Found this picture of Roseanne at 2 days old – umbilical cord still attached, some dried poop on her belly and legs, and yelling her head off.

I just adore Gilda’s white “gloves.”

Rickles, having some deep thinkin’.

Shecky. I love the pink nose and kitten leeps.

Most of the umbilical cords have come off – I walked into the room and found a little pile of them, as though they popped off all at once – and the next step will be eyes opening. It should be a few more days before that happens, but it can start at 7 days, so maybe Thursday morning I’ll walk in and find that they’ve all gotten their eyeballs and are glaring at me.

I weighed them yesterday, and at 5 days old, their weights ranged from 5 7/8 (Gilda and Skelton) to 6 3/4 (Rickles) ounces. I’ll put a chart on their page – when I get it done, hopefully later today – so we can watch ’em grow. I haven’t weighed Lucy yet, but I will in the next few days.

Everyone is doing great – Lucy spends most of her time in with the kittens, but is quick to come out if she hears me coming into the room (especially if I’ve got food for her!) I handle the kittens every now and then, and Lucy doesn’t worry about it. I mean, if they get too screamy she’ll come over and give me A Look. But yesterday I had the two buff kittens on a cat bed, trying to get pictures of their faces side by side and she came over, looked them over, licked one of them, and then told me to carry on.


Nursing video! I swear, I could sit and watch them nurse all day long.

YouTube link.


“Uhhh.. ‘scuse me, lady. Can you come open this door so I can stick my head out, stand there forever, and then decide I’d rather stay inside? I’d be ever so grateful.”


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4-7-15 Tuesday — 20 Comments

  1. Molly! She’s grown up to be even prettier than when she was as a kitten! And Fuzzy is so cute! It’s awesome that they’re buddies already. What a nice surprise update, thank you so much Jane!

  2. Molly is the gorgeous girl I fell in love with as a kitten! So wonderful to read Jane’s update and to know this precious girl has a great home and a good buddy and partner in crime! Thanks, Jane!

    The kittens are huge! Shecky and Skelton are amazing with their coloring and fur texture!

  3. Rickles’ halo of fuzz makes me wanna reach through the screen and touch that kitten softness.

    So, in the picture of Roseanne being weighed. Those towels in the background? Blue, orange, blue, orange, blue – is that on purpose or by chance? LOL. I can’t even match socks on a sunny day.

    • It was totally by chance – I wash all the microfiber stuff together, and then fold them and pile them up. Maybe I did it subconsciously! 🙂

  4. Thank you for the update Jane. So happy to see she has a loving home with a new buddy. She looks great!

    • You’re right! And I was so impressed with myself for getting all their names without having to look at my list! (I’ve fixed it.)

  5. I loved seeing Molly and Fuzzy together: among the cutest pairs ever. Thanks, Jane, and I hope we’ll get regular updates.

    Those kittens seem to be growing by the second. Excellent going, Lucy and Robyn!

  6. Not only did Molly keep her bat-ears, but her gorgeous markings too. What a pretty, pretty girl! So glad she’s happily ensconced with Fuzzy and Jane.

    And wow! Those kittens are so roly-poly. Lucy’s a champion milk bar for sure!

  7. I’m so happy for Molly and Fuzzy. And of course Jane. Love happy endings and those two look so bonded.

    Is that Stephan in that last pic? He looks, well, like he’s still working on losng that winterweight. Boy’s living the good life definitely.

    And if you think Your Lucy’s giving you ALOOK, check this one out:


    • Isn’t that statue awful? It does make me laugh, though!

      That’s Newt in the last pic. He’s our biggest cat, but with summer coming up he’ll slim down a little. Not enough to lose his teddy bear physique, but enough to make chasing birds easier for him. 🙂

  8. Aww, Molly!! Wonderful to see her so happy and well-loved — great update 🙂

    As for the babies… SO SWEET! So glad that they’re doing well, and that Mama Lucy is doing such a great job!!

  9. Just because there’s bitty kittens in the house that should NOT interfere with a man’s standing in the doorway deciding on nuthin’ time.

  10. Reading the 2010 post….

    “…And now the halcyon days of eating kitten food and sleeping off 63 snacks a day are OVER, and I ask you – is that fair?…”

    Robyn that is championship stuff…maybe deserves Best of.

  11. There needs to be a nail polish (or something) shade called Kitten Nose Pink.

  12. Awww, Molly! I’m so happy she’s already best friends with her big sister. Thanks for the update, Jane!