4-8-15 Wednesday

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Can you believe that they’re a week old today? The week has flown by. Maybe by the time they’re two weeks old, I’ll have them added in the sidebar, y’think?

Lucy’s gotten her figure back.

Still eating 5 – 6 three ounce cans per day, and loving every bite!

Belushi, up close.

Roseanne in profile.

Louis, laying on his back and nursing. I love it when they do that! Also, please admire the spotted belly.

From the upper left and moving down and right, we have: Rickles, Shecky, Louis, Skelton, Belushi (flopped down across Skelton), then Roseanne on the bottom and Gilda on the top.

Have you ever SEEN such a contented little face?

Rickles’ ‘tocks and feet, with Louis on the left and Roseanne hissing blurrily on the right.

I’m watching closely for eyeballs, but nothin’ yet.

Rickles, flopped down on top of Belushi.

Gilda’s thinkin’ about hissing.


Videos! In the first, Louis cleans his paw. I have died from the cute.

YouTube link.

In the second, Skelton is nursing and kicking his back legs around, and I arose from the killed-by-Louis-cute dead only to die again. Also, Roseanne halfheartedly hisses toward the end.

YouTube link.


Um, Maxi? Any idea where all those muddy footprints all over Fred’s desk came from?
“I have no idea, lady. You should probably clean ’em up, pronto.”


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4-8-15 Wednesday — 24 Comments

  1. tocks and feet – adorbs!!!
    Roseanne halfhearted hiss would have caused me to pick her up and snorgle her!
    I can’t believe you make your poor kitties sleep in such deplorable conditions (muddy foot prints).

  2. I adore that picture of Lucy lickin’ her chops. She seems like she’s such an easy Mama. Easy pregnancy, easy birthin’, easy nursin’…she seems happy, friendly, confident… and all with a side of sassy personality. I bet she’s going to make someone verrrry happy when they adopt her.

  3. Great new litter! They are so cute. I bet you didn’t know that Shecky’s namesake (the real Shecky Greene’s bday is today. Yep-he’s 89 today April 8.

  4. Such adorable babies. Such a safe, easy start to life. Such a good mama. So much happy.

  5. Roseanne: “You better stop poking my brofer, or Mama is gonna whap you!”

    I did detect a petite Lucy in those belly pictures you took of her. Now you should make it up to her by taking some beauty snaps! What a lovely girl she is!

  6. Love Louis’s (is that right?) crossed legs in the pic of him nursing on his back.

    • Technically, yes….but Louis’ is preferred. Both ways are correct. But as someone with a name ending with an S. I HATE the double S’s. I am sure others would agree! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Lucy is a leetle protective, isn’t she? She does not like that camera pointed at her babies. That paw in the first video made that very clear.

    • I’ve got one camera that makes a lot of noise when it focuses (which I HATE) and another that makes no noise, but she’s decided that both of them bear very close watching!

  8. What a beautiful family!!! Seems as if the babies are showing their individual personalities already!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I love the way Louis’s legs are crossed–“oh, I’m just chillin’ down here at the Milk Bar.”

  10. Oh man, I have to stop sneaking looks at the site while I’m at work (shhhh, yeah yeah, it is SO banking related, now hush). Rickles alone is enough to knock me out, but pictures of all 7 of them? Insane, I tell you.