4-9-15 Thursday

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We gots an eyeball! I suspect the other 13 will be plinking open pretty soon. (That’s Shecky, FYI.)

Can you EVEN with that fat little striped belly?

Little bit of the smug going on there with Skelton.

A week old, and HUGE.

Separating into smaller groups.

With Heart, for size reference.

They’ve started gumming each other. Just wait ’til their teeth come in!

Mama’s foot makes a good body pillow. Just the right size!

Oh, that little FACE.

And THAT little face!

So, I weighed the kittens yesterday, and they’re currently ranging between 6 7/8 ounces (Skelton, Shecky, and Belushi) and 7 7/8 ounces (Rickles). They are not, in fact, the biggest kittens we’ve ever had. At one day older, the Royals ranged from 8 – 9 3/4 ounces, and the Dragons ranged between 6 1/4 – 9 5/8 ounces. You can see the weight chart for the Royals at the bottom of the page here, and for the Dragons here.


“Lady, I’m about to slap that camera out of your hand. I just wanted to spend some quality time with MY MAN* and then go look for MY OTHER MAN** so he can clean my ears, and I don’t need YOU documenting the occasion.”



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4-9-15 Thursday — 26 Comments

  1. RE: Separating into smaller groups – they were almost separated by color…except for one little rebel! 🙂

    • I had the same thought when I saw that picture!

      And as for that fat stripey belly, I can’t EVEN! I almost could but then I saw the toes & totally couldn’t.

  2. ohhh, the stripey belly…the cute little faces!….and are the ears sneaking up just a little?? contentment.

  3. Baby stink-eye! And pudge-bellies and a case of the smugs!
    Can a L&H post get any cuter?
    Actually, Ms. Stinkerbelle raises the bar even higher!

  4. I wonder what they think the first time an eye opens and they can start seeing light. I guess that their vision and focusing ability takes a while to come in but that must be the most amazing moment for them when the world changes from dark to light.
    And the bellies and toes and faces are more than I can stand. My theory has always been that babies are born cute and helpless looking so we will take care of them. Kind of like men. (oops, did I type that???)

  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m dead… *thud*… too much cuteness…cannot handle…
    Also, I’m now obsessed with the little one with the really dark markings, I think from yesterdays photos? I’m so focused on the absolutely gorgeousness of that little face all I’m hearing around me at work right now is “wha-wha-wha, wha-wha-wha-wha..”
    AHA! Belushi…widdle Belushi…do you want to come to Vancouver, Canada, Belushi!!!!!????

    • Belushi is something else, that’s for sure. I feel like I don’t get to see him as much, because his favorite place to be is under Lucy’s front leg!

      • I have an uneducated guess about that — I understand that kittens 3 weeks and younger get chilled very easily. It stands to reason that Mom’s armpit might be a particularly warm place.
        I’ve also wondered if that’s why very young kitten piles are constantly in motion — the kittens on the top have cooled off and are seeking more warmth, so they disturb the kittens on the bottom, who get pushed out of their warm spot, and so on.

  6. They are very cute! So nice to see them safe and sound inside. Momma too, of course! I’m bursting with pride for the exact opposite reason. No babies at our feral colony this year. We did it, everyone TNR’d. (so far…..

  7. I feel like Shecky is trying to slide something by us so he keeps slyly trying to check our reactions.

  8. Are you sure that Baby Gilda isn’t an otter?! (Ha! Baby otters wish they were kitten cute!).

    That little orange face poking through the sea of kittens has even my Old Man Atticus pawing at the screen. (Oh man, he’s make such a cool Grandpa, he’s so chill!)