4-8-09 – The Seven

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So, the great freedom-letting has begun! Yesterday I put up the baby gates (one stacked atop the other to provide a daunting barrier that the kittens could climb if they realized it, but no one’s realized it just yet) in the hallway so that they can go into the upstairs bathroom in addition to their room. At first they were AMAZED at the bathroom. They crowded in there, they sniffed around, they examined every inch of the bathroom, they said “Did you SEE the toilet scrubber? You gotta check that out, it’s CRAYZEE, man!” Now they investigate the bathroom from time to time, but spend most of their time in their room, still.

The upside to having the baby gates up, so they can see out into the rest of the hallway is that they can see me coming and it’s not such a surprising event for them. Earlier today I went upstairs to hang out with them, and they were napping. They lifted their heads when they heard me coming, then went back to sleep.

In a few more days I’ll move the gates further down the hallway so they’ll have access to my room, and then I suspect the fun and games will begin (and I suspect my comforter will have little claw marks in it in no time flat). After about a week of having that much access, I’ll move the baby gates to the bottom of the stairs, so they’ll have the staircase to run up and down, too.

(I am skeptical whether Beulah will be able to get up and down those stairs, though!)

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2009-04-09 (4)
Sweet Jasper.

2009-04-09 (2)
Caleb says “That tail keeps FOLLOWING me. I don’t like it.”

2009-04-09 (5)
Phinneas: “How YOU doin’?”

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2009-04-09 (7)
Please note that Beulah fits entirely in my hand.

2009-04-09 (8)
“Who, me? Kicking Jasper’s butt? No, not at all! Why do you ask?”

2009-04-09 (9)
Sweet, curious Caleb.


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