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Oh, these kittens, you guys. They are KILLING me with the CUTE.

Smilin’ Leia.


Bath time for Aslan.

Kate, taking a moment to herself.

Leia takes a moment away from sniffing my sock.

Buttercup in the sun.

Maniacal laughter.

Aslan Leia makes a good pillow. (I mean, Aslan does too, but that’s not him in the picture. I have a hard time telling them apart sometimes!)

Kate takes another moment to herself. She’s relaxed about them so much that even if they’re yelling about something (usually that I’ve moved them off the carpet back to the blanket), she takes a few moments, then grumbles “I’m coming, I’m coming” before she moseys over to see what’s what.

Leia, Buttercup, and Jareth spend a lot of time sitting and looking up at me as if they’re trying to figure me out.

Oh, the head tilt. Seriously. Kills me dead.

These kittens have zero fear of me. When I walk into the room, they’re almost always snoozing. I sit down and pet them, and they wake up, roll around, come over to sniff at me, roll over onto their backs and kick at me. Jareth has started climbing up into my lap (and then can’t figure out how to get down, of course). They’re certainly curious little things – I remember Emmy’s babies as not being terribly interested in me at this age (though I could be remembering wrong!)

Can you believe they’ll be three weeks old tomorrow?

Here’s a video from this weekend, of the kittens rolling around in the sun. Ugh, SO FREAKIN’ CUTE!

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Spanky, sound asleep. AND THEN…

A sudden violent yawn makes one ear pop right off his head! AND THEN!

There goes the other ear! Oh, what a tragedy. But who needs ears, right? They just get in the way. He’ll be fine with no ears, I’m sure he will.


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4-8-13 — 27 Comments

  1. nooo!! not Spanky’s ears! did they grow back? just when I think I’m no longer dead of cute the babies get cuter and *thump* I’m deadded again.

    • Spanky calmly headed off to the Ear Shop for a replacement pair — they know him from previous incidents. He’s even eligible for a senior discount, so long as he brings his ID, that is. The shopkeeper still finds it hard to believe that this handsome fellow is a member of AARK.

          • Sparky a member of AARK? OK, Kerry, this time you got me! The water I was sipping did fly out my nose as I read that!

            And yeah, Liqui-Tinic is that good!

  2. Seriously, if I went to your house to visit…those kittens would be molested – huffed, belly kissed, face smooched, cheek rubbed….the list is endless!

    • I saw that! I actually had to stop and watch it, because I wondered if it was a video I’d made and forgot about. 🙂

    • I know kitty genetics are pretty much of a mystery (at least to me they are!!) but isn’t it interesting that these 2 black mama kitties had tigers? I thought it was… although Kate had herself a couple of tuxies in there, too, hm… now I’m back to finding it all a mystery. Could a black cat have an orange tiger? or a calico?

      • Sherry –

        Showing Tiger (tabby) is dominant over solid, so yes a black mother could easily have tabby kittens (dad is tabby)

        A black momma cat could have calico girl cats if dad was orange. Can’t have orange ones. The orange gene is on the sex
        gene, so dad’s orange color can only show on the girls. An orange boy must have had a mom with orange, dad doesn’t matter.

  3. I laughed out loud at the loss of Spanky’s ears. Please ask him to forgive me.

    I really do think Leia it the cutest stinking cutest yummiest kitten I’ve ever seen. I think she’d make a super tasty tiny kitten burrito. She’d let me nibble on her paws, wouldn’t she?? sigh… she is deadly cute.

  4. poor Spanky – who knew that was a side effect of getting old…. MOL

    I love it when kittens have no fear. My current crew is all about it – I walk in and they are climbing me like a tree (though I suspect Samoa is just trying to get me to feed him again).

    • Norman’s ears just went bald in places. I know it’s supposed to be the opposite where old men have hair growing out of their ears, but Norm’s fur? Who knows? Vet thinks maybe allergies.

  5. Robyn, Aww babies are growing up so fast. They probably are so used to your voice and Kate has no fear of you that they think this lady is ok. Where Emmy was not as comfortable with the humans the kittens were probably picking that vibe up from Mom. After working in a maternity ward at a shelter for several years I saw a lot of mommas give birth. Some not so friendly & some very relaxed and purring when you went in to check/weigh babes. Naturally, as you know the kittens will react as mom does as they get older. With all the love from you and Fred your babes turn out perfect. Good foster momma you are 🙂

  6. Poor old man Spanky. I just want to cuddle and stroke your cheeks when you give that expression.

  7. I was looking at the Aslan-Pillow picture and saw stripes on the body. Is he getting stripes? In your Flickr page it looks like you have that tagged Leia.

    • No, that’s Leia – I couldn’t decide when I was writing the post, but then when I was tagging the pictures on Flickr (which is usually the last thing I do), I decided it was Leia. I have a hard time telling them apart sometimes!

  8. You are killing me with the cute! The tiny toes, the tiny claws, the bellies! I could just snorfle those bellies all day long!

  9. I’m glad I’m no closer…I’d have to have Leia.

    Love the pictures of Spanky!

  10. How are they not poking each other’s eyes out, flailing around like that?!? They really are so fricking cute!

  11. I love that the two kittens who rolled into the shadows immediately knew to seek the sunspot again! Proves my theory that cats are solar powered weapons of adorableness!

  12. The little pink stretchy feets in the video are slaying me! Oh noes, Spanky, how will you hear when it’s Snackin’ Time?!?

  13. These kittens are killing me dead! I love Buttercup’s markings the most – especially the white strip on her little face – reminds me of my Abby 🙂

    I am wondering if I can seek some advice from the wonderful L&H community on behalf of one of my work colleagues. Any solutions I have come up with so far haven’t worked for the problem she has, and I thought there has to be someone out there who has dealt with something similar.

    The problem is this – my colleague has a cat who is still quite young – about 7 months old. He was adopted from the RSPCA about 3 months ago or so. He (Casper) has taken to taking a swipe with claws out at my colleague whenever she walks past him, and she has scratches on her legs to prove it! He attacks my colleague, her husband, and their 6 year old daughter, but never their 3 year old twin boys. I suggested spraying him with water whenever he does it but apparently he likes water so that didn’t work as a deterrent. I also suggested to play with him more (and gave her plenty of toys to try) as it might be boredom (only cat and stays indoors) but that hasn’t made any difference.

    Any other suggestions? I’m all ears! 🙂